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Daily Gratitudes

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crescentmoon Wed 19-Sep-12 21:51:54

i was listening to Nina Simone's "Ain't Got No..." here or better one and i got to thinking about gratitude. apparently regular grateful thinking can increase happiness by as much as 25 percent just by wanting what one actually has. so i hope maybe that we can regularly write about the things that go well for us each day, no matter how little they are. from any faith and no faith too.

il start by saying over the past few days im grateful that...

1. its the middle of september and ds1 hasnt had to use his blue inhaler once
2. id worried that dd wouldnt like her new school but shes settled in very quickly
3. the sun shone brightly so i went exploring around my local high street
4. i have learnt how to make chai tea for myself now
5. the house is cosy and warm

Salbertina Wed 26-Dec-12 18:50:29

I am grateful
For dh cutting me some slack today
To buddhism and the wonderful Tara Brach for teaching me some wise truths which i had failed yo learn by myself these past 40 years blush
For my cute cat, a long time with us and usurped over the years by dc and now the hound, v tolerant consideringz

crescentmoon Wed 26-Dec-12 19:11:50

namaste salbertina and others. hope your having a great time all

today's gratitudes:

1.the dc were easy today which was great as my wrist is sprained,
2.plenty of food at home for us all, my dc can say 'can i have that?' and i can give it to them without worrying,
3.grateful for bananas and grapes and satsumas to keep them going between meal times
4.grateful that i managed to control myself today after going overboard yesterday

stressedHEmum Thu 27-Dec-12 08:25:23

Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope that you all had a joyful and peaceful holiday and that peace and joy stay with you as we face another year.

Crescent, I hope your wrist isn't too painful. Are you managing? Before we had so many kids, my DH used to do what yours does and work at Christmas so that other people could spend it with their families. It's a lovely thing to do, your DH is very thoughtful.

This Christmas, I am grateful -

for the gift that God gave us in Jesus
for the gift of faith
for the chance to listen to and sing Christmas carols
that Christmas passed peacefully in here with no arguments or tantrums from over excited and over tired children or autistic meltdowns because of the different structure to our day
that the children are all pleased with their gifts
that I have plenty of food and a warm home, many are not so blessed
that my foodbank was able to help someone on Christmas Eve sad
that DS1's partner had a safe journey through here on Boxing Day despite difficult driving conditions

crescentmoon Thu 27-Dec-12 11:15:27

good morning stressed - im so glad to hear that your day went well. thats really nice that your DH used to do that - how did it affect your christmas? in years when DH has worked over eid i would always take the children and visit my parents. my wrist is much better this morning - it shocked me how a sprained wrist affected how much i was able to get done yesterday. and as inexplicably as the pain come on yesterday - i didnt do anything out of the ordinary - i woke up this morning to find it completely normal again.

it had me musing to myself what am i in control of really? there are a million things going on in my body that i do not instigate or regulate but i wake up in normal good health regardless. heartfelt thanks and gratitude to God for that.

daily gratitudes

im grateful for being able to exercise this morning and use my wrist as normal,
im grateful that the day is looking bright and dry so i can go shopping with the DC,

gtedder1 Fri 28-Dec-12 00:15:03

i am grateful for this thread because it reminded me to never stop being grateful.

i am grateful for the bad relationships i hav had because they have taught me to be understanding, kind and compassionate towards others.

i am grateful that my son and i have a roof over our heads and a warm bed to sleep in.

i am grateful to be alive, to exist, to breathe, to walk and talk and to be able to type this comment right now.


crescentmoon Fri 28-Dec-12 09:29:08

welcome gtedder, please post regularly and any other newcomers as well!as often as you can.

daily gratitudes today:

1.warm cozy house,
2.children behaving well so far this morning,
3.its coming to the end of the year and so far this year has been a year of good news in our families - im so grateful for that i hope 2013 is the same,
4.we are not in debt to anyone
5.we have a really fast responsive landlord - and our last house was the same and the house before that. we have been very lucky in that regard.

stressedHEmum Fri 28-Dec-12 10:23:49

Welcome, gtedder*, your gratitudes are lovely and very thought provoking. I too an grateful for all the bad relationships and difficult things that have happened to me because they have made me compassionate and non-judgemental. it is a great gift to be able to find the positive in negative situations.

Hi, crescent. Working Christmas Day, the impact always depended on what shift DH was working. If it was a day shift, we would have a festive meal when he came home, although, he wouldn't be there for the boys opening their presents; Back shift meant that he couldn't be there for lunch but he would see the presents. I think that nightshift was the worst, tbh, because he really missed everything and the kids had to be quiet most of the day. I usually took them to my parents for more presents and Christmas munchies. DH is a rampant atheist, so he wasn't that bothered by the more religious aspects of Christmas (at all).

Today I am grateful

that DS4 slept in his own bed last night, after a bit of a tantrum over it
that the rest of the kids are away to the cinema together to see the Hobbit - one of the advantages of having some adult kids
that the house is warm and dry
that DH hung some washing up to dry when he came in from work last night - I had had to go to bed whenever I came home from visiting my folks
for clean, running water
for the gift of music

Salbertina Fri 28-Dec-12 11:11:47

Hello everyone!
Yes also contemplating those gratitudes especially for bad relationships from which one can learn compassion. Need to digest that, would love to have the discipline and sufficiently sanguine approach to apply that.

I am grateful for
Endless supply of leftovers, we'll never starve
The sun
Dh's ongoing though often grumpy support for me processing stuff from my dysfunctional birth family

MrRected Fri 28-Dec-12 11:25:54

I am grateful for my comfortable home
I am grateful for my family
I am grateful for the fact that DS2 has been seizure free for 7 weeks and 2 days and for the medicine that has made this possible

Poledra Sat 29-Dec-12 00:12:34

Haven't been online over the holidays but I hope you all had a peaceful and loving Christmas time! I really should go to bed, but just quickly, my gratitudea are:

DH and I having all the holiday time off with the DCs
My lovely PILs, who are staying with us just now
The lovely memories I have of my DCs on Christmas Day
Having a warm house, plenty food and lots of time for family and for cooking (thought DH has bought me more cookbooks so I really need some more time to try them out grin)

Salbertina Mon 31-Dec-12 15:32:04

Mmm, feeling a little lonely and billy-no mates today (no NYE invites), just dh and i and am climbing the walls after so long just us. Ok, shaking off self pity

I am grateful that
2012, my annus horriblis is ending, hope 2013 is much better.
We have nice food for tonight
Dh got home ok after car broke down

tuffie Mon 31-Dec-12 18:48:05

Sorry you have no invites Salbertina but don t feel lonely. Instead have a lovely cosy night with your dh. My dh is working away for 6 months and we miss each other terribly esp at this time of year. However lots to be grateful for :

Lovely friends who have been a great support.
Wonderful dc who are there when I need them.
A body that can still enjoy sport even at my advancing years !
As ever, my faith which is always constant.

Happy New Year Everyone. Love this thread, lets continue to count our blessings in 2013 !

Salbertina Mon 31-Dec-12 19:10:46

Thsnks, tuffie. Lovely post- sounds hard w yr dh bring away. Hope you see him soon and happy new year.

DioneTheDiabolist Mon 31-Dec-12 19:20:35

I am grateful that god believed in me when I didn't.

crescentmoon Mon 31-Dec-12 21:47:07

daily gratitudes:

1) that DH hasnt had to go in this afternoon and we had a lovely rare day watching dvds with the dc,
2) that im grateful to be alive at the end of 2012

tuffie im sorry that your DH is working away - sounds like its not the first year? bless you and bless your children this year. welcome dione, happy new year to all.

Salbertina Tue 01-Jan-13 07:44:41

Hello and Happy New Year from deep in the southern hemisphere

I'm grateful that
Its a new year, a fresh start
We had a lovely family NYE
We're all okay.

crescentmoon Tue 01-Jan-13 18:45:46

Todays gratitiudes:

1.Lovely bright day for first of 2013
2.finally cleared through some messy cupboards
3.dh and I disagreed on something then patched up quickly - I'm so grateful it doesn't take 3 days like when we first got married
4.had chips and fish fingers tonight - yummy and a treat (me)! beautful dc

Happy new year salbertina! May this year exceed all your wishes and expectations

tacal Tue 01-Jan-13 19:13:51

Happy new year everyone. I would love to join this thread, if that's ok.
Today I am grateful that

1.Ds and I have had so much time together over the holiday period. It has been lovely.

2.That I have had the courage to follow my heart and attend the church I want to (and not the one my family want me to)

3.It is a new year and a new start. I am going to worry less.

4. DS and I have a comfortable and warm home with a small garden. We feel very lucky

5. I have decided which school to register ds at. I can stop worry about this now and start to look forward to him attending school.

This thread is such a good idea.

Salbertina Wed 02-Jan-13 19:42:45

Welcome Tacal nice to have new people

Mine for the day are:
Dc v affectionate unusually v touched!
Dh & i have concocted a cunning plan to return to Uk which hopefully shall come off somehow, v complicated to relocate us all back along w coordinating jobs, house, schools etc
Lovely walk w dog in evening sun, beautiful estate, feel part of community

crescentmoon Thu 03-Jan-13 07:46:36

welcome tacal, hope you and others get to post today,

love the idea of a plan to relocate salbertina- what kind of timeframe have you given it? so sweet that your dc are being affectionate - i love their cuddles and hugs too.

daily gratitudes:

1. im feeling content today though ds2 woke me up at 4.30am!
2. picked up some lovely tops in the sales yesterday
3. i feel well in mind!
4. that my friend recommended truvia to me to help me replace aspartame sweetener
5. just discovered camomile and spiced apple tea - thats probably the main reason im so chilled out right now!

stressedHEmum Thu 03-Jan-13 10:02:15

Good morning, everyone. May God bring you all a peaceful and blessed 2013.

Today, I am grateful -

that God has brought us all safely through another year
that we face a new year with a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs
that Dh's relationship with 13yo DD seems to be moving towards more stable ground (she has been very difficult to live with for the last couple of years and he finds it hard to cope with her or understand that she's not a small girl any more)
that DS4 seems to be able to "put his monster back in its box" a little bit more easily at the moment. he is autistic and has real problems dealing with his emotions, especially anger and frustration
that the wretched cold that has floored me for the last week seems to be easing off a little today.
that the Americans managed to cobble together some kind of financial deal. That can only be good for the economic situation everywhere
for the opportunity to get A LOT of rest the last few days, so that today I am not in too much pain and might be able to manage to tidy up a bit and do some washing
for this thread to help me focus on the positive.

Crescent - chamomile and spiced apple tea is lovely. Have you tried the chamomile, vanilla and honey one - it's really good for bedtime.

crescentmoon Fri 04-Jan-13 07:45:50

dear stressed im sorry that you have been down with a cold, i hope you feel better today as well. i havent tried the vanilla and honey one you mentioned - i saw it next to it and once i finish this box very soon i will try that next. im trying to wean myself off fatty sugary treats and instead treating myself with 'special' herbal/spiced teas instead. i tried jasmine tea recently - didnt like it as it smells too much like the oil i put in my hair! iv tried one with bergamot in too but i didnt like the taste too - im just working my way through the tesco tea aisle lol.

daily gratitudes:

wealth - i dont have to live on $1 a day,

stressedHEmum Fri 04-Jan-13 11:43:33

Thank you, crescent. I feel a little better today, again, so hopefully this cold is finally breaking. I have an appointment with the GP on the 21st of this month (the first available appointment) to talk about the ME, because I feel as if I'm going backwards again, if I'm honest. I spend quite a lot of time trying to work out what lessons God wants me to learn from this, but I'm struggling to see any at the moment, unless it's just patience and relying on Him rather than on my own abilities.

I think that it is lovely to perfume your hair, I would love to have the kind of hair that I could do that to. Jasmine has such a rich, exotic scent. Your hair must be beautiful. I have an image of long, thick, glossy dark hair (a bit like my DD's, only more exotic somehow.) I mostly hide mine under my headscarf, it covers a multitude of sins.

I think that you'll like the chamomile, vanilla and honey tea. The pomegranate one is nice as well, also the apple and blueberry and the lemon and ginger. I like most of them, to be honest. I started drinking fruit tea all the time when I had to stop drinking caffeine and alcohol because of my ME. Before that, I just used to drink it during the Advent and Lent fasts. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything, it's so nice and comforting.

Today, I am grateful -

for family and friends
food and shelter
that we live in a country where we don't have to fear war, violence or persecution

crescentmoon Fri 04-Jan-13 19:41:18

hello stressed how has your day been? im so sorry about the ME getting more difficult again - can the GP change your medication or will you hope he moves you onto the next stage of treatment? i know what you mean about trying to work out what lessons God wants you to learn. in islam we believe suffering raises an individual's rank with God, that even the fact one has a trial in their life is a sign that God already knows they have the strength to bear it. for us the Prophet Job is someone whose life we take alot of lessons from.

"Whatever the blow that arrives from heaven
Wait to receive a robe of honor afterwards:
He is not a King who thrashes you and then
Does not give you a crown and a throne to rest on.
The world is worth less than the eye of a mosquito,
Yet for a single blow there is infinite reward:
Take from your neck now the world's golden collar,
Receive with no protection the blows God sends.
Didn't the Prophets receive blows on their necks?
That pain is what forced them to hold their heads high.
Never abandon your innermost core even a moment
so the Beloved will always find you at home.
Otherwise, He'll remove His robe of honor and say,
"I came to see him Myself, and found no one in."

-- Rumi

as for glossy hair i wish! actually i started using jasmine oil for a much more prosaic reason than that. i had a problem after ds3 of my hair getting very thin so i started using the oil to make my hair thick again and it has really helped in that way! 2013 will be about glossy hair - 2012 was just to save my hair!
how come you wear a headscarf stressed. i know you are a devout christian but i did not know any UK ones who cover their hair. is it for religious reasons i am very curious.

stressedHEmum Sat 05-Jan-13 10:40:56

Hi, crescent, that's a lovely verse. I don't know much about Islam, there aren't really any Muslims where I live, you have to travel to the city to have even a small hope of seeing an Hijab for instance, and I went to school in the days before RE was taught [old duffer]. But it would seem, from what I do know, that Christianity and Islam have quite a lot of basic messages in common.

We believe that God doesn't test us beyond what we can cope with, with His help. So suffering and trials are about leaning on God for the strength He gives us. There is a verse that says "All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me."

"Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him." comes from the Book of James and has a similar message to your passage. I always think that we should look at the things we have in common rather than the things which divide us - the world would be a better place, don't you think? A bit of respect and tolerance goes a long way, just like on this threadgrin

Yes, I wear a headscarf. it's not really a normal thing. There are a few sects of Christianity that still expect a woman to cover her hair, but they tend to be the very extreme ones that think that a woman should know her place. i don't belong to one of them, thankfully, or else I wouldn't be able to serve God the way that I do.

it is a religious thing, though. it comes from the idea that we should be "praying without cease" and that women should cover their hair when they pray. It's my personal belief that our whole lives are a prayer and an act of service - even when we're doing mundane things like cleaning the toilet or ironing a shirt - so I choose, after much prayer and consideration, to wear a scarf. I don't wear it absolutely all the time, sometimes my arms are too sore to reach up to tie one on, but on those days I have one of those elastic bandana things that my DD uses when she is cleansing her face to keep her hair out of the way. I know it's very old fashioned and quite controversial in Christianity, but I'm comfortable with it and I feel that things like that are between us and God.

Funnily enough, for years and years, I didn't wear trousers, only long skirts or dresses with high necklines and long sleeves, but since I've been ill, skirts just don't cut it - it's too hard to wrestle with petticoats and tightsblush. I don't think that God's too bothered about it all as long as we dress modestly and don't make a complete show of ourselves. That was the only concern that I had about the headscarf - that I'd be drawing attention to myself and my so-called "piety", but I don't make any kind of deal out of it and folk are used to it, so it's fine.

Oh dear, I appear to have rambled on and on. I'm glad that the jasmine oil is working, 2013 will definitely be the year of long, flowing, glossy hair for you - perhaps I will try it, mine could certainly do with something.

Today I am grateful -

for a new day
for the cute chirping of the guinea pigs - they sing like wee birds
that DS1 got home safely from his visit to his partner's parents
that Dh has a job and is able to work hard
for food, shelter, wealth and water
for the internet that allows me to "meet" lovely people like everyone on this thread.

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