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adkinsfamily Thu 07-Feb-13 15:34:15

our species has de-volved!
we argue on religion and preach peace while arguing and fightin and peace is no where to be heard or and mind numbing drama t.v. shows have carved society into what we all thin we should believe,think, feel, raise our kids and if you just so happen to believe a little different or even a lot your anti-christ or not worthy! bullying started with human evolution and has continued only because we look to our politicians who we see as god's and should listen to their every word, who does nothing but puke up the same argument about the same issue every 4 yrs and no one seems to notice, because we are all sooo busy and entertained. to evolve religion needs to go..because all religion is, is judgement! that's what it's based on. theirs rules to being in a religion, and we wonder why gays and abortions are protested against? "a man and man isn't in the rules! religion and government is a hypacracy and will never change with judgment. if "GOD" only wants his "children/people" ( if he exists) then why does love come in genitalia and not heart? penis to penis, vagina to vagina, who cares...if god is for peace he cant be against love!!!!! love is a feeling not something you read in the bible, so keep your religion out of love! love, peace & humanity is my religion(nature and love).

ethelb Fri 08-Feb-13 15:20:15

is this a question?

MaryBS Fri 08-Feb-13 19:55:45

Do you feel better now? <offers gin and tonic>

If you think Love isn't in the bible, you should try reading John's gospel and his 1st letter.

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