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Blessing for a new home?

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mavornia Sun 21-Oct-12 22:43:28

We are completing on our new home this week.

We've come through turbulent times in our relationship and a dreadful year which saw the premature arrival of dc3 (thankfully fine), my father having strokes and 2 serious operations, dh being abroad, and now my mum's health under investigation.

The new house feels like a fresh start in many ways and I'd like to do something before we move in.

Could any of you suggest a suitable prayer or any Wiccans suggest some practices invoking peace and harmony and gratitude for the place and the lovely nature that surrounds it?


worldgonecrazy Tue 23-Oct-12 09:54:59

Hi Mavornia - congratulations on your new house. This is what I do as a house clearing/blessing when moving into a new home, or just when I think the house needs a bit of freshening up.

Clean! This is the boring bit but so important. I also ensure that shelves, etc. are junk free. Whenever I've done house blessings for other people I'm often amazed at how much junk people have managed to accumulate.

Clapping/making a noise/ringing a bell. It depends on your preference, some people like bells (I have some Tibetan bells which make a gorgeous noise), some like clapping. I do this in all of the corners, cupboards, behind doors, behind the settee. Think about all those areas where dust-bunnies gather and clap/make a noise in those areas. If dust bunnies are gathering you can be sure that negative and residual energies are also gathered.

Sprinkle with salt-water or just dry salt (you can vacuum it up afterwards). Smudge rooms with sage, remembering to go back into all those corners.

I draw a line with the salt water on each entrance to the house, including air bricks, doors, chimneys, windows, etc.

We have some small and very cute gargoyles at our windows too - make sure they look outwards. (Yes I know small lumps of resin have no protective properties whatsoever but they look very cute.)

DandyDan Tue 23-Oct-12 11:23:39

If you want something more formal, your local vicar might come to bless your house, which might involve prayers in each room (or at their doorway) and sprinkling of blessed water. There is a very nice service in the New Zealand Anglican prayer book for this.

mavornia Wed 24-Oct-12 07:03:50

many thanks to both of you! that was exactly the sort of thing I was after

unfortunately our church is without a minister at the moment, DandyDan

worldgonecrazy. thanks for your wonderful ideas - I'll certainly start with the deep clean and then implement all your other steps

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