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Just curious - how many muslims are on mumsnet?

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Galvanise Sat 01-Dec-12 00:21:53


I know mumsnet has a wide and diverse population and I tend to recognise some MN usernames as regulars. Just intrigued to know how big/small a community it may be.

Of course, I respect that there may be those who do not wish to even identify themselves for various reasons - which is fine too.

I am not asking for 'religiousness' levels or any vital stats! Nor is this a muslim-only thread or an 'no non-muslims' thread.
If you really wish to tell me that you are not a muslim, that is fine too smile

<Waves enthusiastically to all muslims and non-muslims> smile

crescentmoon Mon 04-Mar-13 11:12:41

good morning my lovelies. shouldnt be online just came along to say 'salam alaikum all!'. if i post again today tell me 'crescent get back to work!'. xxx

HardlyEverHoovers Mon 04-Mar-13 14:01:58

wali kum asalam crescent, although if you are reading this today, then 'get back to work'!

Ladies, if this is not too much of a personal question (and it might be) what do you wear at home? I'm currently wearing very old jeans and an ugly cardigan which should probably be recycled as dog bedding or something. That's about standard, feeling like I need to overhaul my 'inside' wardrobe, but don't know what I want to wear, as I pop outside to the garden quite a lot, which is overlooked, and don't like having to put extra clothes on to pray in.

nailak Mon 04-Mar-13 14:19:15

i find shalwar kamees really practical and comfortable, o never wore them before marriage etc, but you can pray in them, you dont need to spend time looking for layers and outfit, just chuck it on and it looks decent!

otherwise i wear jogging bottoms and tunic tops or t shirts. or pyjamas. I bought some primark pyjamas to wear under my abayah coz it was cold lol. I understand those people who do school run in pjs!

HardlyEverHoovers Mon 04-Mar-13 14:33:10

I also really like salwar kameez, or even just the kameez over jeans or trousers. Maybe I'll try and get some more of those. The pyjama school run must be one of the top advantages of covering wink

Galvanise Mon 04-Mar-13 14:36:44

Salaam everyone.

I tend to wear really tatty clothing on my days off at home - to the extent that i could not answer the door, should someone decide to pop by!

Thank goodness for abayas is all i can say smile

Yes, hardly i also keep thinking that i need an overhaul and need to make more effort! The other day, i decided to come out of my rags and wore a rely basic long top with black leggings (just at home! grin ) and my dd told me that i looked really nice! It made me realise how badly i must dress for that outfir to get a compliment and realised that it was also because i was colour co-ordinated! blush

Looks like another thread should be in the making soon!!


Galvanise Mon 04-Mar-13 14:37:37

really - not rely!

Galvanise Mon 04-Mar-13 14:38:11

outfit - not outfir! (not doing well today!)

crescentmoon Mon 04-Mar-13 21:02:49

salams! hardly i came back on the thread then read your sentence and went offline again lol. thanks i got what i needed to do done alhamdullillah.

as for what to wear at home? iv been up and down on this. every morning when i take the kids to school i normally wear abayah as i can just throw it over my pjs, put on a hijab, get a matching handbag and be on my way. i feel presentable and dont need to stress about what to wear on theschool run in. then when i get home i change out - i force myself - so by the time i get the kids in the afternoon im usually wearing jeans/maxi skirts, tunics etc. one of hte mums in my dc's school is even more funny, she wears hijab in the mornings as its easier than getting her hair ready, then in the afternoon when she comes in to collect her two boys she doesnt wear hijab lol. we always laugh about it lol - she's a part time hijabi im a part time jilbabi!

i try not to wear house dresses or kaftans at home, let alone abayah, as i find that i kind of grow 'into' them if you know what i mean? when i wear clothes with tight waistbands im conscious of how much im eating but when i wear the lovely arabic dresses theyre so comfortable and simple to wear that i forget all about watching my waistline lol. that was my mums warning actually but as with lots of things you only mind it in your own sweet time!

i was only joking a while ago about last years resolution to change out of my pjs before DH came home, i wasnt that bad even after having dc3! but im miles away from where MIL and my own mum are. they take care of themselves sooo well even until now and theyre both in their mid 60s. i wish i could turn off the thing in my brain that says 'oh i cant be bothered with all that' because i really admire it in other women!

but, heres a nice blog sisters to get back into the swing of things if your stuck in a rut

some of it is outlandish some of it is cool!

Cuddledup Mon 04-Mar-13 21:13:30

Galvanise I just wrote a long reply to you and then it suddenly disappeared from my computer.!! Grrr. Anyway I laughed out loud at your comments about your cardigan. Why not pass it on to the animal charity and let a dog sleep on it. In the meantime get a couple of tunics that will make you feel good and that are practical and that will catch your husband's attention (but no one else's!). I once read you should dress for the day you want to have. It's great advice but somehow I always wear leggings and tunics or jeans - fortunately my work is v v casual.

ANyway I should say I'm not Muslim but I LOVE the way Muslim women dress - always so smart. When I'm waiting at the school bus stop it's the Muslim girls who look so nice and smart (with hijab) compared to the other girls in their tiny skirts and tights with holes in them.

Many years ago a male friend went to Iran (when it was v v conservative) and women were fully veiled and he said the women were far more alluring / attractive because they were covered up than if they were dressed like western women.

Hope you don't mind me gate crashing this thread - I always love reading it, even if I don't have much knowledge of the Quaran and of Islam, I've learned loads of things on here!
Crescent - quick wave hello!! XX Thanks again for remembering my dear dad's anniversary. You're a real treasure.

BlueOrange Mon 04-Mar-13 21:43:13

cuddledcup nice to have you here. I think i could do with handing over my entire wardrobe to hardly's dog and start again! grin

Crescent, i am also a part-timer jilbabi and full time hijabi. grin

Trying harder to be more modest though blush.
Not much to brag about though - my pregnancies were not kind on my body, lol, but husband still loves me! Lol!

Loving these emoticons - can you tell! smile

BlueOrange Mon 04-Mar-13 21:45:41

Cuddledup!!!!!!! Not cuddledcup! blush sorry.

Any excuse to use an emoticon! grin

nailak Mon 04-Mar-13 21:57:32

crescent do you really change your handbag that often? like dont you loose things?

HardlyEverHoovers Tue 05-Mar-13 06:49:13

Well I'm glad I'm not alone ladies! grin
It's really nice to hear that you like the way Muslim women dress cuddledup. I always feel really nice when I leave the house and everything is kind of long and flowing and I feel nice and safe under my layers! But then I always assume that non_muslim women probably think I look like a sack of spuds!
Tunics are the way to go I reckon (with jeans though crescent, no leggings with my legs!). I've just got a couple of jumper dresses off ebay yesterday.

nailak Tue 05-Mar-13 20:35:56

i changed from a jcket to cardigan today, and i forgot my keys in jacket pocket! lol thats why i couldnt change handbags often!

HardlyEverHoovers Tue 05-Mar-13 22:12:43

Oh dear! I have a little bag with phone, keys, purse etc that I transfer between the bigger bags I used (ie, work and baby bags)!

nailak Tue 05-Mar-13 22:51:33

sounds sensible!!

fuzzywuzzy Wed 06-Mar-13 07:14:13

I love changing bags, I occassionally find forgotten money in the bags.

I always keep my keys in my abaya pockets, I've locked myself out of my house so many times I'm surprised I haven't been reported for breaking and entering my own home (I'm very good at it too)!

crescentmoon Wed 06-Mar-13 07:20:20

Peace cuddledup! It's not gate crashing just like everyone else im really glad you came on this thread it's interesting hearing non Muslim perspectives and advice on things I hope others join in towards the end with their takes. Glad that youve enjoyed the discussion I hope it's not been too insular or navel gazing!
naila iv got bags in nearly every colour but they were as cheap and cheerful as I could get most of them. And I just make sure to transfer keys mobile and purse between them the only problem is sometimes iv forgotten which handbag I used the day before so I forget where my house keys and purse are! But I never leave home without them- after not one two three times but seven eight nine times being locked out lol!
I love the abaya because its the most quick and efficient way to tick all the boxes. Later in the day I have more time to mix and match and adjust and 'cover all the bases' but in the morning the abayah does it for me well and efficiently!

sammythemummy Wed 06-Mar-13 07:32:43

Assalaamu alaykum, Im a muslimah tooooooooo grin

crescentmoon Wed 06-Mar-13 07:45:45

salaam alaikum sammy! glad you've joined please keep posting dont leave!

i love shalwar kameez as well naila i think they are really elegant and lovely. iv read that the mens shalwar kameez is closer to the sunnah than the long white thawb (the arab men's dress) is. my DH used to wear western clothing to work and then the thawb out and about - even to go food shopping! but now he only wears the thawb when we go to the mosque and both ds's have their own thawbs too!

can i ask here is it only my kids who cant behave whilst i pray? hardly from what i remember your ds is very well behaved during the salah. i hear and read these stories about other dc standing next to mum and dad in the salah from the age of 2 and being very solemn but ds2 is the cheekiest of the bunch. he loves to climb on me and sit on me whilst i do sujud and when im doing the final part before ending he stoops in front of me watching me intensely which distracts me so i have to close my eyes lol! then when i do the 'salam alaikum' twice he jumps into my lap - he's been doing that for over a year lol. my older two were not much better at the same age either. my mum said to me after i did my salah once 'you pray very fast!' and i was like 'you must have to when we were little!'. she always denies it but i think everyone prays shorter prayers right when your children are around? even the prophet (pbuh) did when leading the salah in the mosque...

"The Prophet (saws) said: 'When I stand for prayer, I intend to prolong it, but on hearing the cries of a child, I cut it short, as I dislike to trouble the child's mother.'" (Reported by Bukhari)

as for my kids, i would have been more concerned about how they just cant stand back and wait, except i read the hadith about how Hassan and Hussein used to jump on the prophet (pbuh) back while he prayed and i thought 'and they turned out well didnt they?' lol.

"He (the Prophet (saws)) was praying. When he performed sajdah, Hasan and Hussein jumped onto his back. When the people tried to stop them, he gestured them to leave the two alone. After offering his prayer, he placed them in his lap and said, 'Whoever loves me should love these two.'" (Reported by Ibn Khuzaimah and Baihaqi)

and i used to delay my salah when ds1 was little until i could get him fed and put to sleep until i learnt the rulings about no extra movement in prayer do not include holding an infant when you pray, based on this hadith...

"The Messenger of Allah (saws) was praying and he was carrying Umama the daughter of Zainab, the daughter of the Messenger of Allah, and she was the daughter of 'As ibn Rabi'a ibn Abdu-Shams. When he prostrated, he put her down, and when he stood, he carried her (on his neck)." (Reported by Bukhari and Muslim)

peacefuloptimist Wed 06-Mar-13 10:46:15

Salamalaykum everyone

Jazakhallah Crescent for the hadith about carrying children when you pray being okay. I have been doing that since ds was born as I find it easier to concentrate if Im not worried that he is going to start bawling any second now because Ive left/put him down. I heard (from my DH) that this was okay to do but once when I was in the masjid and I did that I got a lot of funny looks off of the sisters (most of whom were mums with babies/small children) and I was really embarassed and thought maybe I was doing the wrong thing. Its such a relief to finally see a hadith that proves its okay, especially since its in Bukhari and Muslim wink

Hardly Im one of those who lives in pyjamas during the day if Im staying at home and not expecting anyone. This is until about 5.45pm just before DH comes home then I quickly change into some daytime clothes so he doesnt think Im slovenly and that I have been napping all day whilst he was out at work. For the first two years of our marriage I would wear makeup everyday and would always dress nicely at home. Then I got to about 8/9 months pregnant and thought forget it nothing looks good on me now anyway. After ds was born there was a sharp nosedive in the quality of my indoor clothes standards. Now if I put jeans on Im making an effort. Otherwise its jogging bottoms or leggings. lol. Funnily enough DH doesnt really care. I think the makeup especially he is relieved that I dont wear as much anymore as it used to get on his shirts. My favourite thing to wear at home though if Im bothered to make a real effort is maxidresses. I just find that they are comfortable, flattering on most figures, practical for breastfeeding and attractive. I think you could probably get away with wearing them to pray and in your garden if your not precious about them getting dirty especially if you wear one of those long-sleeved tops underneath or a cardigan on top. Im a fulltime jilbabi so my outerwear doesnt bother me as much but I need to stock up on breastfeeding friendly abayas/jilbabs as when Im out with ds I run into problems as most of my jilbabs were bought in my childfree days.

HardlyEverHoovers Wed 06-Mar-13 12:00:04

peacefuloptimist, yes my husbands the same, doesn't really seem to care which doesn't do anything for my motivation to make a bit more effort!
In terms of nursing abayas,
I bought 2 of the top middle one in blue and brown and wore them to death, I really liked the way they hang, and the zip is horizontal, which makes nursing really easy.
Also, if you're at all able to sew it's very easy to sew a vertical zip into abayas if they are a simple design.

crescent DS can be quite good at the whole praying thing, but does also jump on our backs, bite our feet, try to pull my scarf off etc etc. I think the main thing is that they see you pray and feel it's something they can be part of in some way.

crescentmoon Wed 06-Mar-13 12:27:49

lol hardly i laughed and laughed about biting your feet. dd used to sit on my head when i put my head down on the ground and id have to lift her off me in order to get up again. lol biting your feet - im still chuckling. ds1 and ds2 never did that but ds2 lies on the floor when im standing so when i have to go down again i have to lift him up and out of the way. sometimes he just lies there and i have to sidestep him - oh well as long as my head is facing Makkah!

peaceful glad you came back sis. laughed at this "This is until about 5.45pm just before DH comes home then I quickly change into some daytime clothes so he doesnt think Im slovenly and that I have been napping all day whilst he was out at work." i found a really nice blog underyourabayah which i posted above about getting style inspirations if your an abayah/jilbab wearer for inside. especially this page on why bother if no one sees it...

i made a plan last year to excise all black from my wardrobe in 6 months and i accomplished it by the end of ramadan - but its really funny because in the Gulf non black abayahs are really 'gauche' arent they? and the big voluminious styles fashionable there - with huge wings arms are not really popular in the UK. i dont really like the swinkly tassly frou frou abayahs/jilbabs fashionable in Egypt but theyre popular with some people. and i think they would probably find the ones we wear here too boring or plain!

fuzzywuzzy Wed 06-Mar-13 16:09:52

Sis crescent both mine used to jump on my backs when in sujood, my youngest has now developed the habit of sitting beside me now after she's finished praying and kissing me every time I come up from sujood.

I figure this is something I have in common with the prophet (saw) lol.

At masjid a now we all pray together so no more shenannigans there.

My girls are old enough to know better tho.

nailak Wed 06-Mar-13 16:23:50

some people pray in different room from kids and stuff, i think its weird, i want the kids to see me pray! my ds is 2 he laughs like it is a peekaoobo game then sits on my lap lol, my dds pray one rakaat then get bored

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