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Daily Gratitudes

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crescentmoon Wed 19-Sep-12 21:51:54

i was listening to Nina Simone's "Ain't Got No..." here or better one and i got to thinking about gratitude. apparently regular grateful thinking can increase happiness by as much as 25 percent just by wanting what one actually has. so i hope maybe that we can regularly write about the things that go well for us each day, no matter how little they are. from any faith and no faith too.

il start by saying over the past few days im grateful that...

1. its the middle of september and ds1 hasnt had to use his blue inhaler once
2. id worried that dd wouldnt like her new school but shes settled in very quickly
3. the sun shone brightly so i went exploring around my local high street
4. i have learnt how to make chai tea for myself now
5. the house is cosy and warm

stressedHEmum Thu 31-Jan-13 11:29:37

Haven't been on for a couple of days - I think Monday's adventure was just a bit much for me sad

I have much to be grateful for

that the old chap I helped on Monday is in hospital being looked after. They still don't know what happened to him but at least he is in the best place for the moment.
that DH had a day off yesterday so I was able to spend almost the whole day in bed because I felt really grim
hot porridge for breakfast
another day at home to try and rest a bit
a Sunday School outing to the bowling for the DCs this evening - it should cheer them up a bit after a difficult week

crescentmoon Thu 31-Jan-13 19:15:51

daily gratitudes:

1. i found i can rely always rely on db to look after ds2
2. had a lovely morning
3. didnt panic when friends dropped by this afternoon as i had nice biscuits in the house!
4. ditto nice tea.
5. DH on his way home as its a quiet night at work

crescentmoon Thu 31-Jan-13 19:16:52

(hope the rest of your week goes better dear stressed)

stressedHEmum Fri 01-Feb-13 12:08:02

Today I am grateful -

for DS4 - he is 10 today
for sunshine after all the rain
for Asda pizzas - another predictable birthday tea
for my Dh, who brought me some more fruit tea home last night. I had run out without realising and was a bit fed up about it.

I'm glad things are going well, crescent. I panic every time someone comes to the door because the place is such a mess. I am grateful that my friends understand how hard it is for me.

Thank you. I feel a wee bit better this morning, so hopefully things will improve over the weekend. I think that Monday just took too much out of me, I've been in bed because of pain and fatigue for most of the week since then. Not much good when you have a family to look after.

townbuiltonahill Fri 01-Feb-13 13:11:32

What a spirit - lifting thread!

A few days ago I thought of starting a 'someone was nice to me today' thread.

But I've mislaid my Round Tuit.


crescentmoon Fri 01-Feb-13 14:36:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

stressedHEmum Sat 02-Feb-13 13:26:44

No news is good news, indeed, crescent. I hope that you here something positive soon. I like the aort of wintery fruit teas - the ones with cinnamon or ginger in them and citrusy flavours rather than the berry sort. Although, I do like Apple and Blueberry and the Pomegranate one a lot. One of the nicest was a Twinings one with cherries and cinnamon, but it was a limited edition.

Your mum is so organised, I wish that I was a bit more like that.

Today I am grateful -

for 14hrs sleep last night blush. I might be able to get through the day today.
that yesterday passed off with no tears, fighting or other miserable events to spoil DS4's birthday
for sunshine a a bit of a breeze to try to dry some washing

crescentmoon Sat 02-Feb-13 13:43:50

hello stressed, really hope your well! so glad you got some sleep and that the birthday tea went well.

daily gratitudes -

1. God answered my prayers,
2. DH got the kids ready from start to finish and took them out for the day - normally if i want a break i have to leave the house bodily myself!
3. my cousin's baby is soo adorable and cute
4. the day is lovely and bright and shining

stressedHEmum Mon 04-Feb-13 08:39:08

Today I am grateful -

for a dear, dear friend from church who is about to turn 90. We had a wee surprise tea after church yesterday with birthday cake and candles. It was very moving.

for warmth and shelter from the dreadful wind and gales that we have today

for Aldi's super six - the guinea pigs and I are sorted for fresh veg for the week

that God has brought us all safely through another night to meet the hew day.

crescentmoon Tue 05-Feb-13 11:21:18

Good morning all,

daily gratitudes today:

1. dc are well
2. i got great news smile
3. grateful for a chance to change my material condition
4. that the dc love each other and express that love to us as well.
5. that i at least have the food in the slow cooker no matter what it turns out later!

tuffie Tue 05-Feb-13 18:57:40

Good Evening everyone

Today I was grateful for:
The birds making me laugh before I went to work, squabbling over the bird bath,
My job which I am so lucky to have and enjoy,
My friends from church for a lovely uplifting evening last night,
My dh and dcs.
townbuilt - I hope you found your Round Tuit - I often lose mine too, but I am getting a bit better..
stressed - Hope you are feeling better.

crescentmoon Wed 06-Feb-13 08:13:54

(what is a round tuit? iv googled and still dont get it. is it some metaphysical thing?)

stressedHEmum Wed 06-Feb-13 10:08:17

crescent - it's a "round to it", like getting round to it. I seem to have permanently lost mine.

Thank you, every one, for all the good wishes and concern. I'm fine, just struggling a bit, just now. I seem to be having many more bad spells than good ones at the moment, but you just have to keep on going, don't you.

crescent, I'm so glad that you have had good news and that things seem to be taking a turn for the better. A bit of hope keeps us going when things look tough.

tuffie, I love the birds, the family refer to them as my pets. I think that they are fascinating and I can often be found having a quiet chuckle while watching them out the window. They are like a little ray of sunshine on a bleak day.

town, hope you get a chance to join us. It's really good to focus on the positive things in life. it helps get me through the day and to realise how blessed I actually am.

Today, I am grateful -

that I have heard from the lady who will lead our summer holiday club at the church. I have a preliminary meeting with her on Friday to talk about options. I'm really excited about this because I love to see youngsters about the church and I think that it is really important to try to build links with the community.
for sunshine after the appalling weather of the last few days
that the old chap from up thread has been allowed home from hospital
that the DC are still asleep - 2 of them were poorly yesterday, so sleep will hopefully sort them out a bit
for my soft, cuddly guinea pigs and my fish - I love to watch them swimming around.
for the simple pleasure of a toasted potato scone and butter for breakfast.

Salbertina Wed 06-Feb-13 19:36:08

Our health
Dc revelling being in the pool
Gorgeous birdsong ay dusk
That we don't live in a rusty, mud-floored shack next to a cesspit...just so many poor buggers who do sad

Namaste, everyone.

Salbertina Thu 07-Feb-13 06:12:08

Options in life, however stressful, good to have options which is more than many have.

Hello to everyone, lovely to catch up with the thread again. smile

crescentmoon Thu 07-Feb-13 13:58:33

Salbertina, salam, salam, im so glad your back and posting!

stressed - that is so funny i only got it when i said it OUT LOUD ha. i thought it was some latin thing lol - tuit? its hte way tuffie and town used it which made me think it was something unusual lol.

daily gratitudes,

1. lovely day with my little buddy ds2
2. house is warm and clean - by my own effort too!
3. my back and limbs are strong
4. dd had a few niggles at school but they'd sorted themselves out by this morning - they held hands and ran through layground together
5. delicious leftovers from yesterday so i can relax and not have to cook today

Salbertina Fri 08-Feb-13 08:47:30

My kids go to decent school and decent afterschool club with caring trained staff, outdoor space and loos
Dc love their dog
Sun and blue sky

Salbertina Fri 08-Feb-13 08:48:46

Crescent, Salam and namaste!

Sounds like you had a cosy day w dc yesterday smile

crescentmoon Sat 09-Feb-13 00:44:11

peace salbertina, stressed tuffie, poledra, and welcome to any other old and new posters/ readers.

Daily gratitudes:

1. finally finished my essay - havent had to write in continuous prose for a looong time!
2. grateful i had my slow cooker on to sort the evening meal out so i could get on with work
3. ds1 is really good at getting his younger siblings ready to leave - i rely on him to search for their hats, gloves, shoes etc!
4. beautiful happy children growing and changing
5. that i woke up in good health and finish the day with good health

JaneLane Sat 09-Feb-13 00:58:48

I'm a new poster. I think it is so important to be thankful - however awful a day has been there is always something good to be grateful about. I've been trying to do 5 things to be grateful about every day but always forget so hopefully this will help me not to!

1. My DH is a wonderful, wonderful husband and father and said he'd do the dinner/bath/bed routine this evening so I could slob on the sofa even though he'd been working today and it was my day off.
2. Am currently 8 months pregnant and the little one has been moving about to let me know it's okay
3. Got some fantastic news from my SiL - she is in her final year of uni and has just got a major piece of coursework back and is very pleased with her result.
4. Managed to make brownies without burning them smile
5. My DH's grandparents are going to come and stay for a couple of days next weekend which will be lovely.

Salbertina Sat 09-Feb-13 05:13:19

Jane, welcome and enjoy those brownies

1."Wisdom teaches me I know nothing, love teaches me I have everything. Between the two, my life flows."
Am grateful to Tara Brach for that one and for bringing me some current peace of mind at a turbulent time.
2. dc getting better after bug
3. For encouragement from my former employer which has given me a confidence boost


stressedHEmum Sat 09-Feb-13 16:52:19

Blessings to everyone. welcome, Jane, I hope that you find the thread helpful.

Today I am grateful

for a fab day doing BB training and all the lovely trainers who work so hard preparing all the material
for the lovely lunch while I was there and the fact that I didn't have to do any clearing up after
that I came home to a reasonably tidy house and all the children peacefully doing their own thing without any aggro (amazing with teens in the house)
that I made tonight's dinner last night, so I can have a rest now
that DS2 has been offered an interview with St. Andrew's university grin

crescentmoon Sat 09-Feb-13 17:02:26

congratulations to your boy stressed, that is your hard work just as much as his. mabruk! (congratulations) ST Andrews wow!

daily gratitudes

great morning on my own away from DH and dc,
came home to find them alive well,
lovely belgian bun with my tea today
DH has cooked dinner - just about to go and eat!

crescentmoon Sat 09-Feb-13 17:31:36

(Even an interview at top uni is amazing. Was he homeschooled as well?)

Welcome jane your DH sounds lovely and it's so good that you feel happy for your SIL's successes. Reminds me to call mine tomorrow thanks .

stressedHEmum Sat 09-Feb-13 18:49:06

Thank you, crescent. yes he was He'ed from when he was 11. his education since then has been almost completely self-directed. This past year he has been in college doing an Access course so that he has something to show universities, but it is so far below his actual working level that it's silly. What makes it even better for him is that he has AS and up until a couple of years ago, he couldn't even go to the corner shop on his own. His progress is unbelievable to me.

St. Andrews is his first choice (DS1 is in the 5th year of his MSci, there), but even if he doesn't get in, just getting an interview is an achievement.

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