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First Communion fashion advice needed.

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LynetteScavo Sat 09-Feb-13 18:23:34

Are silver shoes (for DD, not me!) a massive no...

...and what is your DD wearing in her hair/on her head?

Wiggles... I hadn't even thought of that shock it's a borrowed dress so wouldn't like to hand it back in shreds! Thanks for the warning smile

Ntg... I'm trying to resist the urge to hack at my hair as it never ends well! Going to dye it this weekend and hope for the best wink

LynetteScavo Thu 18-Apr-13 21:59:24

Oh, blimey, I hadn't even thought about kneeling....I think DD will be fine, as I will be next to her.

She asked me yesterday if I will be doing her hair for her first communion. I had a mini panic, and asked if girls at schools were going to the hairdressers to get their hair done. Apparently she meant would I be brushing her hair, or would she be brushing it and putting in the (very small) veil herself? grin

There will be no party bags here.

DD wants a bible cake. I couldn't do that...I can only do round. I know from bitter experience. We have very different taste in cakes, DD and I.

I will probably be wearing a navy blue shift dress, just because I can't be bothered to go shopping and the one I own flattering.

I was going to do a buffet lunch, but I seem to have very hungry friends and family, so am wondering if a chille or something might be more filling. Any ideas welcome.

And will your DD's be wearing the dress for long? DD will be impatient to get out of hers, and she'll be playing in the garden and eating, so was wondering if she needed something decent to wear afterwards.

LynetteScavo Thu 18-Apr-13 22:01:24

And are fathers of the first communicant all wearing suits and ties?

DH will probably insist on it, but I bet the other dads don't.

wigglesrock Thu 18-Apr-13 22:30:32

We don't sit with the kids. They sit together, about 45 of them and everyone else fights gets there 1 hour before the mass to get good seats smile

Dd1 will be keeping her dress on for most of the day. I really lucked out with the price of the dress, it was last years stock so got it really cheap, am not that bothered if it gets dirty. It's a very simple dress so she should be comfy enough smile

Most of the dads wear suits here for First Communion, I told husband he didn't have to bother with a tie but think he wants to wear one.

Am getting shoes, socks tomorrow then I'm done. I realise I have said this every week for the past 3 but am determined to finish it now.

NotTreadingGrapes Fri 19-Apr-13 06:19:11

Same here wiggles. The children all sit together like they do at Sunday mass. (don't know if it is the same in the UK? the 10.30 Sunday mass is designated the children's mass, all the catechism classes sit at the front and any adult who wants to participate at the back, it's lovely) Can only begin to imagine the bunfight for seats as the grannies/extended families/next door neighbours and assorted randoms push each other out of the way on FHC day. Our church is tiny.

Dd's as yet unbought dress will err on the simple I hope so she'll keep it on. Dp will be the only father not wearing a suit I imagine. He'll have a nice jacket and shirt on but be in jeans at the bottom.

I have been madly surfing shops all week and think I am going for a navy tunic thingy from phase 8 with either white skinnies or jeggings grin White skinnies will make me Almost An Italian and I really don't do frocks.

We ordered in the end coloured wooden crosses (the MIL will have a fit when she sees how pretty and not cruxificiony they are) from the Brazilian co-operative that the parish supports for the "party bags" and on etsy I found some really nice little handmade lavender bags which can be personalised name/date/FHC for dd's friends.

On Sunday we have to schlep to dp's sister's place to plan the menu.

NotTreadingGrapes Fri 19-Apr-13 06:20:06

Lasagne- Lynette? Made in advance, reheated.

Actually, anything that can be made in advance!

wigglesrock Fri 19-Apr-13 06:58:03

NotTreadingGrapes loving the use of the word crucifixiony smile Our 12 o clock mass is the kids one.

Dd got to watch last year's Communion on DVD in school yesterday - they are all very excited. You couldnt pay me to be a teacher!! I think she may be asked to do a Prayer of the Faithful my mil and my mum may have the showdown of all showdowns to be the proudest Nana. My mil had all sons and I have 3 daughters - I am almost literally the hen that layed the golden egg wink

Right can't put it off any more off to look at shoes that will probably cost more than the whole Communion outfit put together shock

sashh Fri 19-Apr-13 08:34:30

Dd does hers on 19/5. We are frockless and in Italy.

In Italy, frockless, are you joking?

NotTreadingGrapes Fri 19-Apr-13 11:03:22

lol sashh, only frockless because feckless mummy hasn't got round to it yet! Thanks for link though, will add to my list of sites to feckle through!

My dd is the first female born in dp's family for 52 years. He has 14 nephews. Go figure the pressure I am under! (they needed the foreign blood you see...grin)

Our church allocates a pew per child at the front and parents and siblings sit up there with the communion child, the rest of the guests at the back of the church.

Apparently as each child goes up their whole family go with them to receive communion at the same time... I'll have to prewarn my non catholic father about that!

wigglesrock Sat 20-Apr-13 19:44:18

flat, simple, white, peeptoe shoes - £5.99 H&M smile

Exactly what dd I was looking for and more importantly they have been great granny approved wink

NotTreadingGrapes Sat 20-Apr-13 21:52:24

Just ordered for dd. This was the second dress she looked at and this was what she loved straightaway, she's having the shoes/headband and tights that the girl in the pic is wearing as well!,mon_3.3,mon_3.3.3/3583152829
That's one of us sorted at least!

LynetteScavo Sun 21-Apr-13 17:13:34's very pretty!

I must stop looking at little white dresses, as I keep seeing ones that I think might be nicer than the one I've bought for DD!

LynetteScavo Tue 23-Apr-13 21:56:27

So, if I wear a navy blue dress, I won't be able to wear black tights, will I?Whit black heels? On a Sunday morning?

Nude/tan tights might be better, could be a bit sombre otherwise.

Or how about a new pair of heels as an excuse to shoe shop in a bright colour. One of our moms is wearing a navy dress with bright pink heels.

Last practice in the church tomorrow morning and then I'm stealing dd from school and having a girly day window shopping and picking up the last bits and pieces. She has a hospital appointment in the closest thing to a city we have in this part of the country in the afternoon so it was a good excuse to have a girly afternoon and pick up the last few things I needed in penneys (primark) while I'm there grin

NotTreadingGrapes Wed 24-Apr-13 06:29:54

Lynette, sadly I don't think you will. (hence me going for trousers because I have lumpy calves and so pale tights are definitely out!)

How about skin coloured/vaguely tanned leg colour? (not the old American Tan (Tango?) that they used to do of course, but the leg coloured tights?)

Enjoy your girly shop Summer! Is it your FHC this weekend?

On Sunday shock can't believe it's almost here already.

Awful week for us though, dps dad is dying and is likely to go at any moment sad We haven't told dd yet.

NotTreadingGrapes Wed 24-Apr-13 09:34:40

Oh no. sad

Goodness how awful. Hugs to you all. x

willyoulistentome Wed 24-Apr-13 09:49:01

This is about the only reason I actually thank my lucky stars I only have boys. School troos and white shirt with a red sash supplied by school.
Our parish priest has stated no veils for the girls. Too much faffing I believe.

Thanks ntg.... Dp is understandably all over the place.

We're done shopping now, managed to get myself a bra for €3 in penneys so got lucky there. They had lovely communion socks too so I grabbed those as I'm thinking it's going to be too warm for tights under dds massive dress.

When I went to get dd from school they were filming the communion kids as part of the fhc video that's being made so they're getting really excited now. Last practice run in the church this morning too.

NotTreadingGrapes Wed 24-Apr-13 13:49:14

I ordered my shoes from ebay. £12. grin I don't do shoes so I wasn't prepared to pay much!

LynetteScavo Wed 24-Apr-13 19:32:14

Sorry to hear about your DPs dad, SummerRain. sad

DD hasn't practiced in school yet...she made me practice with her last night, and I noticed she was doing the sign of the cross the wrong way. hmm You'd think at child from a Catholic family, who goes to a Catholic school would have that sorted by now.

I'm not sure I'm brave enough to wear pink heels...I may have to give this some thought.

grin I used to do it back to front too until my communion teacher noticed and made us all practice it everyday blush

When is your dds Lynette? You're getting close too aren't you?

LynetteScavo Thu 25-Apr-13 17:23:39

2nd of June. We have time to practice......

Oh wow, yours is quite late. Plenty of time to get it all right ;)

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