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Seeking spirituality but don't know where to start

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icepole Sun 26-Aug-12 16:13:14

I have felt that something is missing for the last 2 years since my father died. I don't want to go to church. I do want a spiritual element to my life however. I had wondered about meditation of some kind but really have no clue. Has anyone felt the same and found a way forward?

Japple Mon 27-Aug-12 04:49:19

...Well,you need to Research your Ancestors...Who were they? Where did they
Come from? What were Their Beliefs? Some where in Time...They made a
Special Spot for You. They Knew that You would Spring Up from Them, and one
day, go Searching for that Very Thing that will help to Complete you in This
Life. That's where you Start...Sometimes,to go Go Forward, you must look
into the Past.I am a Native-American Psychic.Spirituality is not something WE IS a Part of us. ("Jill").

laptopwieldingharpy Mon 27-Aug-12 05:26:29

Are you looking for practical ways on how to feel more centered or are you ready to look into other systems of belief?

Some forms of yoga really help to "regroup" before moving on to still meditation.
I love being alone and stilness but still cant do pure meditation unless with a physical activity. The mind can concentrate on the physical routine and free itself from other thoughts. Bybthe time the session end, you are absolutely ready for those 10-15mn of stilness.
Helps keep you in shape too.

Aloha31 Mon 27-Aug-12 06:03:09

Living Magically by Gill Edwards is a lovely book, would be a good start.

icepole Tue 28-Aug-12 02:36:33

Thank you I will get that book, sounds good!

I am not sure exactly what it is I am looking for, I think I need help though. I have tried to meditate at home but no clue what I am doing!

Interesting what you say about looking back. There was another thread on here about cells all being connected which was lovely. Do you mean just start to research my families spiritual beliefs?

nailak Tue 28-Aug-12 02:42:27

the best way to start is by sincerely asking the divine to guide you to what is right and keep you away from what is bad for you.

After that it is good to first realise what you are rejecting and know why, by that I mean the belief system you grew up in, however loosely.

monsterchild Tue 28-Aug-12 02:47:35

I second the yoga, it helps you learn how to get more into meditating. It also is incredibly peaceful (I find) and I really feel refreshed when I am done. I sleep better and am just more relaxed.

But try a numer of things, and see what resonates for you.

PilgrimFellowship Mon 18-Mar-13 00:42:41

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