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Christian Prayer Thread

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All welcome to join or post a prayer request. Thinking especially of Expat at this time.

This below list is just what I've summarised from reviewing the last months post, please add any requests I've missed or if I've made an error, please correct it:

Amberlight - Prayers for dh and Amber?s small business and that all will be resolved after Mr Stalker was caught on camera outside her house and arrested
Bluetinkerbell - lost her beloved Sterre during her second trimester. Now 23 weeks pregnant again, prayers for peace and for this lovely healthy baby girl
Dontsteponthemomeraths (A.K.A teaandcakeplease) - Prayers especially for her lovely man (LM) as the court case heads to High Court in September. That God would make a way, where there is no way, help him to afford the court fees and that he will finally have the closure; contact with his children and a maintenance agreement in place that is fair to him, his ex wife and to the children. For justice. It?s 6 years since divorce due to her infidelity and it is so hard for him. The children and ex wife live in another Country and the legal system there is very different and he barely sees his children due to her. Prayers that he has freedom from his past and doesn?t live in it anymore but breaks free and moves forward in all God has for him
Also for her DD who is struggling especially lately with not seeing her Dad as much as she?d like and wishing they lived all together and weren?t divorced sad
DutchOma - Prayers for Bob, his health, the support for DO and respite care to be put in place. To see more of DGCs in the coming weeks and for Zac to get more comfortable around Grandad and her DD to not be too reluctant to visit with the grandchildren
Expat - God to hold the whole family in his arms, as they deal with the tragic loss of their beautiful daughter Aillidh
FriendofDorothy - That completion on the house they are trying to buy, happens soon and that they get all work on the new house completed, before the baby is due in December
HaveALittleFaith - Prayers for her to loose weight and get an op date soon for a blockage in her urinary tract, so she can exercise and so she can be referred for IVF and for her relationship with God to strengthen, despite the struggles and disappointments she has suffered, that she would feel God?s presence and her H
For her friend and her H who?s baby was still born at the beginning of July.
Jan2011 - Prayers for her marriage, her H?s treatment of her to change and clarity and wisdom for Jan about the future. And for her voluntary job and the training
JugglingWithTangentialOranges - For a refreshing and inspiring break this weekend in the Lakes, prayers for her marriage, her H to talk to her with respect and DS to not mimic him and less arguing in the car too smile
Kaykat - For safety, protection and strength at this difficult time in her marriage and a way out and to find a church that is right for her
Lostmywellies - For the move next Weds, Prayers for her marriage and her H?s new behaviour to be sustainable and he stops minimising her feelings
Madhairday - For her lungs to hold out as she goes to New Wine and good weather. For her DD starting Senior school in Sept and for the support, help and understanding from the teachers with her Dyspraxia and Psoriasis she needs
MaryBS - To have favour and peace this school holiday, and that she finds lots to do without money to keep both her children entertained and without people judging DS?s behaviour. Also for her DD who was meant to be going away with the youth group and has been let down
NCIS - Prayers as she starts the open university student paramedic course
PatsyPlusOne - Her friend who has lost her 11 year old son to cancer and the 8 year old brother left behind missing him
PositiveAttitude - Prayers as they follow God?s call that they settle and are happy in this new Country and become immune to the mosquitoes wink, also especially for DS and DD4 to adjust and back at home for DD1, DD2 And DD3, especially DD1 who is really struggling with being "mum & dad-less? And for PA?s Dad who is an Atheist and has started going to church with her Mum, who has Alzheimer?s lately
Redwhiteandblueeyedsusan - Prayers for her as she copes as a lone parent and for her DS and the long road to assessment for Autism. For her DD who has been removed from the sen register despite her needing help for a lifelong condition. DD?s IEP was reviewed without parental involvement, contrary to the sen code of practice, that God will be with BES as she gets official with the school and that her DD would get the help and support she needs and that the head teacher takes BES?s concerns seriously and stops fobbing her off
SESthebrave - For the daughter of a friend from church, who had been sectioned and is now back home with her 2 DS?s and really struggling with depression and her mum who is travelling long distances to support her and the children at this difficult time.
For SES?s friend who had an Ovarian cyst removed which was malignant and has now had to have a hysterectomy, for her husband and her to feel peace at this difficult time
TribbleWithoutACause - DH?s one and only set of car keys turn up
TUO - to find ways of working more efficiently, so she can sleep more but still get lots done, that God would lift her from the stress and tiredness and that she gets everything done before her holiday
Weegie - Thank God that treatment is bringing some relief to her condition Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy. Ongoing prayers for more improvement and adjusting to a new way of life for both weegie and her DH. DD has Perthe's syndrome , where the hip joint dies then regrows. Thank God for an improvement in her condition and further improvements so no op is needed.

Praying for you BES.

That's great MHD smile

Can you pray for my DD and DS? They're away in Scotland with daddy, OW and FIL and MIL. Pray they do not miss me too much, have a nice time and have peace. This is a big thing, they've never gone away without me before and for 4 days. Their Dad bless him, doesn't know them as well as I do. Although perhaps after this he will, it's great bonding time, if he can manage to not shout at them hmm Just pray for protection for them. I am sitting here feeling most odd, like I am missing a limb.

redwhiteandblueeyedsusan Sat 04-Aug-12 14:21:46

oh mome. you will need prayer too. they may be all out of sorts when they get home and you will need extra patience to get them settled.

HaveALittleFaith Sat 04-Aug-12 21:58:16

Hello all. I seemed to drop off the last thread and then went on holiday! I am back now. Started counting down the days til op date (48!). I'll have a browse through and catch up smile

HaveALittleFaith Sat 04-Aug-12 22:06:05

Wow a lot's happened in the last few days! My condolances bes, I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm praying as I read and will continue to.

cupofteaplease Sat 04-Aug-12 22:12:10

I am allowed to just pop my head around the corner of this thread?

I know you wonderful ladies have prayed for my darling girl Beatrice before now. I just wondered if you would have the time to offer up some prayers of thanksgiving? Beatrice is doing so well, and I can't express my gratitude that this is the case. As I plan her first birthday party in 6 weeks, knowing that she 'shouldn't' be here, I want to thank God that he has given us, and allowed us to keep, such a precious gift. I feel that living with Beatrice is like living with a miracle.

If you have some spare prayers of thanks, please can you mention Beatrice by name? Thank you smile

Bluetinkerbell Sat 04-Aug-12 22:43:58

Oh my goodness cup is she almost one? I can't believe it! Will definitely pray for your special girl!

PositiveAttitude Sun 05-Aug-12 02:48:35

MHD really happy for you to have had such an amazing week. I can see your face like this --- grin shining brightly from here!

DO I am pleased Bob is settled for a while. It must be such a relief for you to have this support now.

Cup a year!!!!! shock I often think and pray about Beatrice. I know God has been hearing her name a lot and loves to hear it, too. Have a fantastic party and I will continue to bring all your family before God in prayer. You have a very special family.

Mome prayers for you, DD and DS for the 4 days. Are you going to treat yourself?

BES - prayers for you over the coming days and weeks.

Prayers for everyone else that i have not mentioned in person. I often recall you and pray in the night for you.

Still lots of ups and downs here. No surprises thatits like that, but tough all the same. Life is so different. When I am feeling "down" its as if everything is an effort and takes a million times more than it did at home. When I am feeling "up" its all exciting. hmm BAck to the church we visited last week today. Prayers still appreciated as we settle here.

DutchOma Sun 05-Aug-12 06:33:19

Been thinking and praying for you Cup. You are quite right to come on the prayer thread to say thank you to God for your darling Beatrice and also for your other girls.

madhairday Sun 05-Aug-12 14:02:42

Cup of course we will join you in your prayers of thanksgiving for your lovely Beatrice smile Can't believe she is nearly one either!!

PA continuing to pray - praying that you'll feel more settled with church, that you will notice God working in all the small ways that make it obvious he is walking with you.

DO praying a lot for you.

Blue how are you feeling now? We're around this week and planning the town park one day if you're around at all?

Still walking on air here, though went to church and it felt a bit flat, but I think even the most amazing church would after that week grin About to watch the tennis now - wasn't it amazing last night with the three golds!

jan2011 Sun 05-Aug-12 17:56:30

im sorry i am not able to support people right now but i really need prayer today things came to a head at home, ive moved down to mums with the baby and told dh it is over - i am completely overwhelmed
worried about babys sleep here, worried about finding a house as can't stay here, worried about finances.

DutchOma Sun 05-Aug-12 18:04:16

We will join together in prayer for you. Don't worry too much, things will get sorted, the Lord has not left you in the lurch.

madhairday Sun 05-Aug-12 19:15:45

Oh Jan

Praying very much. God is walking with you and holding you. Keep taking steps and hang in there. Praying particularly that you will know peace from worry. I love the way The Message puts Philippians 4:

6-7Don't fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God's wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It's wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life.

Praying that your worries will be 'shaped into prayers' and that you will have that sense of God's wholeness and that all will come together for good. God bless you and keep you.

amberlight Sun 05-Aug-12 19:55:48

Jan, can women's aid give you some ideas about local housing schemes and benefits etc? Much prayer. And for everyone else too.

jan2011 Sun 05-Aug-12 20:53:34

thank you so much - God has given me peace praise his lovely name - i just need direction as there are so many things that need sorting that are so scary for me when i have never dealt with any of them

Amber i am on the waiting list for housing but they said it can take over a year so i have to go myself to get private rent and i am clueless, i will ring WA tomorrow to see if they can help me

at the minute mum has baby downstairs as she won't go to sleep. she is unsettled in these new surroundings, she has white noise on - please pray she sleeps. thanks so much for prayer i really appreciate it. i had to turn phone off as dh been crying down it begging me not to leave asking me why ive done this to him and i feel totally terrible, i feel awful like the worst person.

No you're not. He will beg and cry and when you are back within weeks he will begin verbally abusing you again and treating you badly. Stay strong, your DD will have a better mummy when you're at peace and happy and not feeling rotten due to your H all the time x

Tuo Sun 05-Aug-12 23:51:24

Back from my jollies and had a wonderful time, but back to earth with a bump now - lots of catching up at work this week and no childcare, so could be interesting, to say the least! Went swimming this afternoon and now have got slight earache/dizziness, so hoping it's not going to turn into anything nasty.

Praying for all, but especially...
... jan - for practical help to be given to help sort out the housing situation; for dd to sleep; and for peace in knowing that you've done the right thing.
... PA - for settling-in to go smoothly, and for peace and happiness for your family, both those with you and those still here in the UK.
... Oma and Bob - for good care and better health for Bob and for some rest and recuperation for Oma.
... cupofteaplease - prayers for Beatrice as she approaches her first birthday; what an amazing thing!
... MHD - great to read you sounding so happy.
... momeraths - prayers for your children to have a good time with their dad and grandparents, for you not to worry too much about them, and for you to find ways to enjoy having some time to yourself.
... BES - thinking of you and your family a lot; I hope that the practicalities are not too onerous for you all.
... Faith - prayers for your forthcoming op.

So proud of dd2 this morning. There was a bit of an 'acolyte-crisis' and she was hastily 'promoted' from boat-bearer to acolyte two minutes before the service, with c. 1 minute's instruction. She kept her nerve, didn't set fire to her hair, the cathedral or any members of the congregation or clergy with her candle, and washed the Dean's hands without drowning him (which - judging by the state of the bathroom floor after she's been in there - was quite an achievement!). So well done to her!

Off to bed now. Please pray that my earache/dizziness has gone by the morning, as I have too much to do to be ill!

DutchOma Mon 06-Aug-12 07:23:21

TUO the earache and dizziness is most likely stress and will have gone this morning. If not, don't push it, have a day's rest which will probably save you a week's dizziness and worry.
I had a day all by myself yesterday and spoke (actually spoke) to nobody. Couple of chats on FB, couple of text messages, but not even the telephone went, the neighbours both side were away and I didn't speak to anyone. Weird.
But: I cleaned the outside toilet which was very dirty, now quite clean, quite satisfactory, I had two naps, started a jumper for dd and (drum roll) slept till twenty to seven this morning.
Hope to see dd for lunch and then we will go and visit Bob.

MaryBS Mon 06-Aug-12 09:02:06

LOL TUO, love your description of DD as acolyte grin

Am not very happy here. Not coping. Would welcome prayers please.

SESthebrave Mon 06-Aug-12 09:03:08

DO - great you had such a great sleep smile Also great that DD is going with you today. Praying that the visit goes well and Bob is seeing benefits

TUO - prayers that you feel better today and sounds like a wonderful time away!

MHD - you sound so uplifted. Prayers of thanks and for positive things to continue

Jan - prayers and hugs.

PA - prayers for you in the ups and downs of settling in. Praying that there will be more ups than downs

Cup - prayers for you, B and the whole family. B's birthday will be a good celebration I'm sure

Mome - hope the 4 days has gone well and you've had some valuable time for you

BES - continuing to pray for you and your family

Faith - prayers for you in the lead up to your op

Praying for others lurking too.

All good here although haven't made it to church for a couple of weeks blush Prayers please for me to get there next Sunday. The following Sunday (19th) is DD's baptism smile

Oh and if any of you live in easy reach of NE Surrey, I'm doing a Macmillan coffee morning in September. Let me know if you're interested in coming!

SESthebrave Mon 06-Aug-12 09:04:14

Oh Mary - prayers aplenty. Anything specific or things in general a bit much?

MaryBS Mon 06-Aug-12 09:13:52

Lots of different things really. Some of which are causing me some worry (including church)


SES kids aren't back until Weds. Missing them a lot and worrying

DutchOma Mon 06-Aug-12 09:45:09

Dd is not coming now. She went to Norwich for the weekend, but had a cold brewing for four days which has now properly broken out. So, no visit to Dad, no being with Mum.
I have texted her to say that I am sorry she is ill but that I can't help feeling a bit let down.

redwhiteandblueeyedsusan Mon 06-Aug-12 09:54:38

sad Oma
sad mary

jan how are you doing. hang on in there.

i feel sick. (unrationally) all I have done is open the cupboard and get out a couple of folders to take with me so I can go and sort out paperwoirk with mum. I don't rate my chances of managing to fill in the forms and sort out the tax. the reason I have a whole heap of post on the floor at the bottom of the stairs is my aversion to paperwork... now is the time to get it sorted.

please pray as I go back to mums to collect death certificates/arrange funerals and generally have to face the reality that dad has gone and be a grown up coping with paper work.

Can you afford to pay someone to do the probate? Sometimes the cost outweighs the savings; just being able to not worry.

My only tip, as I am a paperwork queen, having worked in admin for years and financial services, is to take your time. Keep lists and spreadsheets and don't rush. It's never as bad, as you think it'll be. Praying for you x

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