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Daily Gratitudes

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crescentmoon Wed 19-Sep-12 21:51:54

i was listening to Nina Simone's "Ain't Got No..." here or better one and i got to thinking about gratitude. apparently regular grateful thinking can increase happiness by as much as 25 percent just by wanting what one actually has. so i hope maybe that we can regularly write about the things that go well for us each day, no matter how little they are. from any faith and no faith too.

il start by saying over the past few days im grateful that...

1. its the middle of september and ds1 hasnt had to use his blue inhaler once
2. id worried that dd wouldnt like her new school but shes settled in very quickly
3. the sun shone brightly so i went exploring around my local high street
4. i have learnt how to make chai tea for myself now
5. the house is cosy and warm

tuffie Sun 10-Mar-13 21:07:16

Happy Mother's Day everyone !
Crescent, I hope you found that wisdom, and Salbertina, glad you got through your tough time
Not able to post as often as i'd like so
Recent gratitudes:
Loyal dcs who have given me a very special Mother's Day,
A sense of humour - laughter is so important - and friends who share my humour,
That I am getting much better at living in the moment- after a lifetime of practise!
As ever, my faith and my church community - always constant.

crescentmoon Tue 12-Mar-13 03:08:02

Dear tuffie I'm so glad you posted please come back more quickly than last time. I really liked your gratitudes I might copy them for mine :

Daily gratitudes

I'm grateful I have a sense of humour and I have friends that also share my sense if humour!
After much soul searching at the end of last week I decided it was better to laugh than cry- as a good friend said 'the best laid schemes of mice and men...' (Thanks naila!)
I'm enjoying work though it makes me sleep very early
Dc are coping well
Family on both sides are doing ok- it's nearly the middle of march no shocks and no bad news so far this year. Hope 2013 goes for us as well as 2012

stressedHEmum Fri 22-Mar-13 10:42:20

Failing dismally at Lenten fast. I think that I need to count my blessings, so am making a fast breaking return to this thread today. I know that God will forgive me - the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

How has everyone been? Hope you are all well. Congratulations on your job, crescent.

I am grateful --

that I have a home and family
we are all fed and clothed
my friend is recovering well from her operation
the Passion Sunday service which my wee choir led last Sunday went really well, it was very moving, there wasn't a dry eye in the kirk (don't know if that's a good thing or not wink )
for the gift of faith
for this very special time of year and for the times of reflection and prayer that I have been able to enjoy
for the social group for autistic kids that DS4's consultant has found for him
for the success of the Easter night that I ran last night for my BBs
for cuddles from my children when I feel grim.
that my Dad's leukaemia hasn't really progressed that far in the last 3 months
that my food bank has been able to help well over 100 families in the last 3 months.

I have so many things to be grateful for. I think that I need to give myself a bit of a shake. Think I am just too tired.

Sorry for being moany.

crescentmoon Sat 23-Mar-13 09:03:19

gosh i just wrote a long 'welcome back so grateful this thread was about to die stressed we need you here' but its gone. but im very glad and grateful you are here stressed this year i was conscious of lent in real life only because i thought i wouldnt 'see' you until then! maybe your greater service is posting here reminding us of the fortune and blessing in daily life? i love the word kirk it means church i looked it up. gosh i wish my parents had settled up in scotland!so happy about how many your food bank has been helping. glad about the new social group for your ds, im sorry about your father's leukaemia dear one, i will pray to the God that we both worship that things are made easy for him and his lovely family.

daily gratitudes finding reserves i didnt know i had and im grateful for the 'stress' thats made that side of me reveal itself - to my eyes before anyone elses!
2.grateful for the chance to earn a lawful income
3.dc are doing ooookkkkkkk with the new changes in routine
4.dh is also doing oooookkkkkk with the new changes in routine
5. im grateful for my db - so strange that what started as us helping db out has now turned into db helping us out hustling the dc to and from school/nursery.

stressedHEmum Sun 24-Mar-13 20:00:38

Thank you, crescent. I really feel that I need this thread just now, so perhaps God has been calling me back.

My dad's leukaemia is chronic, he's been living with it for a few years now, but the last couple of check-ups it had started to progress slowly. I am very glad of your prayers because it's a worry. i think we had all kind of got a bit blasé about it because he had been stable for so long.

I have a lot to be grateful for today, again,

We seem to have escaped the bad weather again, it's very cold and windy but none of the snow has settled and today has been very bright - in Arran, which you can see from my upstairs windows, everyone is without power, and in Dunlop, where the minister lives, they have waist deep snow!

I had a good wee turn out of my BB boys for today's Palm Sunday service. I gave them their lunch in church and then they headed off to Battalion Parade.

I am very grateful that the Parade leaders decided against marching today. They boys were supposed to march for a couple of miles along the Promenade in Largs, but there was too much snow and it was just too cold and windy. I think that God guided the leaders to make the right decision.

We have food and shelter

We have each other

Kids are all happily playing Mario Kart together

I slept for 3 hours this afternoon, so some of the pain has eased off and I feel a little better now.

I am grateful for the privilege of being able to attend church every evening this week for the Holy Week services. I am very conscious that many people throughout the world don't have the freedom to worship as they would like. I am grateful that I live in a country where these freedoms exist and are protected.

I am grateful for the gift of faith and the strength that ir brings me

I am grateful for the presence of God all around me

I am grateful for this thread for reminding me how lucky and blessed I am.

I am very grateful that crescent's new job is going well and that her family are adapting to their new circumstance. Long may it continue. May the Lord bless and keep her family and make his face to shine upon them.

Salbertina Tue 26-Mar-13 18:51:56

I am grateful to be sharing this thread with some bighearted people, Stressed and Crescent especially. Glad you're both also gaining solace from it, as am i.

Stressed- i shall do a lovingkindness meditation for your dad, i hope he is not in too much pain? You sound very stoical, i admire that but must be hard.

Cresecent- how are you and all your new challenges, hows the new job going and fitting in with everything else? Hope you're getting all the down time you need.

I am also grateful for technology - on temporary hiatus hence cant post much atm and makes me appreciate the wonders of wifi esp when you no longer have it!

A beautiful walk with the hound this morning in a wonderful, wonderful place. A true refuge and v peaceful.

A better day with my dc and dc1 less challenging and happier.

crescentmoon Tue 26-Mar-13 21:11:22

very happy to see you salbertina, i love technology too that you can check in. i figured you wouldnt be posting for awhile so happy that your back. and hopefully more people will be joining in as well.


db brilliant - came home to find house clean and sink tidy!
dc are healthy well,
that i feel parts of my brain whirring that have been dormant for awhile!
dh helping alot more with dc....were getting there!

tuffie Tue 26-Mar-13 21:42:16

Happy Easter week to you all !

Love reading about all your gratitudes. Isn't it great that even when things are going badly we can still dredge up some good stuff from somewhere and be grateful?
Recent gratitudes for me:

-little old lady cat still purring loudly and occasionally still able to play and make me laugh despite failing kidneys (old lady cocktail still doing it's stuff);
-that I have a swimming pool just down the road where I have just been able to thrash off today's work stresses;
-a good book-I love reading;
-our ds who rang tonight just to see how we were!! - no ulterior motive detected yet...
-I am in no pain. After several days of horrendous toothache I realised just how much I take feeling well for granted;
-as ever, my faith,and my wonderful church community, especially during this special week

Stay happy this Easter everyone!

Salbertina Wed 27-Mar-13 07:32:56

The ocean in all its tempestuous glory!
Friends, old & new human and non,
Mindfulness and how it's enlightened me to so much.

Salbertina Wed 27-Mar-13 07:38:30

And thank you for your good wishes, Crescent smile. Im glad your dh is being so helpful and looking after you

Hello, Tuffie- glad you enjoy thrashing in that pool and a good book, nothing like either!

stressedHEmum Wed 27-Mar-13 10:01:41

Salbertina, thank you. DO you know, my dad had been jogging along fine for so long that we'd all just sort of taken it for granted, as if there was nothing wrong with him. You kind of forget that that can change at any time, so that it comes as a bit of a shock when it does.

How is your move going? It must be a busy time for you. I hope that your kids settle down a bit. It just makes everything so much more difficult when they are being a bit challenging.

Tuffie, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. Glad your wee cat is doing OK. It's a worry when they are old, isn't it. It's like having a sick child. One of the things that I am grateful for is that mine is 15 now and hasn't shown any sign of deteriorating at all, except that she now won't go outside unless it's a nice day. Long may the vets continue to work their magic for your old dear.

crescent, I am so glad that things are improving for you with your husband and with your brother. Sometimes all we can do is pray over things and leave them in God's hands. It's hard to have patience but absolutely brilliant when we can see things getting better.

Today, again, I have so much to be grateful for -
sunshine, I am going to hang some washing out shortly.

electricity, we have an uninterrupted supply which we take completely for granted. I can't imagine having to go the best part of a week without it. Mt thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by the awful weather.

that I was finally able to sort out DS3's DofE award this week so that all the work that he has done over the last 6 months won't have been for nothing.

friends who are taking me to church every evening this week. I can't drive and without them I wouldn't be able to get to the Holy Week services because they are being held in the next village this year.

That my outreach committee have decided to have a Songs of Praise to raise funds for DS4's wee autism group

that I have food in the cupboard and the ability to make it into decent, nutritious meals for the family

that another friend was finally given a bed in the psychiatric ward after a nearly 3 week wait. Let's hope and pray that, this time, he gets the help that she needs.

for daffodils, they never fail to put a smile on my face at this time of year. They are such a lovely splash of colour.

strepsils, I have yet another sore throat just now and they taste goodsmile

for my family who, even though they can be a challenge, are a never ending source of joy and love.

I have GOOD news. DS2 has been offered a place at St. Andrews in September. So I will have one son graduating in June and another starting out in September. I am very proud of him. It is a testament to his hard work and determination to overcome his difficulties and yet another example of God's grace at work in our lives.

May the Lord bless and keep you all and make his face to shine upon you and your families.

crescentmoon Wed 27-Mar-13 20:08:15

grin stressed

"I have GOOD news. DS2 has been offered a place at St. Andrews in September. So I will have one son graduating in June and another starting out in September. I am very proud of him. It is a testament to his hard work and determination to overcome his difficulties and yet another example of God's grace at work in our lives."

i am very happy to hear that. thats my gratitude today!

stressedHEmum Thu 28-Mar-13 11:16:28

* crescent* grin We are all very proud of him and he's very proud of himself, and rightly so. It'a all very exciting because we weren't expecting him to get in at all because he has no formal qualifications and has gone by a non traditional route. We have a saying up here " what's for you will not go by you" and I think that it's true. it's all part of God's plan for J.'s life.

Today, I am grateful -

for sunshine
for friends and family
for pain killers and for medical staff
for Classic FM for providing a relaxing background sound to my day
for hymns and hymn writers for inspiration and uplifting
for the skills and gifts that God has given me to use in His service and the service of others
for the peace of Christ that gets me through the day. May it be with you all.

crescentmoon Thu 28-Mar-13 21:05:12

honestly stressed i felt so happy to hear about your ds it was as if my own ds had won the place. absolutely wonderful that with no formal qualifications he got in through a non traditional route, how hard working both your eldest ds's are may they and the rest of your dc always be a credit to you. i totally get 'whats for you will not go by you', we have a variation of that saying also. how is your df these days on top of your health worries you think of his too. im abit frazzled so my parents are coming to take my kids to stay with them over the whole easter holidays so i can get abit of a rest and settle in properly to the new routine. i think if it hadnt been for my parents helping out like this at crucial moments i would have found life very very difficult, dc cant wait to go and between you and me i cant wait for them to go either!

daily gratitudes

end of school
db will stay till weekend so i can finish off this week
parents are having dc for whole fortnight
tomorrow its blessed friday - in more ways than one

stressedHEmum Sat 30-Mar-13 11:22:34

Oh, crescent, enjoy your break smile. I'm so glad that your parents are able to help you like this. It's really difficult for everyone in the family to adjust to something like a new job, hopefully, the break will help everyone.

I know what you mean about not being able to wait, I often wish that I could pack mine off somewhere for a few days, just to get a rest and a bit of quiet.

My dad isn't bad, thanks, he's quite tired all the time and his back is acting up - he has a long term back problem as well. My mum isn't too well, either, just now, she has a chronic auto-immune disorder. We are all falling to bits! We just have to get on with it, though, don't we.

My gratitudes so far today -

the Good Friday service last night. it was one of the most powerful and moving services that I have ever attended. I managed to humiliate myself in public AGAIN by crying.

my friend's breast cancer seems to be responding to treatment

the chance today to reflect on Easter

sibling board game afternoon - keeps the kids occupied while I do stuff that needs done


the wind has died down, today, so it's not so cold. it was -4 when I came home from church at 9.30 last night.

hot cross buns, I love them.

Salbertina Sun 31-Mar-13 08:26:04

Happy Easter from the southern hemisphere!

With you on the hot cross buns, Stressed so much for lowcarbing

Crescent- hope you're managing to rest up well and relax, sounds much needed.

Today, I'm grateful for fun friends a healthy antidote to my introspection and recent inner work


Dc2 doing well this term.

MIL sounding v chipper

Strength of friends getting through illness, bereavement and personal loss.

stressedHEmum Tue 02-Apr-13 09:08:30

So much to be grateful for -

the Risen Christ
my DB , it's his birthday today smile
washing drying on the line
central heating - it might be sunny but it's freezing
music - loving my Easter hymns CD

crescentmoon Tue 02-Apr-13 19:08:21

Salam stressed salbertina tuffie etc hope all are well. Would be lovely to hear from previous posters and also have new posters join. I really learn alot from reading others and i find many times in moved by your reflections and gratitudes.

Daily gratitudes

My parents are happy with dc
Dc are happy at my parents
I'm happy they're happy
DH is missing the dc but also understands I needed this time for me!

tuffie Tue 02-Apr-13 21:05:27

Hello everyone!
Stressed, Congratulations to your son,it's so wonderful when someone is rewarded for their hard work.
Crescent, glad you are enjoying a nice break. No matter how much you love your children, it's always good to have some time to yourself!
Salbertina, I'm curious to know about your "inner work" - sounds interesting. Is it some form of meditation?
Recent gratitudes:
-A very special Easter weekend with special people.
-That I can enjoy the simple things in life, like cycling to the corner shop (even in freezing temperatures - it's still fresh air!)
-That I can laugh. My cat is now so deaf and blind that the birds come and share the chicken she's eating in the garden - so funny to watch them hopping around her.

stressedHEmum Thu 04-Apr-13 09:26:12

Hope everyone is well. crescent, how are you enjoying your wee break? I hope that you can make to most of it and get some much needed rest and can find a new routine that suits everyone.

Tuffie, I laughes at the image of your cat. It's very sweet. MY old dear still tries to chase the birds, but the are in no danger, thankfully, it must be about 3 years since she caught one.

Today, I am grateful -

for sunshine, again. We have to enjoy it while it lasts
for warm jumpers and fluffy socks - it might be sunny, but it's very cold
for porridge for breakfast and hm soup for tea
for the children's help with cleaning up the garden after the winter
for the sound of laughing kids - the wee lass next door giggles away all day, she's only 4 and very cute.
that everything seems to be going well with crescent's kids, I hope DH adjusts to the break.
for the new life that this time of year brings to the world all around me

Peace be with you all, today and always.

crescentmoon Thu 04-Apr-13 18:02:29

hello tuffie!, i laughed at your description of your cat and the birds around, i hope she can stay with you for a long while yet. im having a fab time without the dc, DH and i feel like we are on holiday not them lol. most years since weve been married we've tried to go away on a short break just the two of us without the dc who we would always leave with relatives. but this year we are not planning on going anywhere to save for a trip next year so this time with the dc at my parents has been really nice! i miss them though, im phoning them often to remind them to behave and mind their grandma and grandad!


1. i have the luxury of not worrying about dc and their routines,
2. DH is reconciling to the fact of not seeing ds1, dd and ds2 for another 9 days! (he likes to play and talk with them but wasnt much help- being out early home late- with their daily routine which i needed to get a breather from!),
3. im feeling more re-energised
4. my big gratitude today? after years of not wearing nail polish because it would nullify my ablutions iv just discovered this...

and now im going to buy as many colours as i can lol!

stressedHEmum Sat 06-Apr-13 10:53:18

I didn't realise that Muslim women couldn't wear nail polish, crescent. That new stuff will put a smile on your face grin I don't do my nails but DD loves bright coloured polish and it's a nice, inexpensive treat.

Today I am grateful -

for sunshine
for the bin men who take away all my rubbish - my recycle bin was full to overflowing
for DS2, who went for some shopping for me yesterday and paid for it!
for my kindle
for warmth, shelter, food and clean water
for the freedom and security that comes from living in this country - am praying for the poor people in North Korea and places like Syria every day
for the gift of faith and the ability to cope that it brings me

crescentmoon Sat 06-Apr-13 21:43:58

evening stressed! as for nail polish, it will seem OTT to a Christian - but the main religious objection is because of ablution (the ritual wash before each of the 5 daily prayers) not modesty. alot of muslim women - BUT certainly not all! - didnt/dont wear nail polish because its waterproof so nails and hands cant be properly washed during the ablution therefore the ritual prayer is not considered valid either. also any substance that sits on the nail as this prevents water from passing through and cleaning it so fake nails, nail stickers, manicures etc are out too. its the same reason why nail polish isnt allowed to be worn in many dental and medical centres, because the nails cant be cleaned properly and infection control. but with muslims we can wear it if we can bother to take it off when its time to pray. and i couldnt so i left it.
id been hoping for something like this and im so glad for the whole natural products/vegetarian makeuppy type movement because it was made for that market! the inventor actually made it as a 'breathable' nail polish and suddenly found lots of muslim women flocked to it because its permeable lol-so water can permeate through and 'cleanse' the nail and fulfill the 'wudhu' requirement. iv found they sell it in Westfield in London so im going there soon. very true that its a nice inexpensive treat.

gratitudes today:

my lovely DH,
house to myself as hes on nights all week,
gregg's cheese and onion pasties - so delicious!
a lovely stress free afternoon
dc are still behaving well at my parents!

Salbertina Sun 07-Apr-13 05:32:23

Tuffie, your deaf cat made me laugh!
Stressed, hope the sun shines for you today and Crescent, glad you're enjoying your time "off" and dc behaving...

Today am grateful for unexpected opportunity for good quality time with dh
Our lovely sunny babysitter who made above possible
Our lovely new house

crescentmoon Sun 07-Apr-13 14:02:28

Dear salbertina I so happy your pleased with your new home. (Does this mean your internet connection is up and running?) And that uv found a good babysitter so quickly! I hope your new neighbours and new community are as good as your old one and that your children are enjoying the new changes also.

Gratitudes today:

1. Had my fate been to be born in Syria would I have had the courage to go out and fight for those rights I take for granted living in the UK now?im grateful that I haven't been tested in that way.
2. I'm grateful that my family are close and that we love each other.
3. I read something today that absolved someone whose death I had been really conflicted about.
4. I'm grateful I live somewhere where I don't have to make choices about paying bribes, or using wasta (connections), dont have hard poverty around me, don't have to decide whether to buy medicine for a sick child or food for the rest, make a decision about whether to buy water purification tablets or malaria nets- I think of all the things I take for granted and I remember I have to be grateful v been saved from having to make such decisions.
5. I'm grateful that I woke up this morning in good health- iv been feeling nauseous most mornings recently. For the strength in my limbs and my body and my back.

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