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Daily Gratitudes

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crescentmoon Wed 19-Sep-12 21:51:54

i was listening to Nina Simone's "Ain't Got No..." here or better one and i got to thinking about gratitude. apparently regular grateful thinking can increase happiness by as much as 25 percent just by wanting what one actually has. so i hope maybe that we can regularly write about the things that go well for us each day, no matter how little they are. from any faith and no faith too.

il start by saying over the past few days im grateful that...

1. its the middle of september and ds1 hasnt had to use his blue inhaler once
2. id worried that dd wouldnt like her new school but shes settled in very quickly
3. the sun shone brightly so i went exploring around my local high street
4. i have learnt how to make chai tea for myself now
5. the house is cosy and warm

crescentmoon Wed 03-Oct-12 10:35:11

today's gratitudes...

1) walked to school in the sunshine with my children - unhurriedly because we were able to leave early.
2) i still have ds2 with me during the day, it will be strange without my little buddy when he starts school soon.
3) iv been reading a book over the past two days on early 20th century Russia.sometimes the descriptions of the poverty and desititution made my eyes teary. im grateful i didnt have to live and fight through such times.
4) after reading that 80% of humanity live on less than $10 a day i realised i am actually wealthy. i have to train my eye and my mind to consider that always.

stressedHEmum Wed 03-Oct-12 10:47:11

I know what you mean about the last one, crescent. I work with Christian Aid in a voluntary capacity and this is something that I am always trying to drive home to my children. if you have any money at all in your pocket or in the bank, even if it is only a few pence, you are amongst the richest 8% of people in the world.

I am very grateful that however bad things seem, I am amongst that 8%.
I am grateful for a little quiet this morning
I am grateful for hot, running water so that I can go for a bath in a few minutes
I am grateful that all my children are safe and well
I am grateful that m husband has a job and that he mostly enjoys it

crescentmoon Thu 04-Oct-12 17:12:53

Salams (peace) all, hope more find time to post,

Today iv had a trying day So I'm going to be grateful for the little things...

Kids are well,
DH is well
Parents are well,
Siblings are well,
Nephews nieces are well,
Cousins are well,
And I am well but tired.god willing it will be better tomorrow and il wake up with the patience of Job! Really appreciated your posts on the thee tread btw stressed hope you and everyone else is well today.

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Thu 04-Oct-12 21:21:44

Hello everyone.
This evening I am very grateful for my freezer.
I am grateful for Jesus's help with a problem I had earlier
I am ever grateful that I have my children safe and well with me, here at our home.
I am grateful for the internet allowing me to plan alot of work from the comfort of my sittingroom

stressedHEmum Fri 05-Oct-12 08:19:06

Yesterday I was grateful

for my friend who was able to take me shopping in her car for baking stuff for Christian Aid and for Harvest
for the sunshine that dried my washing after so much rain
for the senior boys who were able to come along and help me at BB last night
for my children all being safe and well
for the progress that another friend in making in recovering from a huge op to treat her cancer

crescentmoon Fri 05-Oct-12 16:11:11

today im grateful that:

though i left home without keys thankfully back door was unlocked!
no burglars in my house even though the back door was unlocked!
ds1 didnt cough to much last night and today went to and from school without coughing
all my children are very generous, even 2 year old ds2 gets remarked on. im so grateful that quality is in them and i hope they are never afraid to be giving.
dh is enjoying his new job, he's happy where he is and we are happy where we are.

crescentmoon Fri 05-Oct-12 16:12:47

(though im grateful the children are so positive about new places i really hope we don't have to move again for another job)

stressedHEmum Sat 06-Oct-12 17:58:16

Today, I am grateful that -

DS1 arrived home safely from uni for the weekend
a friend was able to take me shopping for the Harvest lunch today
I got my baking for the Christian Aid coffee morning done and the sandwiches and cakes for the Harvest made
the sun has been shining to dry my washing
that my recently separated friend has found joy in a new puppy
that DS4 took part in his first BB competition today without any trauma (and won a bronze medalgrin)

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Sat 06-Oct-12 21:02:57

today I am grateful that DH and I have a strong enough relationship to weather disagreeing with each other!
I am so grateful that the weather was gorgeous
I am grateful to Lindy Smith for her perfect chocolate cake recipe
I am grateful for the skills I have been taught in 3 years of therapy allowing me to sit with the children and DH and talk about how it is ok to disagree and still love each other

crescentmoon Sun 07-Oct-12 11:24:51

yesterday's gratitudes:

i have lovely people who look after my children when DH is not around,
i have found an excellent religious teacher - i feel my faith flowering and unfurling,
i am grateful that my children have lots of aunts and uncles from both sides who give them alot of love and gifts - i didnt have that growing up,
after talking with a friend about her troubles i am grateful i have the husband i have.i couldnt have stayed married to a stingy man and a stingy man could never have stayed married to me!

today's gratitudes:

children are well,
i weighed myself and have lost 1kilo , i am happy as that is 2 bags of 500g new potatoes,
my parents are well, my in laws are well,
im grateful today is going to be a sunny day

stressedHEmum Mon 08-Oct-12 09:12:06

yesterday's gratitudes -

I am very grateful that the Harvest lunch which I was organising went really, really well
I am grateful that about 1/2 of my BB boys turned out for Harvest Thanksgiving and behaved so well in church
I am very grateful that the food bank received so many donations at the Harvest service, far more than I had thought we would get from so small a congregation
I am grateful for the sunshine to dry my washing and to let the kids out for some fresh air
I am grateful that we have food on the table, unlimited clean water and a roof over our heads when so many are lacking even these.

crescentmoon Tue 09-Oct-12 11:01:57

today's gratitudes...

left home very late but still got to school on time - or rather, school started late today!
my children are healthy, i thanked God they were born that way but i should be thankful for everyday of good health they have.
sun is shining
stood outside talking to my neighbour about small inconsequential things but glad for that human connection
house is clean and tidy, i can just concentrate on running errands outside

yesterday's gratitudes...

health - the crown on my head that i wear all the time without noticing
wealth - i have enough to live on and feed my children so that is a great wealth,
security - i can walk in the streets in safety fearing nothing but potholes in the pavement
love and family

stressedHEmum Tue 09-Oct-12 11:19:37

yesterday I was grateful -

for time spent with my family
for a food item given to me by my mother which meant that I didn't have to cook yesterday because I was pretty unwell
for the weekend that DS1 was able to spend at home
that I was around to have a chat with a friend who had just received some bad news from her doctor
for sunshine to dry my washing (recurring theme)

Today, so far, I am grateful -

that DS1 got safely away back to uni this morning
that the sun is shining for more washing (it never ends)
for a hot bath to try and ease some of my discomfort
for medication that means that even though I feel bad, I'm not as bad as I was previously.
for free prescriptions in Scotland because without them I wouldn't be able to afford all my meds.

Poledra Tue 09-Oct-12 11:31:45

What a lovely thread! I'd like to try this. Today I am grateful for:

The sunshine
The fact that my children are all safe and well (something which has been in mind a lot with the recent events in Wales)
For my childminder, who looks after my DCs so well that I can happily go off to work knowing that she will love and care for them in the meantime
That DH was able to take the time off to study for his OU exam
That tonight's tea is already made and waiting to be heated up when I go home tonight
For the lovely women who run my DD1's Brownie pack, to which she will head off tonight with a smile on her face and return absolutely buzzing (that brownie pack was a lifeline when she was unhappy in school last year, it was a really 'safe' place for her)
For the glowing reports I got for the girls from their teachers at Parents' Evening last week, not just academically but their attitudes to school and other people.

Thank you for reminding how much I have in life.

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Tue 09-Oct-12 21:31:09

Today I am grateful that I managed to fit everything in.
Each of the elements of the day slotted together well.
I am grateful for the view over the field as I was leaving the village this morning. The mist rising over newly turned soil looked so spectacular, it had to have been given by God.
I am grateful that I live in a village with families who have enough means to support the school community, allowing us to provide for those children with fewer opportunities.
I am grateful for my blossoming relationship with DS1 it has never been an easy one but he seems more at ease with my love.

crescentmoon Wed 10-Oct-12 19:56:47

peace all,

i really want to start asking you about your days soon so i should leave more time to contribute to these threads. i worried before if there was too much commentary then people would be less likely to post over time so had thought to keep it to just individual gratitudes only!

today i am grateful for...

central heating
childrens cartoons

(all 3 of my children are ill with a bad cold today. its the little things)

Poledra Wed 10-Oct-12 20:31:08

I am ashamed of my gratitude today. I found out that a professional acquaintance who is only slightly older than me has ovarian cancer. I am devastated for her, and selfishly grateful that it is not me.

Not really in the spirit of the thread, I think. Sorry.

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Wed 10-Oct-12 21:58:34

Oh Poledra, please don't give yoursef a hard time.
You are being grateful for your own health, you are not having positive thoughts about someone else's illness.
Be kind to yourself!

Poledra Wed 10-Oct-12 22:44:27

Thank you, Never - you are right, it is gratitude for my own health, and you have made me feel so much better about it.

I am so heart-sorry for my acquaintance; although I don't know her terribly well, everything I knew about her I liked and she is someone I would like to know better. Can I ask for people to pray for her?

Screaminabdabs Wed 10-Oct-12 22:53:50

Great thread - mind if I join? smile

Today it's:

the dog is a sweetie
I have an improving relationship with ds
I am succeeding in my attempts to be more assertive with the dc

And a little prayer for Poledra's acquaintance. smile

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Thu 11-Oct-12 18:25:50

evening all,
I am today very grateful for the skills I have developed.
I am grateful for the ability to prioritise and not feel guilty
I am grateful for our local shop being well stocked and not over priced
Most of all, I am totally grateful for the amazing children DH and I have, we have been together 10 years tomorrow and luckily we found each other... for that too I am very grateful.
I am also grateful that we live close enough to the coast that we can go for the weekend. Beaches in Norfolk are the best in the world.

crescentmoon Thu 11-Oct-12 18:29:39

hello poledra, i agree with neverknowingly that gratitude for ones own health is good, you are not rejoicing at your colleague's ill health. i prayed for her today, i hope you will keep us posted how she is.

hello *screaminabdabs, hope that you post today. and that more join in this thread! your another one here who has a dog like *never. i am very uneasy/afraid of all animals especially dogs. its a silly fear which iv tried very hard not to pass onto the DC even though my heart sinks when they walk upto pet them. thankfully they are desperate for a cat but know that its only when iv worked up the courage we finally settle down!
truly one of my gratitudes recently was that they had finally stopped pestering me about a kitten my SIL had promised as a gift to them.

today's gratitudes...

dc are better and the coughing orchestra has now become a coughing chorus! (God willing they will go to school tomorrow!)
my GP is a very compassionate and responsive doctor (may Allah bless the NHS),
my siblings and i are all getting on well with each other - rare state of affairs between the lot of us!
my cousins new baby is thriving and well and beautiful,
iv been very lazy in worship this year week but today i got back to basics,
this morning i managed to catch a spider under a cup - thus it was saved from my evil and i was saved from its evil!

Poledra Thu 11-Oct-12 21:21:50

Thank you, crescent, and tnak you for praying for my colleague.

Today's gratitudes:
I finally resolved an ongoing issue at work with one of my projects
DH had an exam for the OU, and he thinks it went well
As DH has now done the exam, he will not be revising every spare minute of the evening, and he will have time for the DCs and me
It's Thursday evening, and I do not work Fridays so it's the weekend!

Screaminabdabs Fri 12-Oct-12 00:30:51

The sky at 7am today (Thurs) was so beautiful
I had a lovely sociable lunch with friends
My cold is a lot better and I can breathe


NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Fri 12-Oct-12 11:49:40

today I am grateful for 10 years of marriage to my wonderful husband.
I am grateful for hot water to shower in
and grateful that the sun is shining as we prepare for a weekend away.

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