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Any Sunday school teachers here? I've volunteered...

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HairyMaclary Sun 23-Sep-12 21:12:48 help with scramblers, (age 3 -5) and while I am a teacher this is all a bit new for me, the church thing as well.

Anyway the leader is away next week so it's my turn to plan an activity based on prayer. I want something interactive, crafty maybe but am a bit stuck. Any ideas greatly appreciated!

missbennett Mon 24-Sep-12 12:07:23

Something I've done is for the children to draw round their hands. You then use each finger as a way of remembering someone to pray for - the thumb ofr someone strong, the index finger for someone who points the way (teacher, vicar etc), the middle finger can be for the child because it stands out, the fourth or ring finger for people who love us and the little finger for people who are in need of our love/care/prayers etc. But you can adapt it to suit. They can then decorate their hands as well. Someone else might have some different ideas about the different uses of each finger - I know there are variations! And there's a way of praying round the word PASTA - I can't remember it all but hopefully someone else might - but I know S is for sorry, T is for thank you, A is for asking and just googled - PA for praise and adoration. Then you could make necklaces/bracelets out of pasta!!

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