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Christian Prayer Thread for Winter - all welcome!

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DontstepontheBaubles Sun 23-Dec-12 07:30:22

Roomforalittleone - That the house sale continues speedily and completes asap and that God would provide for them and help them make ends meet financially. For her sickness to ease in her pregnancy. And for her friend who has sadly lost a baby, who was sleeping.
BabyBeatrice- who has been diagnosed with cancer at only 14 months, Mum is a long term MNer who has name changed. Prayers that God would surround the family at this time and heal her DD.
Blackeyedsusan- for good health, for energy, for her two children as she struggles to get them support at School and for her Mum. For more support at Church and to not feel isolated or lonely.
Jan- For peace, for her DD to sleep better, for her to be able to put firm boundaries in place and that her H would reach acceptance and peace about the situation and learn to respect her, so they can reach a place of good co parenting. That God would help her as she begins to investigate divorce and proceed. And that the meeting goes well with her parents and in laws and that a line would be drawn in the sand.
MHD-for her body and lungs to recover from the pneumonia fully and completely and her lungs to strengthen, so that she doesn't relapse at all but enjoys this festive season with her family.
amberlight-For her family to recover from the norovirus and for peace and reconciliation with an old friend.
MrsRhettButler- for her friends Mum who is very ill in hospital with a 5% chance of survival and young children.
HaveALittleFaith -for her energy as she grows this baby.
Cloutiedumpling- that her DD settles into nursery for her return to work and adjusts to bottles/ cups.
LewisFan- Her Nan has passed away, prayers for her family.
CharlotteCollinsislost-Prayers for her as she makes big decisions about her future as she plans to separate.
Positiveattitude-for her DD over Christmas, as her Mum is so far away. For home sickness to ease with PA and DS. That her children back home get support from PA's old Church and the heating is fixed asap. And that the organisation trace the money and PA then has the funds she needs whilst they serve God out there.
Kaykat- Prayers for her in her difficult marriage, for protection, peace and for God to help her and surround her with people, so she can end things, have a safe home and for her DS.
LiftUpYourGingerHeadsOYeCurls-for her as she does her thesis, for energy, concentration, clarity, ability to see the connections as well as the bigger picture AND be able to express it in writing.
Dontsteponthemomeraths - Prayers especially for her lovely man (LM) as the court case heads to High Court, there have been so many delays but it should get there in January. That God would make a way, where there is no way, help him to afford the court fees and that he will finally have the closure; contact with his children and a maintenance agreement in place that is fair to him, his ex wife and to the children. For justice. It's 6 years since divorce due to her infidelity and it is so hard for him. The children and ex wife live in another Country and the legal system there is very different. Prayers that he has freedom from his past and doesn't live in it anymore but breaks free and moves forward in all God has for him.
And for my brother, that his thumb heals fully and that with the rehabilitation he regains movement and use and that his nerves and feelings across the top of his hand come back. The outlook is not positive currently.

If I've missed anything, please add it.

DutchOmainthestable Sun 23-Dec-12 08:04:00

What an excellent good girl you are, Momey.
There are a couple I would add:
Zipadisoozy who is struggling financially.

Tuo who is having to get used to new glasses.

And I thank you all for the prayers for Bob and me, especially as he has a chest infection for the first time in six months and is not feeling very well.

DontstepontheBaubles Sun 23-Dec-12 08:18:56

How could I forget Bob shock Sorry blush

blackeyedsusan Sun 23-Dec-12 09:48:07

how could you forget? an early morning and 2 smllish children interupting by anychance?

thanks mome.

happy chrristmas!

RoomForALittleOne Sun 23-Dec-12 10:51:37

Rubbish! I just made a Herculean effort to make fudge for Christmas presents and when it got to a crucial stage, I needed to faint shock fudge is ruined but I am in tact. Still not made any presents...

RoomForALittleOne Sun 23-Dec-12 10:56:14

Mome thanks for the new thread, BTW. Oh, and surely the nerves in your brother's hand are irritated from the swelling and any detached ones could take months to function as well as they can. It's still very early days. Is it the surgeons who think the outlook is not good or your brother expecting a speedier recovery?

PositiveAttitude Sun 23-Dec-12 14:02:31

HELLLLOOOOO grin Lovely to be able to load you back onto my laptop again. Internet is about as predictable as the electrics and the water out here - predictably unpredictable!!

TUO I have variofocals <old gimmer emoticon> and they took me a while to get used to them, but are so worth it!! Persevere, cos they are so good. I now feel funny without my glasses and love to be able to look at close work, then straight to the TV without having to either change glasses, or take 5 minutes of squinting to work out what I was looking at.

DO prayers for Bob, that he recovers quickly and you can enjoy Christmas.

Wishing you all a really good Christmas, or the best that you can have if your situations are bad.

THank you for all your prayers for us out here. We have just moved house and had a frantic week.

I would love to have the courage to tell all the MN-ers that moan about the shoe box appeal every year how much these gifts mean to the children that receive them. We have been distributing 2000 this week throughout the city and the faces of the children who receive them make everything worth while. These children have nothing. I am not talking about just no luxuries, I am talking about children who do not possess any underwear, maybe they have one t-shirt that is washed in the dirty river once in a while, and that is it!! The boxes have clean, new fresh underwear in them, and some toiletries as well as some toys, or age appropriate things. it is all these children will get for Christmas. They consider themselves blessed if they have enough rice for the family to eat each day. We have also sourced some lovely clothes that we have been able to give out to them, for which they are so incredibly grateful. A new t-shirt, a new skirt and they feel like a princess/prince.

<steps off the soapbox>

cloutiedumpling Sun 23-Dec-12 14:52:25

Which shoebox appeal is that one? It is great to hear how much they are appreciated. I am only familiar with the Link Romania shoebox scheme, which Millie is involved with.

Room - hope you are feeling better. If the fudge has gone hard and crunchy it is tablet.That's very popular up here. Or, if it has gone chewy could you give it to people as toffee, or add water to it to make it into a luxury toffee sauce?

Prayers for all

RoomForALittleOne Sun 23-Dec-12 16:42:35

Cloutie the fudge caught on the bottom of the pan while I couldn't stir it because I was on the floor! Sadly it was totally ruined. It was so nearly done. If only I had taken it off the heat before I fainted.

DontstepontheBaubles Sun 23-Dec-12 18:16:32

Oh Room sad So sorry about the fudge but I'm glad you're ok.

It's the surgeon who did his operation who isn't sure, not him.

Bluetinkerbell Sun 23-Dec-12 18:57:33

Lurking and praying, hope you all have a blessed Christmas!

RoomForALittleOne Sun 23-Dec-12 19:34:00

Oh, I guess we'll just have to pray a bit more for your brother then Mome I've seen amazing turn arounds with plastic surgery that has even surprised the surgeons before now.

LiftUpYourGingerHeadsOYeCurls Sun 23-Dec-12 21:49:46

Hello! Thank you Dontstep
Lurking and praying in a snowy Stockholm.

DontstepontheBaubles Sun 23-Dec-12 22:35:03

It was 23 hrs after the accident that they finally wheeled him into theatre. I do wonder if sooner would have helped but we shall see.

blackeyedsusan Sun 23-Dec-12 23:01:05

oooo I was just about to go home ith the children after church, muttering under my breath about lack of phone calls and finding another church as it does not seem to be working out... when ound the corner of the hedge pops mrs vicar and says sorry (something didn't catch), we will caatch up in the new year... she has been ill. she then wanders back in again. we were probably making a bit of noise at the end of the carpaark outside their house... blush

anyway it seems prayers are starting to be answered. confused

wonders if there is a LM mark II out there grin (do not answer that comment!)

TuoComeOComeEmmanuel Mon 24-Dec-12 00:50:57

Oh, thank you form the new thread, Momey. What a star you are!

The good news here is that my cold is a little better and I'm finally getting used to the new glasses. I'm terribly shortsighted and have astigmatism too, so getting to the point where I needed different prescriptions for distance and close work was the final straw! But no headache today so I must be adjusting to them at last! And I have also managed not to fall over anything today -hooray! (Yesterday I fell UP a step and landed in a heap on top of a pile of schoolbags and coats!)

Praying for MHD, that her health continues to improve and that she is able to enjoy Christmas with her family. Also for better health for Bob, and for our lovely Oma to get the support that she needs in order that she can support and care for him. And also for better health for RoomFor... thank God that you weren't hurt when you fainted. And for Momey's brother's finger, that he makes a full recovery. And for BES's mum and MIL. And for baby Beatrice and her family.

Praying in particular at this time for those facing Christmas alone or in unhappy and/or abusive relationships. Thinking of Jan, Kaykat, Lost, BES, Momey, and all who find themselves in this situation. Also praying fir Momey's LM, for a good outcome to his hearing in the New Year.

Praying for those with financial worries, in particular Soozi and Room. And for Gingercurl as she works to complete her thesis.

Praying for those who've had babies in the last year and looking forward to celebrating their first Christmas... Thinking especially of the recently-arrived babies of Blue and FOD.

And praying that God will be with those who know the sorrow of the loss of a child. Thinking of expat and CupOfTea, and also of Blue.

Thinking of PA and the whole Attitude family, as they prepare to spend Christmas apart. Prayers that they will feel bound together by their love for one another, despite the miles between them, and buoyed up by God's love, which is beyond space and time. Prayers too for those families where PA is for whom the things we take so much for granted mean so much.

Praying for each and every one of us tonight, for those who post and those who lurk and read.

amberlight Mon 24-Dec-12 06:20:59

Thanks for the lovely new thread. Much prayer continuing.

cloutiedumpling Mon 24-Dec-12 09:35:55

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas.

dingdongMadHairDayonhigh Mon 24-Dec-12 12:06:03

Thank you so much for the new thread Mome, you star! Lovely to read through alnd pray as I read. smile

PA, wonderful to hear about shoebox appeal recipients, is that the OCC one? Those threads always sadden me a lot, why are they so threatened? Some of the stuff behind the organisation may be a bit extreme but what they do is so amazing as you have shown.

Please pray for one of my best friends whose mum who has been ill for years may die today or tomorrow sad She has just had a baby too, so much to cope with.

Thanks for continued prayers. I'm still feeling mostly grateful to be here and content in all I do have. Bit sad at not getting to any services but listening to lots of carols and the dc hav e done me a puppet carol service grin

Praying for Bob DO as he fights this infection sad

Praying for baby Beatrice, and praying for Rooms friend sad

Praying especially for those lovely ladies among us struggling with abusive relationships or the legacy of such. You're especially in my thoughts today.

cloutiedumpling Mon 24-Dec-12 12:08:49

I've just heard on the radio that there has been a fatal road crash not far from here. One car had five people in it. The driver and one passenger were able to get out of the car but three people were killed at the scene. If you have time, please pray for all involved.

MaryBS Mon 24-Dec-12 13:44:50

How sad Cloutie sad

PositiveAttitude Mon 24-Dec-12 13:45:53

Cloutie will pray for those involved in the car crash. So sad at this time of year.

Please pray, too for a local minister here and his family. They had a big Christmas celebration at their church yesterday, at the end of which there was a football match. The minister's son, who was 19, was playing football, but collapsed and died. A huge shock to everyone. I am yet again reminded that God is never taken off-guard with any circumstance, but sometimes we just cannot understand......

Our shoebox appeal is done totally through the organisation we are working with and all done from Singapore, so that the transportation costs are kept minimal. They are all much the same, though, I think.

Happy Christmas everyone. Father Christmas will be making a delivery here in just a few hours!! Not as much as every other year, but just a few goodies for DS and DD4.

Yesterday our small church held a big evangelical Christmas celebration. We normally have 60 people at church, but yesterday planned for 150, but in hope faith put out 200 chairs. We soon ran out of chairs and had to use our other 30 chairs, and still had over 75 people stood at the back and sat in the aisles. Over 300 people!!! Most of these have never heard why we celebrate Christmas!! It was a wonderful service with drama, worship, the evangelical talk, games and all finished off with an appearance from santa - aka DH - presents and a curry. When DH, Santa, jumped enthusiastically onto the stage he unfortunately ripped his trousers!! By the time he had finished embarrassing me totally dancing around the stage he was flashing his underwear due to the rip going from one knee, upwards and back down the other side to the other knee!! blush He was totally oblivious, but it was all caught on video and has had lots of people wetting themselves with laughter giggling ever since!! Oh the shame!!! blush blush

blackeyedsusan Mon 24-Dec-12 13:50:59

read through.

sorry. a bit pathetic at the mo. tryiing to summon the energy to get ready for christmas but still struggling wwith this cold/ear ache/sinus/cough thingy. it is marginally better than last week hich is good but it is sapping all my energy.

niminypiminy Mon 24-Dec-12 13:54:42

PA that sounds priceless - made me smile too.

Praying for all by name, and that the Christ child brings his hope into all our lives this Christmas season.

ZipadiSoozi Mon 24-Dec-12 14:37:58

A very Merry Christmas and prayers for you all.

Please could we pray for our precious DO and Bob, think they had a disturbing night xxxxxxx


Happy Birthday Jesus xx (for tomorrow) smile grin smile grin

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