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a question about Sikh new year

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marjproops Sun 31-Mar-13 18:48:17

its today or starts today. i looked on google but it gave me no info.

does anyone know what happens? how noisy it can get? no disrespect to the Sikh community at all, theres been people wandering up and down road all day, fine, no probs, all is quiet at the mo but...

anyone know how long this festival lasts? a day, a few days? and are there going to be fireworks/loud music/other types of noise later when it gets dark?

just need to know so 1-i can warn autistic DC who freaks at noise and fireworks and 2- maybe make arrangements to go and stay at a friends tonight. especially if its going to go on all night?

have to do this at other times of the year, including nov 5th and new pyears etc.

Thank you.

sashh Mon 01-Apr-13 07:14:58

No idea, but you could ask someone or phone the temple/gurdwara(?sp) You will probably be invited for breakfast.

Just had a quick google and according tot he BBC it isn't until the 12/13th of April

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