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white feathers and spirituality and confusion x

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edithpoppy Mon 05-Nov-12 14:47:55

I'm so pleased to have found this place to talk and ask questions...I am not sure where to start or what exactly it is I am asking, I just know that I don't have anyone to share my questions with in my circle of friends..
I have had a lot and I mean a lot of white feathers appear recently, on me and my DH. I feel as though this might mean something but I'm not too sure what.
I feel a bit 'lost' at the moment, spiritually. I know I am a spiritual being, I just don't know what I believe in, I feel like my thoughts and beliefs don't 'fit' with any religion. For example, I like the christian way of loving thy neighbour, forgiveness, but I don't like how Christianity made paganism into something evil, as I see just so much beauty in the Pagan way of being and drawing strength from the Earth.

Sorry I'm so muddly.

I'm not sure what I'm asking, as you can probably tell - I'm not bonkers honestly grin I guess I just wanted above to say thank you to those who post about so many interesting things on here and maybe, just wondering if there is anyone else out there who has felt confused about their spirituality?

Thank you in advance for any replies xx

RedMolly Mon 05-Nov-12 16:17:15

Hi Edith

Fwiw i don't think it matters about defining what you are or believe with a label. It matters more to embrace what feels true to you and ditch what doesn't - this is easier when you don't have the complication of being expected to subscribe to a set doctrine.

If you're not sure where your ideas fit the best thing to do is to spend some time learning as much about different belief systems as you can, and see if one resonates with you, whether that be one of the abrahamic faiths, a pagan or new age path or one of the eastern traditions. It may be that none of them quite fit you, but you will learn a lot along the way about what you really think and feel. Meditation is also a wonderful way of connecting with your inner self.

I'd be happy to recommend some books if you like. Personally, i grew up with both judaism and rc (no conflict there!), but from my early teens was a practicing pagan, and was so in various guises for over 20 years. I have moved away from this in recent years. I no longer believe in god/s or godesses, only in a world soul or cosmic conciousness of which we are all part. My only devotional practice (if you can call it that) is yoga and meditation, though i still mark the pagan festivals as i think they help keep me grounded in nature and the cycle of life (and they're fun).

As for the feathers - i'm sure someone will tell you it's angel related. Not my thing i'm afraid - i'd be looking for a hole in your duvet!

Hope that's all somewhere along the lines of what you're asking.

suburbophobe Mon 05-Nov-12 16:28:32

Yes, white feathers mean that angels are around. Even if they come out of a duvet or sofa cushions, who cares? grin

There are some great magazines in UK on spirituality, like Prediction, Kindred Spirit, Soul and Spirit and Spirit and Destiny (which has an online forum too).

You could always google them and see if they resonate with you.

edithpoppy Mon 05-Nov-12 20:23:05

Thank you RedMolly - what you say makes sense. I'd really appreciate any book recommendations you may have. I have just finished Cheryl Saffron's Pagan Cornwall Land of the Goddess. I feel like I have a natural affinity to Earth energies and how certain places on Earth are sacred and have significant meaning. I just struggled and wasn't sure that I gelled with the idea of so many and various Goddesses. I think I believe that the Earth and all of us, including animals and plants, are connected and part of same 'spiritual' being. I'm not sure if that makes sense confused So yes please do let me know of some books, as I'd love to learn more about this and explore my spiritual side...I feel like this is a bit of a 'calling' right now, and something I need to do for me, although being a mummy I feel very selfish in saying that as though I ought to devote my entire time to kiddies!!

Thank you also Suburbophobe - just before I checked here another white feather appeared on me. Are angels spirits of those who have passed, or a separate entity? I feel very blessed either way; I just hope it is a positive thing, as they seem to appear whenever I think of a friend who has just been diagnosed with late stages of cancer. I will look up those magazines, thank you. I did try to find something similar in Smiths the other day, but without knowing what I was looking for I didn't get too far - and I also got distracted by my DS who wanted a Match of the Day magazine, closely followed by his little sister who wanted a Disney Princess one!

Thank you both again for your comments, and ideas xx

RedMolly Mon 05-Nov-12 23:07:50

A good book on different faiths is The World's Religions by Huston Smith - it really focusses on the philosophy and core of different faiths, rather than just on festivals and traditions. Highly recommended. If you're into sacred places i'd also suggest Julian Cope's The Modern Antiquarian - it's a gazetteer of ancient sites around the uk and their spiritual significance. I have a book by Cheryl Straffon called the Earth Goddess - Celtic and Pagan Legacy of the Landscape - sounds a bit like the one you mention. If you are in or near Cornwall there's a very active pagan community - The Witchcraft Museum at Boscastle is a great starting point.

Re gods and goddesses, some people on the pagan path literally believe in gods and godesses, but many see them simply as aspects of ourselves or of a greater conciousness. For me they became increasingly symbolic, to the point that any form of worship felt a bit silly and insincere. I do understand what you mean about all being part of the same spiritual being - it is very much what i believe, that all living things are all part of the whole.

I recently read a book called How Yoga Works that i would recommend if you are interested on going on a spiritual journey. It uses the form of a novel to explain the Yoga Sutra - this goes far beyond explaining asanas and pranayama - it looks at the core of who we really are as spiritual beings and how we can evolve. It also has an intereting explanation for angels!

If there's a particular tradition you feel drawn to let me know and i'll give you some more specific recommedations (otherwise i'll be listing my whole bookshelf). Oh, and don't feel guilty about having some time for you - i think being a mum can often be a trigger in really thinking about who we are on a deeper level. Which brings me to another recommendation - Sarah Napthali's Buddhism for Mothers. I think i'd better stop there!

IndigoBarbie Thu 08-Nov-12 20:09:39

Hey Edith, I think this is very beautiful that your angels are making themselves known to you in this way, and that you acknowledge it. The other posters have put it lovely - no labels are required. Your experiences whatever they may be - are soley for you. When I connect to your energy I am shown a vision of a grey castle like entrance, with an archway, and Robert. Anyhows, I didn't come on to say that - I came to say I have received many feathers in my time, and I regularly blether to anyone who'll listen about how angels have changed my life. I write about my own personal experiences in the event that others might be assisted somehow by my own. I'd say to you - ask your angels (out loud or just by thought in your head) - What are you trying to show me? OR, please give me 3 signs that I can't miss that will allow me to understand your guidance better. Or how about asking them into your dreams?
Talking to your angels helps build a relationship with them, and soon it becomes second nature that you realise they are with you.
Oops I just read the part where you said re your friend. I'm sorry to hear this - I do believe your angels are making themselves known to you to show their support, and believe me - they really can work for you in many ways. This might sound selfish - but angels love us, and they want to help us in any way they can.
In my world, angels are their own specific vibration - different to our loved ones, but I have received many signs and feathers from loved ones too - and correlated these with other family members who received the same sign smile
Lots of love to you xxx

ATourchOfInsanity Thu 08-Nov-12 20:21:32

I get white feathers particularly when I am stressed. I always think it is my mum or grandma showing support. It can be quite calming to see them fluttering slowly to the ground, even when no trees are about and in various unlikely places. I only get a couple a month at most but always when I seem to really need support or feel very lonely.

Probably a lot of people would say if you look hard enough for these things you will find them, but it helps me as I am pretty isolated family-wise and rely on friends for emotional support, which isn't always practical. I suppose that is what most people use religion for, am agnostic personally, but if you want to meet like-minded people I can understand the draw of groups of faith. We are pack animals not loners, so it makes sense to surround yourself with people who have similar belief structures.

I also like nature as a force and feel more spiritual than anything else. I hope you find something that helps you feel clarity smile

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