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Angels to believe or not to believe.

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chubbymomie2012 Wed 16-Jan-13 22:53:04

Today I saw an interview with Lorna Byrne. She believes she can speak to the Angels. i wondered did anyone else see it or have any of you read the book she has written about her life. i am not sure what to think and im very interested in whatbyou guys think please.

amazingmumof6 Thu 17-Jan-13 12:07:06

no, but I read a nook called "Angles" by Hope Price

amazingmumof6 Thu 17-Jan-13 12:07:48

a book, not book, typo, sorry!

amazingmumof6 Thu 17-Jan-13 12:10:13

grrrrrrr, I can't even correct a mistake so I'm going to try again:

no, but I read a book called "Angles" by Hope Price

chubbymomie2012 Thu 17-Jan-13 13:48:07

lol. your typing is as good as mine. what did you think? i just ordered the book from Amazon cant wait to readit.

amazingmumof6 Thu 17-Jan-13 15:55:20

well, I didn't read it to decide whether to believe or not, as I already did...

I think until something similar happens to you or someone you know well and trust there might always be a bit of doubt, it's one of those things that if you want to believe it you will, if you don't no amount of stories will convince you!

people choose to believe in angels and God, but only if there's a feeling or calling or seed of belief in their heart and minds.
and the non-believers will doubt and reject the idea that God or angels exist.

tough subject actually! I hope you'll enjoy it - and if you truly want to believe you will!

FeeFoo Thu 17-Jan-13 18:12:20

I've read her first book and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a comforting read and anyone whose open to the idea of Angels, won't be disappointed.grin

susanann Thu 17-Jan-13 18:26:40

I believe in Angels. Im into spiritualism too. Its a fascinating subject, though some people think Im barmy! lol. Each to their own. Theres a lot of things we dont understand, that doesnt mean they dont exist!

Twosugarsplease Fri 18-Jan-13 19:11:39

I believe, have done since I kept having the same dream of a young girl all white, when I was 3 or 4, my parents split when I was 4, we moved out of the house when I was 4 also, and the bedroom I slept in was in the marital home, so I was definitely that age.
The girl was really pretty, pale, with very blonde, long hair., she was always sat in a bed, white sheets, and gown.
She was about 12 I would say, and I just remember having a feeling of admiration for her.
Even now if I see anyone who resembles her, I think of her.
I remember her clearly.
I believe she was perhaps my angel, now I am a parent myself, if my 3 to ds could tell me he was having reoccurring dreams if a nice young child, I would definitely think it was something very special, as a child you don't know or comprehend anything like that, looking back as an adult, that was definitely special.
I now send thoughts to them if I feel I need a little help in any way

expatinscotland Fri 18-Jan-13 19:12:39

No, I don't believe.

waitingtobeamummy Fri 18-Jan-13 19:16:13

Her book is brilliant! I believe totally and utterly.

CharlW1 Fri 18-Jan-13 19:17:33

I believe in Angels - whenever I see a feather I always think it's an angels way of saying they are there. Will have to read the book too.

waitingtobeamummy Fri 18-Jan-13 19:18:30

Their is also a book by glenyice (?) Eckersley. An angel at my shoulder. Very good.

susanann Fri 18-Jan-13 19:19:27

Yes I agree about the feathers!

suburbophobe Fri 18-Jan-13 19:23:20

Oh, Lorna Byrne is lovely. I saw her live a couple of years ago. Everyone in the audience got a hug from her!

I've read her first two books, not started on her third yet tho.

Did I mention I believe in angels? grin

chubbymomie2012 Fri 18-Jan-13 20:10:27

my copy of the book arrived this morning and i have read a little but its frightening me a little. not sure what that says about me.

IndigoBarbie Fri 18-Jan-13 21:53:14

I love angels, they are a huge part of my life. Just as was said above it's whatever your experiences are smile

Msbluebozooka Fri 18-Jan-13 23:54:44

I believe angels or guardians what ever we need to call them. There has been three occasions in my life that I have experienced this. I also believe when your times up its up. Makes me feel better when I get my heart ache.

tinselahohoho Sat 19-Jan-13 00:02:14

Not at all.

Feathers, pennies - they're lying around anyway; can't 'angels' do better than that?

I know a couple of people who have public profiles on this sort of thing and I still can't believe a word. However, it comforts some people and as long as it does no harm (which, I don't believe is necessarily the case with the people who make money out of it, but I mean those who just use it to get them through a hard time), then fair enough.

expatinscotland Sat 19-Jan-13 00:08:12

Exactly, tinsel.

timidviper Sat 19-Jan-13 00:41:51

I believe in angels and really think I saw one once.

I read Lorna Byrne's book though and did not find it convincing at all, I can't put my finger on it but something just didn't feel right to me about it.

headinhands Sat 19-Jan-13 09:20:07

I can see that it's a comforting notion but I can't see any evidence for it. I'm sure a bit of googling would reveal the species of bird each and every one of these 'angel' feathers came from.

IndigoBarbie Sat 19-Jan-13 09:21:41

Re the feathers: I tend to find them at the exact moment a specific thought is crossing my mind. Pennies-check the year on them.
In my experience Angels use all kinds of communications with us. They cannot interfere with our own free will, unless you ask for help.

headinhands Sat 19-Jan-13 09:30:12

So what were angels doing before humans started to believe in them?

seeker Sat 19-Jan-13 09:31:24

If you focus on something you will see lots of whatever it is, whether it's white feathers, or pennies. Or in my case, robins. I do not believe in life after death, and neither did my mother. But she loved robins, and I always feel happy when see one, because they remind me her. A different person would say that my mother sent the robin or was the robin. But no, it's just q robin. And when I die, my children take comfort from them too, because they will remind them of me and of their grandma. Nothing supernatural or spiritual. Just human connections.

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