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Disappointed in Church today. May leave.

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Loonytoonie Sun 17-Feb-13 22:08:53

I'm hoping to hear some others opinions on this.

I attend, along with my whole family, a Methodist chapel in my local town. It is where I was christened, married, my children were christened there and my relatives all had their funerals there. My children attend Sunday school there. It's very much a 'community' church - mostly elderly folk attend, but we all know one another rather well and care for one another.

Today, we had a 'speaker' attend who discussed various things, but the thing that got to me was his blatant views on gay marriage. This speaker was very anti this concept and was very vocal in his beliefs that it was 'wrong' and 'immoral'.

I'm really upset by this and annoyed, really annoyed that I didn't stand up for what I believe in. I'm angry with myself for not questioning what we were being told (even if it meant standing up in front of everyone and blushing/stuttering/making my point, probably rather clumsily). I really wish I had.

I'm not an academic, I know nothing about politics and I don't speak very well, that I admit. But I do know this:- In a world where hate and violence seems to take centre-stage, why isn't my church encouraging love and unity and faithfulness?

What if everyone in my Church believes this? How can I stay? How can I let my little children stay?

Sorry for my ramblings. It's been playing on my mind ALL day, mine and my DH's minds. We feel it's somehow treating gay men and women as second class citizens; 'punishing' then by virtue of them being gay?

rubyhorse Thu 28-Feb-13 07:55:29

Argh! Link fail.

binger Thu 28-Feb-13 08:15:51

I faithfully attended our family church up until around 7 months ago. Similar reasons as you, I just couldn't go along with a lot of the views/beliefs any more. I stopped and have never even heard from my minister since, I helped in the church a lot and I feel they basically just turned their back on me. I was also in for a minor op a few weeks before all this and again heard nothing from them. They harp on about how important their congregation is, but the bottom line is they only really want numbers and don't care about the individuals.

If I had had contact with my minister I may have resolved my issues, who knows? Instead I've been reminded of the fact it's their way or you can get lost, no room for discussion.

SucksToBeMe Thu 28-Feb-13 08:20:23

MaryBS, that was a lovely post,as was the quote by Mr Tutu.

MaryBS Thu 28-Feb-13 08:32:56

Thank you smile. Its not easy, but I do try to understand God's will in this. This is one of those things where there will always be Christians strongly pro- or anti-. Not every Christian would agree with me, I am sure, but I'd rather be told off by God for being too lenient than for being too judgemental.

Italiangreyhound Fri 22-Mar-13 00:42:41

Just watched all of this. It is very long but it is brilliant and moving.

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