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Christian Prayer Thread

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All welcome to join or post a prayer request. Thinking especially of Expat at this time.

This below list is just what I've summarised from reviewing the last months post, please add any requests I've missed or if I've made an error, please correct it:

Amberlight - Prayers for dh and Amber?s small business and that all will be resolved after Mr Stalker was caught on camera outside her house and arrested
Bluetinkerbell - lost her beloved Sterre during her second trimester. Now 23 weeks pregnant again, prayers for peace and for this lovely healthy baby girl
Dontsteponthemomeraths (A.K.A teaandcakeplease) - Prayers especially for her lovely man (LM) as the court case heads to High Court in September. That God would make a way, where there is no way, help him to afford the court fees and that he will finally have the closure; contact with his children and a maintenance agreement in place that is fair to him, his ex wife and to the children. For justice. It?s 6 years since divorce due to her infidelity and it is so hard for him. The children and ex wife live in another Country and the legal system there is very different and he barely sees his children due to her. Prayers that he has freedom from his past and doesn?t live in it anymore but breaks free and moves forward in all God has for him
Also for her DD who is struggling especially lately with not seeing her Dad as much as she?d like and wishing they lived all together and weren?t divorced sad
DutchOma - Prayers for Bob, his health, the support for DO and respite care to be put in place. To see more of DGCs in the coming weeks and for Zac to get more comfortable around Grandad and her DD to not be too reluctant to visit with the grandchildren
Expat - God to hold the whole family in his arms, as they deal with the tragic loss of their beautiful daughter Aillidh
FriendofDorothy - That completion on the house they are trying to buy, happens soon and that they get all work on the new house completed, before the baby is due in December
HaveALittleFaith - Prayers for her to loose weight and get an op date soon for a blockage in her urinary tract, so she can exercise and so she can be referred for IVF and for her relationship with God to strengthen, despite the struggles and disappointments she has suffered, that she would feel God?s presence and her H
For her friend and her H who?s baby was still born at the beginning of July.
Jan2011 - Prayers for her marriage, her H?s treatment of her to change and clarity and wisdom for Jan about the future. And for her voluntary job and the training
JugglingWithTangentialOranges - For a refreshing and inspiring break this weekend in the Lakes, prayers for her marriage, her H to talk to her with respect and DS to not mimic him and less arguing in the car too smile
Kaykat - For safety, protection and strength at this difficult time in her marriage and a way out and to find a church that is right for her
Lostmywellies - For the move next Weds, Prayers for her marriage and her H?s new behaviour to be sustainable and he stops minimising her feelings
Madhairday - For her lungs to hold out as she goes to New Wine and good weather. For her DD starting Senior school in Sept and for the support, help and understanding from the teachers with her Dyspraxia and Psoriasis she needs
MaryBS - To have favour and peace this school holiday, and that she finds lots to do without money to keep both her children entertained and without people judging DS?s behaviour. Also for her DD who was meant to be going away with the youth group and has been let down
NCIS - Prayers as she starts the open university student paramedic course
PatsyPlusOne - Her friend who has lost her 11 year old son to cancer and the 8 year old brother left behind missing him
PositiveAttitude - Prayers as they follow God?s call that they settle and are happy in this new Country and become immune to the mosquitoes wink, also especially for DS and DD4 to adjust and back at home for DD1, DD2 And DD3, especially DD1 who is really struggling with being "mum & dad-less? And for PA?s Dad who is an Atheist and has started going to church with her Mum, who has Alzheimer?s lately
Redwhiteandblueeyedsusan - Prayers for her as she copes as a lone parent and for her DS and the long road to assessment for Autism. For her DD who has been removed from the sen register despite her needing help for a lifelong condition. DD?s IEP was reviewed without parental involvement, contrary to the sen code of practice, that God will be with BES as she gets official with the school and that her DD would get the help and support she needs and that the head teacher takes BES?s concerns seriously and stops fobbing her off
SESthebrave - For the daughter of a friend from church, who had been sectioned and is now back home with her 2 DS?s and really struggling with depression and her mum who is travelling long distances to support her and the children at this difficult time.
For SES?s friend who had an Ovarian cyst removed which was malignant and has now had to have a hysterectomy, for her husband and her to feel peace at this difficult time
TribbleWithoutACause - DH?s one and only set of car keys turn up
TUO - to find ways of working more efficiently, so she can sleep more but still get lots done, that God would lift her from the stress and tiredness and that she gets everything done before her holiday
Weegie - Thank God that treatment is bringing some relief to her condition Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy. Ongoing prayers for more improvement and adjusting to a new way of life for both weegie and her DH. DD has Perthe's syndrome , where the hip joint dies then regrows. Thank God for an improvement in her condition and further improvements so no op is needed.

jan2013 Thu 18-Oct-12 07:18:47

reading through thank you for support and also thinking of you all and holding you in heart one day we will seeHis face what a glorious day that will be

Tuo Wed 17-Oct-12 22:16:50

Just a couple of missing letters! I just always notice my own mistakes... I wouldn't comment on anyone else's.

Whatever it is, I think it's minor Tuo grin

I've looked and I cannot see anything glaringly obvious, it's probably a comma or similar I take it? Those are lost on me tbh, I never use them enough, or miss them out or use the semi colon incorrectly blush

Tuo Wed 17-Oct-12 21:52:55

smile No, Momey... In my OP. You can play 'spot the typo'!

(I sympathise with the copying over from Word thing... I write a blog for work, and that can't cope with anything written in Word and copied... I get random characters, font changes and goodness knows what else.)

Do you mean the question marks? They were definitely apostrophe's in microsoft word but when I pasted it across and then posted the message, they all appeared.

Tuo Wed 17-Oct-12 19:51:26

And I've just noticed a typo in the OP, right at the top, which is now going to annoy me every time I log onto it! Gah!

Tuo Wed 17-Oct-12 19:50:34

Especially for DO and for anyone else struggling with the size of this thread, I've started a new one here.

See you over there smile.

PositiveAttitude Wed 17-Oct-12 03:07:44

Good morning everyone.

I have had a quick read through, but have not got the energy to do loads of personals, sorry!

DO Glad you have found people who understand you and will be a support to you and Bob.

MHD prayers for strength and health for you.

KayKat & Jan Prayer for both of you in your situations.

faith Prayers for your pregnancy and for the work situation. It is all in God's hands.

Prayers for everyone else, too.

I am feeling a lot better thank you. Ds is fully recovered now. DD1 was finally persuaded to go to the Dr yesterday and has been diagnosed with depression and a mild bipolar, maybe. I am pleased that she has been to the dr and I hope and pray that she can now start getting back on track with her life, Please continue to pray for her. She says she feels that people will think she is crazy and she feels a real failure for having depression. sad She is living with my sister for a while, so I am more relaxed that she is being cared for.

Tuo Wed 17-Oct-12 00:21:25

Hello all. Still suffering a bit with my mouth/tooth, but getting better slowly. Hooray!

Praying for all, but especially for:
MHD - for better health;
BoB - for more of an appetite;
Oma - for lots of support;
Kaykat - for the strength to hold firm in the face of your H's unreasonableness (for he is being very very unreasonable);
Faith - for your scan, and for the job interview, and for confidence to make the right decision about moving (or not) to another ward;
Jan - for easier relations with your H, and for your dd to feel better soon;
BES - for better communication with school;
PA - for continued recovery for you and DS, and for your DD to feel happier;
... and for Mary, amber, SES, FoD, Momey, Blue and anyone else I've forgotten, and for lurkers on this thread who may not want to, or feel able to, post, but whose prayers are known to God.

Praying also today for the family and friends of a young man who died in tragic circumstances a year ago, and remembering all those who have lost loved ones, whether they were young or old.

HaveALittleFaith Tue 16-Oct-12 20:15:15

I have been made to trialled most of the supplements we offer and yes, most of them aren't great. I imagine most are tried and tested. All you can do is offer stuff and see how he goes. I had the same conversation with our dietitian at work yesterday! The patient's wife was a bit despairing!

DutchOma Tue 16-Oct-12 20:08:39

Faith the tips on adding calorific value are a bit of a 'been there, done that, got the T-shirt' issue. Bob is just not interested in any of the food supplements, I still have to find one I can stand the smell of (let alone Bob, who has a small appetite at the best of times). The value of the day was very much that they understood that and sang from the same hymn sheet. 'You do what you can, but there are limits'. I got the impression that most other people had loved ones with cancer and were coping with the aftermath of chemo treatment etc. But it was helpful that the staff there knew Bob and knew precisely where I was coming from and what my challenges were.
One of the advantages was that they will take the surplus food supplements off our hands and use them as teaching aids. We asked for 'a few samples' and were given 24 (twenty four) pots, 17 of which are unused.

HaveALittleFaith Tue 16-Oct-12 17:42:49

Yes it's NHS. My sister said the same. It's all a bit suss because its an 'informal interview' because it was expressions of interest not formally advertised. Honestly now I'm not sure I want it. I've even prepared my 'oh well, thanks for letting me know' response to being told I'm unsuccessful smile

Kaykat Tue 16-Oct-12 17:29:55

Faith, is this in the UK and is it the nhs? Check which pay periods will be used to calculate your maternity pay, the promotion may increase your maternity pay even if it finishes before the maternity leave starts. However even if this is the case they would not be allowed to let that influence their decision about the promotion. Your performance at the interview would be properly scored and an HR person would be present to ensure it is all done properly. Am I too trusting? That is how it should work anyway.

MHD thanks and hope you feel better soon.

BES that sounds stressful, sometimes the schools don't think these things through.

Oma glad you got some support.

HaveALittleFaith Tue 16-Oct-12 17:11:43

I'm glad you have that support DO. Did they give you tips on making food as calorific a possible - like adding double cream to soup, build up soups and drinks? The milk shakes smell gorgeous smile

DutchOma Tue 16-Oct-12 16:37:27

Thanks for asking MHD. I went to a Carers' Day at the hospice today and it is really nice to have some support and not to feel so totally alone with the problem. Bob is not particularly interested in eating, or in gaining weight. I struggle somewhat with the whole concept of him getting worse at the best of times (if that makes any sense), but they were really brilliant, let me use half a box of their tissues and brought me cup after cup of icecold water.
Glad to hear that you are feeling more secure in your faith, but I'm really hoping that your health improves too.

HaveALittleFaith Tue 16-Oct-12 13:07:15

Sorry you're still feeling tired and fed up mhd. Praying for a breakthrough with your health!

I emailed boss and he replied saying its ok to wait til after the interview to make the decision. I don't think I'll get it but I'll see what happens.

madhairday Tue 16-Oct-12 12:47:59

Oh Kaykat, what an awful thing for him to say to you. Of course it can be expected to be meant and stuck to sad I feel so sad for you. Praying, and for Jan too.

PA, how are you feeling now?

BES, praying now re the teacher situation.

Faith, that does sound a bit odd re work, no wonder you feel a bit uncomfortable. Praying it all works through for the best and praying for your scan (is it tomorrow?)

DO, how are things?

Amber, thanking God for these opportunities to train people in churches about autism smile

How's Mary?

I'm tired and bored of being tired. Am however feeling God's presence today in a way I haven't in a while - been really quite down lately.

redwhiteandblueeyedsusan Tue 16-Oct-12 12:07:55


I am trying to make a decision about school. how best to approach the teacher about something and when to approach. I posted on another forum and the whether to appoach in the question seems to have been answered in my head... but how...

oh and the plimsol is still missing but we have swapped them ound so she now has a set for pe and does not have to miss that. we need to find the spare one that doubles up as spare shoes. i know it is only a plimsol but it upset me that she missed pe with no warning that this was likely to is another case of lack of communication and sanctions being imposed without waning and opportunity to make informed decisions. dd loved reading books on the bench though! hmm <eyeroll>

HaveALittleFaith Tue 16-Oct-12 10:49:12

I have talked to DH and emailed asking about Christmas (if I'm not careful I could get stuck doing rubbish shifts!) and that since I heard after our conversation that my interview is tomorrow, could I tell him after the outcome of that interview. I'll wait to see what he says.

HaveALittleFaith Tue 16-Oct-12 10:01:50

I wouldn't go onto mat leave on a higher salary anyway because the secondment would end before I went on mat leave. However it still all seems a bit odd and the timing is strange. It makes me very uncomfortable.

DutchOma Tue 16-Oct-12 09:48:38

They've found out you are pregnant and don't want you to go on maternity leave on the higher salary which you would get after promotion, so they move you sideways. Quickly, before you find out what they are doing.
If you are going to be happier on the other ward, do it. If you really want the promotion, wait till after the interview. If they ask for your decision today, you say you can't make that on the spur of the moment, but need till next week to make up your mind. They are not allowed to bully you.

HaveALittleFaith Tue 16-Oct-12 08:41:18

kay it all seems very odd to me. They've known I was coming back to the one ward for 8 weeks. Why ask me on my first shift back to move? Why ask me to make that decision the day before the interview for the promotion on the ward I'm already on?! I think I'd be happier on the other ward to be honest. It's all very confusing confused

PositiveAttitude Tue 16-Oct-12 03:07:31

Prayers for you all from me.

Kaykat Mon 15-Oct-12 23:13:53

Hi Faith, praying for the scan, that all is ok.
Did the matron say why she suggested that? Do you want to move wards? You could still apply for the job even if you were on a different ward couldn't you?
Gossips at work, so annoying but they just can't seem to stop themselves.

HaveALittleFaith Mon 15-Oct-12 22:30:32

Oh sorry and reading and praying as I go along! smile

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