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Cool Choirs, Clappy Choruses, Cringy Coffee: Religion Chat Thread No 5

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madhairday Sun 09-Sep-12 16:16:19

I thought seeing as our other thread has gone somewhere into the oblivion that is old MN pages, I would start us up again anew for a new term. This is a place for those who are Christians (and anyone who's not, we're not an exclusive little club) grin to chat about life, theology, church, any other stuff and of course Graham Kendrick, as nickel would not forgive me if I forgot to mention him grin

So all welcome, old and new, it would be fun to chat and chew over anything that comes to mind. Lurkers say hello!

Anyone got a nice juicy topic to get the ball rolling then? Or if not come say hi anyway and tell us how you are doing. smile

MadHairDay Tue 22-Jan-13 16:42:41

Maybe you should try it out Tuo, you might love it - no GK in sight, but possibly too much Redman grin - can totally understand though - a day conference of cathedral worship would not be my thing - although I'd love the silence and feel of it I think smile

Tuo Tue 22-Jan-13 16:49:34

Hmm... when is it?

I think I am more the other way inclined though. Remember I am the person who went to a 'Quiet Day' and didn't find it quiet enough!

I'm not actually in Harrogate, sadly, as it's lovely (far lovelier than where I actually am!) but I'm close enough to get there easily and kind of on your way there. But I do understand how full these days are. Some other time... or maybe I'll come and sing SJS a tad TOO loudly at the Clappy Choruses meetup... (I won't, I won't, I promise... I'm tone-deaf!). Let me know if you are 'oop north' again!

Bluetinkerbell Tue 22-Jan-13 17:25:32

Hmm mhd we love Mumford and sons! smile
Can't leave DD3 behind just yet, still BFing... Will have a think about it...

Bluetinkerbell Tue 22-Jan-13 17:29:53

Hmmm quite a drive though, so not very practical with a baby in someone else's car... sad
Why haven't they got one a bit closer to us?

MadHairDay Tue 22-Jan-13 17:39:19

I know it is a long way. They should have one in Telford grin

TUO it's 16th March. It will be noisy... smile

GingerCurl Tue 22-Jan-13 18:47:05

Haha, I received an email yesterday about Harrogate. A lady from church is arranging a bus to take a group from here.

MadHairDay Tue 22-Jan-13 20:02:16

Ah g'won ginger, you know you want to.... smile

GingerCurl Tue 22-Jan-13 20:32:38

Am considering it at the moment. If only to finally get to meet you! grin

I like the idea of a meetup. I missed the last one.

newlark Tue 22-Jan-13 20:47:03

Had to laugh this afternoon - dd came out of school singing "Shine Jesus Shine" - they had sung it in assembly this morning and she couldn't remember all the words so we sang it together as we walked along the road grin - takes me back to my youth...

Italiangreyhound Tue 22-Jan-13 23:37:49

Really don't like Shine Jesus Shine any more but did once learn how to sign it and that made it better!

I like it when we sing 'Open the eyes of my heart, Lord' with our eyes shut! Or when we sing ' I'm dancing now...' without moving!

This is one of my all time favourites just for the tune, and the words. It kind of makes you feel like you are in a muddy field at Greenbelt!

Sounds of Salvation - Happy Day (Tim Hughes) - ska worship Greenbelt 08 2008

Dutchoma Wed 23-Jan-13 09:30:15

Now isn't that funny? You can chase me out of church (literally) with that happy day.

MadHairDay Wed 23-Jan-13 10:19:05

oooh now liking the ska version! Reminds me of my days as a Fat and Frantic fan grin

One of these years we will get to Greenbelt. I used to go in my yoof. I can't do without electric hookup unfortunately and not sure that's possible at GB - I can scarf one at NW.

Ginger, would be great to meet you!

KayHarker Wed 23-Jan-13 10:38:45

It's pouring with snow and I'm huddled up next to the radiator. Ccccold!!!

thanksamillion Wed 23-Jan-13 10:57:12

Is it still snowing in the UK then? You've got more snow than us which is very unusual for this time of year, but we've got 30cm forecast for Friday so I'm not feeling too left out!

I've only been to Greenbelt once when we were at college in Gloucester. We just went for the day and went home to sleep <not hardcore enough>. It was good but we were a bit frustated that there seemed to be a lot of things you had to sign up for and since we were only there on the Saturday and Sunday daytime we'd missed the oportunity. Also I think I was pregnant with DS and we must have had DD1 with us although I have no recollection of that hmm

newlark Wed 23-Jan-13 11:50:29

Ooh - I'd forgotten about Fat and Frantic - I had a couple of their albums and saw them live at Greenbelt and in Cambridge once I think. I only went to Greenbelt twice as a teenager - in 1988 and 1990 I think. This is how I waste so much time on the internet - I can see that I'm going to be watching Fat and Frantic on you tube half the afternoon grin

MadHairDay Wed 23-Jan-13 14:21:44

I've also been Youtubing FaF, newlark! Had forgotten all about Brian and Uncle David! I feel I need to introduce my dc to this genius - dd will love 'Born to be a Brownie' grin

I was at GB those years, I reckon - def in 1988. Was that the year Cliff was there? And u2 were there one year iirc. <looks back into mists of time>

Italiangreyhound Thu 24-Jan-13 00:39:43

I was there the year Cliff went! It was their 10th anniversary, it was 84! But I might have been back later too, I went about twice in my teens, maybe only once in my twenties, twice in my thirties and so far once in my 40s.

Italiangreyhound Thu 24-Jan-13 00:54:28

"Last Night My Wife Hoovered My Head",

MadHairDay Thu 24-Jan-13 12:14:21

who could forget those loud suits

Loved them - I saw them live a few times and they were just so much fun - much better than a lot of the bigger bands I saw!

Hope everyone is ok today. More snow tonight, apparently. Looks like another weekend of snow fun for the dc.

GingerCurl Thu 24-Jan-13 12:58:13

This is an old favorite of mine that I've never been able to sing as, for some reason, I just well up whenever I hear it no matter how good or bad the version. hmm Maybe not to Oma's taste though smile

GingerCurl Fri 25-Jan-13 09:56:39


Didn't mean to kill the thread. sadblush

nickelbabe Fri 25-Jan-13 12:04:01


I've been keeping out of it - have read all the comments, but have no basis on which to comment grin

MY computer keeps randomly bleeping at me and I can't work out why. confused

KayHarker Fri 25-Jan-13 13:01:43

I'm just here for the biscuit grin

nickelbabe Fri 25-Jan-13 13:19:15


i thought it was going to say wine in the preview

MadHairDay Fri 25-Jan-13 15:32:36


Afternoon all and happy friday.

It's blardy freezing here

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