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Spiritualist medium, fantastic but emotional

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Blue81 Fri 09-Nov-12 23:33:32

I have been to a psychic evening and whilst the spiritualist didn't mention my children which I was surprised by he did give me some uncanny information. He said straight off that the gentleman was connected to my paternal grandma and that he saw 7 children. My dad is one of 7! He said a description and name that didn't mean anything to me but he did say he may be the uncle of the mum of 7 so that would make sense as I obviously never met my grandma's uncle as he would have been ancient had he still been alive.

He then went on to describe my life to a t, saying how I had felt like my feet were dragging through the mud and there was someone dragging me down. I felt tired with life, a slave to everything and was just existing, esp in the past 12 months although it had been around 2 - 3 years since I had started feeling this way. He said the gentleman wanted me to look back 5 years at the happy bubbly person I was then. He was saying that is me, not what I am now. I need to let go and move on.

He also said a lot of other things that made perfect sense, it was more than just uncanny.

He mentioned two months, one of which I know why but the other I am puzzled.

I feel a bit upset about the night. I am not too sure why, I think I needed more reassurance that things were on the up, although he did say things were moving on and I needed to let go and be free. He said that I was now free but needed to accept that.

I would like more information but cannot afford it.

Blue81 Fri 09-Nov-12 23:38:29

Sorry ended my post without asking, what are spiritualist churches like? What happens? I am wary of 'spirits' because I don't understand. Can anyone shed some light on this?

IndigoBarbie Sat 10-Nov-12 09:44:16

It can be a very very emotional experience when you are being given information from a medium, and I also believe that you are given the information that you require at that specific time. No one can comment or give opinion on the info you have received, as this is meant for you and you alone, and only you can know the weight of the value you place on it. Sometimes, days pass before you can truly understand, or sometimes it just 'dawns' on you what was trying to be conveyed. Mediums pass on as best they can, but sometimes its an interpretation game.
I'd give yourself a few days to process and or absorb what has been passed on to you. I feel like your Dad is trying to bolster you up, and say now - everything is within your own grasp - you have to create the changes in your life that you wish to see. I get the feeling although you are happy to have heard from him, that it's left you feeling a bit flat - so to speak. Is this your first time of receiving messages in this way?
Spirits as some folks call them, are just the energies of our loved ones who have transitioned to another energetic vibration, without their bodies. As many of us have heard a million stories before, I'd go on what you experience for yourself to be true. I am not a professional psychic, however I am in contact with the other side, and so far, I have yet to have an experience which wasn't enlightning. All positive love and thoughts to your loved ones can increase the connections. Take some time for yourself, tyr to clear your mind, and anything you need to ponder - just do that.
Spiritualist Churches can be great to receive messages, and you will witness all different styles of mediumship, as well as healing if that is your wish.
With love xxx

technodad Sat 10-Nov-12 10:24:47

Do you mind me asking how much you paid for this "service"?

Blue81 Sat 10-Nov-12 12:29:24

indigo It wasn't my dad, he is most certainly alive and kicking! He said it was a gentleman connected with my paternal grandma, most likely HER uncle.

I have had time to process things and am a bit more sceptical, however he did tell me what I needed to hear right now and that is a talent regardless of whether it came from the dead or just him being able to read people.

Something to ponder on...

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