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Advice about volunteering for PCC?

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Choccyjules Mon 08-Apr-13 19:22:00

Never had it before (or any interest in what those in the in-crowd, as I see it, do) but am having rather strong urges to stand for PCC at the upcoming APCM.
Any advice, experience etc, would be welcome. I realise all parishes are different.
One thing I must admit, is that I'm not fully in tune with what the vicar says are our current aims (or rather the methods she has decided to use to go after them). Am rather worried Someone would like me to be a voice of caution/reason...which could be stressful. Or am I giving myself far too much kudos and actually the vicar's right and I'm just an annoying stick-in-the-mud?!
At 41 I do suddenly feel the need to be a bit more involved.

madhairday Tue 09-Apr-13 17:09:18

Great that you're feeling that push, and PCCs are there to represent all views, not only the vicar's - and she may really appreciate some input as to how things can go ahead differently - aims and mission plans should always reflect the views of the church as a whole, brought together in the PCC - they are rarely simply the vicar's agenda (although again, sometimes they are, for reasons good or bad)

I've been on a couple now, and all I can say is be prepared for hours of debate over the most petty of issues (the style of the lace cover for the lectern/colour of chairs anyone?) and things can get fairly heated over fairly unimportant things, ime. But this is fairly typical of all committees! It depends on how it is led as well - some, when led well, can be short and succint and helpful. I've always enjoyed being on them, and been frustrated in equal measure! I'd say go for it if you feel you want to, and don't worry about letting your view be known - it;s what it's all about. smile

Choccyjules Wed 10-Apr-13 20:06:50

Thanks for the reply. Am going to discuss with DH, who looked faintly horrified when I first mooted it (as he knows the current politics, as it were).

HolofernesesHead Wed 10-Apr-13 20:24:03

I've been on a few too, and I'd definitely say yes, consider it - yes, there are long, frustrating conversations about minor fixtures and fittings ;) but also about some really important stuff, not least of all money (or lack thereof, in my church's case!) If you're feeling brave, think about your Deanery Synod too; these are in need of good people.

Anthracite Fri 12-Apr-13 08:45:39

I am on PCC.

Different vicars have different uses for PCC. Ours uses PCC to mostly keep us informed of what is going on shock, so our meetings usually involve proposing, seconding and agreeing.

Most of the big decisions are made on the Standing Committee.

I go to PCC meetings 6 times a year, and the PCC away day. I don't feel that I contribute much in meetings, but do at the away day.

It's good for a church to have fresh blood on the PCC, so go for it. It's not particularly onerous, and if you don't think you are making a contribution, you don't need to step forward the following year. The worst bit is the vote at APCM.

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