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If there ARE ghosts, then why...

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BoyMeetsWorld Wed 20-Mar-13 07:58:26

Do our loved ones not come back to see us?

I've always been a bit unsure. But last weekend a good friend who was highly sceptical about anything paranormal had an 'experience' which really shook her up and had made her certain there are ghosts.

When she told me it just made me really sad. My beloved dad died a couple of years ago. I have his ashes in the house (couldn't bear to let go). But he's never come to see me- if there is an afterlife, why wouldn't he come? hmm

NotTreadingGrapes Wed 20-Mar-13 11:50:44

Maybe he comes and you aren't aware of it? smile

BLOO3Z Wed 20-Mar-13 11:55:43

yes he probably does visit, maybe you should ask him to give you a sign that he is visiting.

Our loved ones do come and see us I have experienced ghosts/spirits since I was a very small child.

please share your friends experience what happened?

SisterMonicaJoan Wed 20-Mar-13 12:24:09

I was once told that if the deceased loved one pops into your head unexpectedly, say when you are washing up, then that is them visiting you smile

I believe that loved ones only "contact" in a way which you are comfortable with. I really wouldn't want to see a ghost, even of someone very close to me so I tend to get smells, dreams etc.

BoyMeetsWorld Thu 21-Mar-13 17:15:51

Aw SisterMonica I like that idea smile thing is, I'd be very happy to see Dad, even as a ghost. It would make me happy to see him again and also affirm to me that there is something else after life which I'd find comforting.

My friend's experience - she was staying in a hotel with DH and both (at separate times) saw a figure, always around the same area of the room. When she tried to go to sleep, my friend swears it stroked her face. She's v convinced it happened.

Twosugarsplease Thu 21-Mar-13 20:35:41

I have had the experience of my late dad visit me in my dreams, has happened 6 times in 11 years.
I can dream of him normally and it's forgotten in 5 mins, but the experience of these particular dreams is very very different, and extremely special. I call this a 'visit' smile

Shakey1500 Thu 21-Mar-13 20:48:33

I ask myself the same question. My Dad died when I was four and I sometimes long for a visit, a sign, anything.

Years ago I was in the depths of despair. Seriously, I couldn't get any lower and I really needed comfort.

Maybe I want it too much? But then when I try and "act" like I'm not bothered it doesn't work because I know why I'm doing it! If that makes any sense?

IndigoBarbie Fri 22-Mar-13 11:09:21

I have no idea for the reasons of being visited or not, but I sometimes reckon it has to do with our perceptions. Sometimes our loved ones are actually visiting us, but we just don't see/hear/feel/know it. The power of our grieving and emotion is enough to overcome our senses and thus, we cannot find quietness enough to connect.
From experience I'd say 'ghosts' are a little different.
I'm afraid I can't say for individual cases why someone wouldn't visit, but one way to make contact (if that is your desire) is to try and rest your mind, and allow thoughts to come to you. If you feel like talking to your loved one in your mind, then do so. Allow yourself the space to receive any communication. By communication I mean the following: thoughts in your mind, pictures in your mind, hearing a song that you know they liked, aromas or smells around you. Invite that person into your dreamtime. I find this is often the easiest way to receive messages. The coincidences that you might not take as a message very often are.
Here's a tiny snippet of what it might be like for you:

chipmonkey Thu 28-Mar-13 01:57:54

I reckon that my Dad never "visited" because he knows that I'm a total scaredy-cat and would freak out if he made an appearance! He used to sit beside me when I was a child watching Salem's Lot on the TV so he had first-hand experience.
But since my little dd died, I have had a few things happen which made me feel she was there. Also ds2, when he was little and ds4 now, say things which make me think they have "spoken to" or are aware of my Dad. Particularly ds4 because he never met my Dad, was born long after Dad died, so that we rarely really mention him, yet still seemed be able to mimic the way he talked.
I do think some people have much better awareness of this than others. I don't! I would love to be able to commune with the dead but if i didn't get little signs I would have no clue.

syl1985 Fri 29-Mar-13 02:44:10

Mankind have been talking about ghosts and supernatural experiences from the moment we were able to talk about them and to write them down.

If there truly are ghosts is difficult to say. That there's something: Yes, we can't get around that.
To many people have been seeing and experiencing 'things' for as long as mankind exists.

Science has discovered that in some cases the experience is caused by something physical.

Like the scary being people feel in their room after being awoken from a deep sleep. Being attacked by it and being unable to move your body during this upsetting experience.
It's called sleep paralysis, it's caused by something in the brain, physical.

Then there's lucid dreaming.
People who can do this are able to communicate with others in their sleep. There have been a number of tests done on this.
They had couples of people and one took a card. This was a picture and had to look at this while the other went to sleep.

The one who was asleep dreamed about the picture that the other was looking at. It didn't work with everyone, but in a lot of tests it did happen.

But how this works is still unknown.

There's more between heaven and earth. Science will find out what it is and how it works.


Monty27 Fri 29-Mar-13 02:50:11

Based on the theories above, I think my beloved departed are near me all the time. smile

That's very comforting, thank you smile

IndigoBarbie Tue 02-Apr-13 20:38:55


ChubbyKitty Wed 01-May-13 23:49:58

I sort of feel that ghosts are the spirits of people who had unfinished business, either good or bad.

For example, my grandfather died on Christmas Day, and a few days later my mum saw him in the back garden. A few weeks later I had a guy who was the spitting image of him let me in front of him in the queue at the shop a few weeks later, when I was buying painkillers and other stuff for a mega cold I was suffering from(it was awful awful weather and 4 inches of snow so really wasn't the best time for me to be out the house as my clothes had for soggy and everything).

To me it felt like he was coming back to check we'd had an otherwise good christmas(he was one of those 'don't be silly, stop crying and have a pint' kind of guys so wouldn't have approved of us moping), and he was getting me home quicker so I could rest up and get better sooner.

Or it could be something completely different. I love hearing others' theories on this stuffgrin

Bangonthedoor Sat 22-Jun-13 21:57:43

My mum died 3 and a bit years ago and id say about 2 years ago i had a reading with my usual tarot card reader and psychic. During the session i explained that i felt 'put out' that my sister (who lives in my mums old house) has had lots of 'visits' from our mum but i hadnt.
My lovely psychic suggested that it might have been because where i was drastically renovating my house, i simply wouldnt have noticed if things had moved etc due to all the mess. I understood and said that i wanted her to tell my mum that i really wanted any kind of sign.

The very next day i was sat doing my make up in the mirror when my trainer flew across the room and hit me...smudging my make up...this was just what i needed! :-D

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