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Can anybody educate me about vampires?

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fuzzypicklehead Mon 24-Dec-12 10:19:19

So I've started a new job a couple of months ago and mentioned being a vampire. I thought he was joking, and so I made sarky quips about it, but through some of his emails I've realized he isn't kidding! He says he doesn't wear capes or sleep in a coffin, but that drinking blood is part of it despite being a vegan.

I try to keep an open mind, but it would help if I understood what it was all about. I don't want to ask the wrong question or cause offense, so can anybody clue me in on what it's about?

freetoanyhome Thu 27-Dec-12 17:10:39

he's one of those otherkin/shadowkin types. They honestly believe they are vampires/werewolves/elves/whatever born into human form.
<rolls eyes>

cornystollenslave Thu 27-Dec-12 08:49:16

He didn't drop into the email that he was a 'vampire' by accident - it's attention seeking dressed up as his being secretive. He's probably seeing if you'll take the bait.

TheSecretSantaDNCOP Thu 27-Dec-12 08:37:39

vampire fact

InNeedOfBrandyButter Thu 27-Dec-12 08:26:40

Some people really believe this, it's to do with taking energy and such. I know a woman who claims she's a vampire and the drinking blood is more a symbolism.

Fucking wierdos!

TheSecretSantaDNCOP Thu 27-Dec-12 08:25:45

One! Ah!

Two! Ah ah!

Three! Ah ah ah!

VitoCorleone Thu 27-Dec-12 08:23:29

Sounds like he needs to grow the fuck up tbh

worldgonecrazy Thu 27-Dec-12 07:59:23

It's a role play thing that some people take to extremes, i.e. drinking other people's blood. I have no idea why anyone thinks being a vampire makes them cool or interesting, though I suppose modern-culture may be the reason. I'm guessing most of them haven't actually read Dracula, because Dracula is about as unsexy and unaspirational as they come.

fuzzypicklehead Tue 25-Dec-12 19:32:08

I just realized my OP was missing several words--it should say one of my new-ish colleagues mentioned being a vampire.

I don't think he really meant to discuss it with me properly. I emailed the staff team to ask if everyone was attending an event, and he emailed me back to say he couldn't make it as he would be doing "vampire stuff". I assumed he was just joking about being a bit of a goth (we had exchanged a couple of emails with funny one-liners in the past). Weeks later he mentioned being vegan, again in passing. So the next time I needed to email him, I ended by jokingly asking him if he was a rubbish vegan or a very malnourished vampire. When he responded explaining that the two need not be mutually exclusive, I could see he was serious and felt a bit shock blush.

He doesn't seem like an attention seeking kind of guy--rather he seems quite serious and as though he goes out of his way to be inconspicuous. I just can't wrap my brain around why anyone would want to drink blood, especially as it seems to be such a risky thing to do.

teenyweenytadpole Mon 24-Dec-12 22:28:13

I just did the quiz on the website linked above and it seems that my mother is in fact a vampire. Frankly, that explains a lot.

ravenAK Mon 24-Dec-12 22:22:19

He's a total twat pretending to be a goth (& embarrassing the rest of us frankly).

Ignore, he's winding you up.

MurderOfGoths Mon 24-Dec-12 22:07:16

"Or just trying much much too hard to be interesting."

This. Totally.

One of my exes claimed to drink blood, he was a lovely guy, but did seem to be trying far too hard to be "different".

MrsJREwing Mon 24-Dec-12 18:09:45

If it is a sex thing, ask yourself why he is discussing his sexual desires with you?

fuzzypicklehead Mon 24-Dec-12 16:19:29

Yeah, I know he's not undead and doesn't sparkle in the sunlight or anything like that. I really don't know how old he is... Anywhere from late 20's to late 30's, I would guess. He doesn't seem weird, very intelligent, considerate and maybe slightly goth... That's why it surprises me, I can't see him doing something as outlandish as that without a reason. So yeah, maybe it's a sex thing... People get turned on by weird things.

AnAirOfHopeInAManger Mon 24-Dec-12 11:47:37

PS vampires are not real.

AnAirOfHopeInAManger Mon 24-Dec-12 11:45:58

Sorry i cant help but i would keep him at arms lenth and dont give him your number or adress.

He must be young and trying to be intresting and sudective! Its role playing and dressing up.

Its a lifestyle choice same as swinging or a fetish.

raspberryroop Mon 24-Dec-12 11:41:16

Ohh what an original way to get HIV or something else ick .

Chubfuddler Mon 24-Dec-12 11:37:31

He's very odd and possibly mentally ill. Or just trying much much too hard to be interesting.

BeataNoxPotter Mon 24-Dec-12 11:36:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsJREwing Mon 24-Dec-12 11:21:04

If he is that despirate for blood, you could put up a mn request for mooncup contents.

MrsJREwing Mon 24-Dec-12 11:15:25

He should have a huge rare steak, that will sort out his blood lust. Fancy sucking human blood unnatural and not eat animals natural.

TheUKGrinchImGluhweinkeller Mon 24-Dec-12 10:53:18

I have actually heard of this - a friend of a friend had a newish boyfriend who made the same claim, and wanted to drink his new girlfriend's blood! I thought it was a sexual thing tbh, but maybe it isn't or isn't just that. She was a "regular" goth and he dressed similarly but also had this vampire thing...

It is most odd and my information is all very second/ third hand (and also remembered from about 15 years ago) but I think it is a counter-culture thing and as I understood it the people involved like to drink small amount of each other's blood, consentually. How he reconciles it with claiming to be vegan who knows, but people manage to sustain all sorts of contradictory beliefs and practices at the same time in much more mundane walks of life too smile

AuntFini Mon 24-Dec-12 10:53:10

real vampires


MrsJREwing Mon 24-Dec-12 10:45:00

He drinks blood. Who is he btw?

I would smile swweetly, wear a cross around my neck and introduce garlic to my lunch.

MurderOfGoths Mon 24-Dec-12 10:43:51

He's an idiot basically

CaptainNancy Mon 24-Dec-12 10:39:28

Well some people claim to be followers of Jedi, so it's hardly surprising with the proliferation of vampire 'novels' that people claim to be vampires.
I'd love to know where one acquires vegan blood though!

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