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Any ideas what these dreams mean?

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TambaTheDragonSlayer Tue 23-May-06 13:55:49

I always have weird and vivid dream and am usually pretty good at working out what they mean but the last few im stuck on...

There was one where is was at my sisters flat (it wasnt her real flat but it was in in my dream) and she had prem newborn twins in little incubators in the middle of her living room. She went out and my mom and I were left looking after them. But she also had alot of cages in her house with various types of animals, there was a snake which we accidently let out and also a lion who kept trying to eat us. It was trying to jump over the stair gate and i was trying to slam the door on it whilst running up the stairs with one of the babies, but it kept banging against the door breaking through... which led to another stairgate for it to try and jump over and another door to try and force shut. (My mom disappeared half way through the dream after she tried to poke the snake with a pencil which it ate and had a pencil shape sticking out of it)

another dream (this mornings)

Was in a charity shop where there was loads of shoes and I kept trying to find a pair that fitted, they were mostly red shoes. I was taking ages and kept looking out of the window because dh was waiting outside with the kids in the car.

any ideas?

TambaTheDragonSlayer Tue 23-May-06 15:38:50


gothicmama Tue 23-May-06 20:18:35

it sounds as if you feel trapped or that you want something different but feel unable to go and achieve this because of your current situation, possible you are not being the person you want to be hope that helps

clerkKent Wed 24-May-06 13:14:24

Animals in dreams are your emotions. If they are caged up, they are safe and in control. But the lion and the snake have escaped - your emotions are breaking through despite the restraints you are trying to put on them. Of course a snake and a pencil could also represent a penis.

The second one seems to be based on anxiety about something. Thats as far as I can go.

TambaTheDragonSlayer Wed 24-May-06 17:13:25

Thanks to you both

Both interpretations make sence to me, I have wierd dreams like this every night, I guess its my minds way of trying to make me deal with things that im trying to avoid.

Thanks again xxx

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