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Calling all astrologers- help please filling in ds's baby book!

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bramblina Mon 10-Apr-06 20:52:44

Hi, I was looking for some info on my son's star sign, he was born 04.08.05 so he's a leo but can anyone tell me-
Leo's birth stone? Colour? Birth Flower? Lucky number? Chinese Horoscope symbol?
I'm sure a few of these are recent commercial ones but there's a place in his book for them so would love to have them. Also any other info anyone can give on a Leo would be great! TIA

SaintGeorge Mon 10-Apr-06 20:53:51

What time was he born and where?

bramblina Mon 10-Apr-06 20:55:39

3.10pm and Raigmore hospital, Inverness.

SaintGeorge Mon 10-Apr-06 20:57:19

Off to watch Ghost Boat but will do him a chart and look up some details for you.

Drop me a line to antlxstew @ (remove spaces) so that I have an email address for the chart if you want a copy.

I will post the basic stuff later for you.

bramblina Mon 10-Apr-06 21:19:22

Heavens, how kind. Thank you.

SaintGeorge Mon 10-Apr-06 22:48:39

OK, the basics for his baby book.

Stone Ruby
Flower Rose, Sunflower, Marigold
Lucky Number 8 & 9
Ruling Planet The Sun
Chinese Horoscope Rooster

I'll run up a chart tomorrow and email it to you.

bramblina Tue 11-Apr-06 09:24:58

Would it be cheeky of me to ask for one for a friend too, who had her baby boy last monday? She waited a long time for him so I think she'd love it. She's also doing her reiki masters and is really interested in all of this. If that's ok, he was born on 3rd april at 6.45am in Glasgow. Thanks so much, let me know if there's anything I can do for you!

SaintGeorge Tue 11-Apr-06 10:05:35

Oh go on then

My boys driving me mad this morning so might take me a little while to do 2 charts. If you want to give me the names I can personalise them a bit. Email them to me if you don't want to post them on here.

queenrollo Sat 22-Apr-06 20:35:56 it ok if i email you? i have a question for you.

SaintGeorge Sat 22-Apr-06 20:43:00

Fire away, my email inbox is always open

AbiGilby Wed 24-May-06 14:26:14

Calling SaintGeorge

I saw your response to the ‘Calling all astrologers’ thread, and am really confused over my DS’s star sign. He was born at 10:38 p.m. on 20 April. I know this is the cusp, but I some sites say he is an Aries and some a Taurus.

I know you are busy, but was wondering if you could set me straight?

Thanks so much!

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