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Christian Prayer Thread

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DontstepontheMomeRaths Fri 27-Jul-12 11:40:21

All welcome to join or post a prayer request. Thinking especially of Expat at this time.

This below list is just what I've summarised from reviewing the last months post, please add any requests I've missed or if I've made an error, please correct it:

Amberlight - Prayers for dh and Amber?s small business and that all will be resolved after Mr Stalker was caught on camera outside her house and arrested
Bluetinkerbell - lost her beloved Sterre during her second trimester. Now 23 weeks pregnant again, prayers for peace and for this lovely healthy baby girl
Dontsteponthemomeraths (A.K.A teaandcakeplease) - Prayers especially for her lovely man (LM) as the court case heads to High Court in September. That God would make a way, where there is no way, help him to afford the court fees and that he will finally have the closure; contact with his children and a maintenance agreement in place that is fair to him, his ex wife and to the children. For justice. It?s 6 years since divorce due to her infidelity and it is so hard for him. The children and ex wife live in another Country and the legal system there is very different and he barely sees his children due to her. Prayers that he has freedom from his past and doesn?t live in it anymore but breaks free and moves forward in all God has for him
Also for her DD who is struggling especially lately with not seeing her Dad as much as she?d like and wishing they lived all together and weren?t divorced sad
DutchOma - Prayers for Bob, his health, the support for DO and respite care to be put in place. To see more of DGCs in the coming weeks and for Zac to get more comfortable around Grandad and her DD to not be too reluctant to visit with the grandchildren
Expat - God to hold the whole family in his arms, as they deal with the tragic loss of their beautiful daughter Aillidh
FriendofDorothy - That completion on the house they are trying to buy, happens soon and that they get all work on the new house completed, before the baby is due in December
HaveALittleFaith - Prayers for her to loose weight and get an op date soon for a blockage in her urinary tract, so she can exercise and so she can be referred for IVF and for her relationship with God to strengthen, despite the struggles and disappointments she has suffered, that she would feel God?s presence and her H
For her friend and her H who?s baby was still born at the beginning of July.
Jan2011 - Prayers for her marriage, her H?s treatment of her to change and clarity and wisdom for Jan about the future. And for her voluntary job and the training
JugglingWithTangentialOranges - For a refreshing and inspiring break this weekend in the Lakes, prayers for her marriage, her H to talk to her with respect and DS to not mimic him and less arguing in the car too smile
Kaykat - For safety, protection and strength at this difficult time in her marriage and a way out and to find a church that is right for her
Lostmywellies - For the move next Weds, Prayers for her marriage and her H?s new behaviour to be sustainable and he stops minimising her feelings
Madhairday - For her lungs to hold out as she goes to New Wine and good weather. For her DD starting Senior school in Sept and for the support, help and understanding from the teachers with her Dyspraxia and Psoriasis she needs
MaryBS - To have favour and peace this school holiday, and that she finds lots to do without money to keep both her children entertained and without people judging DS?s behaviour. Also for her DD who was meant to be going away with the youth group and has been let down
NCIS - Prayers as she starts the open university student paramedic course
PatsyPlusOne - Her friend who has lost her 11 year old son to cancer and the 8 year old brother left behind missing him
PositiveAttitude - Prayers as they follow God?s call that they settle and are happy in this new Country and become immune to the mosquitoes wink, also especially for DS and DD4 to adjust and back at home for DD1, DD2 And DD3, especially DD1 who is really struggling with being "mum & dad-less? And for PA?s Dad who is an Atheist and has started going to church with her Mum, who has Alzheimer?s lately
Redwhiteandblueeyedsusan - Prayers for her as she copes as a lone parent and for her DS and the long road to assessment for Autism. For her DD who has been removed from the sen register despite her needing help for a lifelong condition. DD?s IEP was reviewed without parental involvement, contrary to the sen code of practice, that God will be with BES as she gets official with the school and that her DD would get the help and support she needs and that the head teacher takes BES?s concerns seriously and stops fobbing her off
SESthebrave - For the daughter of a friend from church, who had been sectioned and is now back home with her 2 DS?s and really struggling with depression and her mum who is travelling long distances to support her and the children at this difficult time.
For SES?s friend who had an Ovarian cyst removed which was malignant and has now had to have a hysterectomy, for her husband and her to feel peace at this difficult time
TribbleWithoutACause - DH?s one and only set of car keys turn up
TUO - to find ways of working more efficiently, so she can sleep more but still get lots done, that God would lift her from the stress and tiredness and that she gets everything done before her holiday
Weegie - Thank God that treatment is bringing some relief to her condition Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy. Ongoing prayers for more improvement and adjusting to a new way of life for both weegie and her DH. DD has Perthe's syndrome , where the hip joint dies then regrows. Thank God for an improvement in her condition and further improvements so no op is needed.

DontstepontheMomeRaths Fri 27-Jul-12 11:48:23

No idea why MN has changed all ' to a ?

I prepared it in Word first, if that has something to do with it? Never mind.

It's my DD's 5th birthday tomorrow, we have planned a Princesses picnic in the park, with 5 of her girlfriends from school, so I'm hoping it doesn't rain smile

madhairday Fri 27-Jul-12 12:07:59

Thanks so much momeraths, that is brilliant and so helpful to be able to read through prayerfully.

Packing for NW - v excited smile

amillionyears Fri 27-Jul-12 12:12:10

Can you add lazyhazyDaisy to your list please.
There have been about 3 threads concerning her,her mental health issues,and the mental health system in general.
Thank you.
And hope you and DD and friends have a lovely time tomorrow.

DontstepontheMomeRaths Fri 27-Jul-12 12:59:51

Kaykat's post on the old thread:

Feeling very very low the past couple of days.

H got back together with OW although she won't leave her husband but H seems happy to share her until she changes her mind! When I told him I wanted to separate he was surprised but is happy about it because it gives him more freedom to see OW. Still living together at the moment but he's not around much. Such a mess.

I keep getting weak moments wishing everything could be like it used to be. So sad for DS with such a dramatic change in his dad. Does anyone know how long after something like this you start feeling better? I have been feeling ill every day since I found out what was going on and that's well over a month.

I can't see a way through this or how I can have a happy future or how to deal with the threats re DS, he is not a young child, he is starting to get independent and has always admired and done whatever his dad says.

DutchOma Fri 27-Jul-12 13:10:32

Momeraths, that is wonderful, thank you so much. I know I have done it in the past and thought I should do it again, but just didn't have the energy. So bless you and happy birthday for tomorrow for dd. Hoping that it doesn't rain then or on MY birthday picnic on Sunday. Ds will bring an instant barbecue and I won't have to do any catering. Dd and all the grandchildren will be there.

DontstepontheMomeRaths Fri 27-Jul-12 13:24:01

Kaykat It does get easier with time, also with space, he needs to move out really, so you can have a safe place to grieve the loss of your marriage sad You also need boundaries at this painful time. He cannot carry on as he used to, if he's chosen the OW, his life with you is over and he needs to move out and have specific times for contact with DS. That will help you a lot.

It's actually taken me almost 3 years to reach a place of complete freedom from my ExH sad And to feel fully recovered and whole. The recovery process takes time, as you work through the loss, pain, hurt and despair and get to acceptance and hope for the future it's a long road.

It's an emotional roller coaster in the beginning. I needed counselling and anti depressants. I remember the sleepless nights, the inability to eat, the crazy midnight phone calls begging him to come back to me, loosing the plot with my kids because I was struggling so much sad There are no short cuts to recovery, you have to go through each stage, at your own pace. But it DOES get better I promise you. You will need good friends to talk to over and over, you will need a sound boarding to talk to, as you take the next steps. Your child's Grandparents, friends and Godparents will have an important role to play to, in providing comfort, support, boundaries and security at this time to them.

Take all the help you can get and be kind to yourself. There is hope, it does get better I promise. Please speak to your GP if you need to. Mine was great and speak to a solicitor as soon as possible. They offer a free session and you will discover where you stand and that his threats regarding contact with your child aren't true and won't stand up in court and that will bring you peace x

DontstepontheMomeRaths Fri 27-Jul-12 13:28:55

If you can afford it, some play therapy with a child psychotherapist is wonderful for children. Everyone trots out the old cliché about children being resilient, but it is important not to under estimate the effect it has on them and to get them help too. There are great books out there too, for you to read with them, when you're ready.

My DD still struggles, I put it in the list below, underneath LM for prayer. It's hard as you feel so guilty but it's not your fault. All we can do is love them, let them talk and try to never speak badly of their Dad in front of them. Hard at times in the beginning sad

PositiveAttitude Fri 27-Jul-12 15:53:37

Marking my spot here. TOo exhausted at the moment to post much, but prayers for everyone. THanks for the new thread Mom and prayers appreciated for all my family.

redwhiteandblueeyedsusan Fri 27-Jul-12 16:35:08

fantastic mome! well done.

MaryBS Fri 27-Jul-12 19:41:15


amberlight Fri 27-Jul-12 21:10:46

Thanks for new thread smile though Mr Stalker was warned by police, as we understand it, but not arrested. He's behaved since, so maybe that's all it took.
Much prayer for all, and thank you to everyone for your prayers during the last months.

FriendofDorothy Fri 27-Jul-12 23:03:48

Just checking in so I don't lose the thread!

redwhiteandblueeyedsusan Fri 27-Jul-12 23:04:21

torch watching the opening cerronomy and off to watch the football tomorrow. eek torch

redwhiteandblueeyedsusan Sat 28-Jul-12 00:46:11

ooops fell asleep on the sofa somewhere in the s's of the parade and missed gb. did see the flames lit though... and so did dd as I scooped her up off te floor to take her to bed. gone and evicted the childrens dad from my bed where he was putting ds to sleep. better go and set the alarm. ... eek.

DontstepontheMomeRaths Sat 28-Jul-12 07:37:21

I shall watch it all on iplayer today or tomorrow. I didn't watch it at all last night. Too busy preparing for DDs birthday today and she woke at 5.30am in her excitement <yawn> smile So I'm so glad I didn't let her stay up to watch it.

redwhiteandblueeyedsusan Sat 28-Jul-12 07:42:25


Happy birthday minimome

<yawn> ds was taken to bed.

MissAnnersley Sat 28-Jul-12 12:36:01

I would really like to join this thread if that's okay? Have been very affected by recent events on MN and have 'rediscovered' prayer.

DutchOma Sat 28-Jul-12 13:03:03

You are very welcome Miss Annersley. Recent events on MN, especially the life and death of Aillidh have given us all a lot to think about. Whether we are new in prayer, old in prayer or re-discover prayer, it is an enormous force to be reckoned with.

MissAnnersley Sat 28-Jul-12 13:17:47

Thank you so much DutchOma. I was brought up as a devout Christian but got lost a bit. I've made repeated attempts to re-engage with my faith and am beginning to 'feel' it again IYSWIM?

I've now got a few prayers which I say in the morning and evening which are helping.

SESthebrave Sat 28-Jul-12 13:40:46

Welcome MissAnnersley smile Trying to say a few prayers regularly is brilliant - I seem to have lost my prayer routine somewhat and it tends to be very ad hoc or prompted by reading this thread.

Happy birthday to your DD MomeRaths smile

Amber - I hope that's the last of your problems with Mr Stalker.

Continued prayers for you all - particularly thinking of PA, DO, Lost, KayKat, Jan and anyone else in particular need.

I'm feeling very angry and stressed this morning as the post has arrived including my payslip for my monthly salary due on Monday and it is a complete mess. My maternity pay doesn't seem to have been registered properly and according to the payslip, I owe my company money which is completely incorrect and leaves me with no salary going in on Monday. I have emailed the regional admin assistant to get is sorted and I know she will (she's a friend) and that it wasn't her fault in the first place as she's only been my regional admin since a week before I left for ML. I just want to get cross with someone and can't. I know that's silly as getting cross is not constructive or christian but it's how I'm feeling. Please pray for me to get over it and for a quick resolution!

Bluetinkerbell Sat 28-Jul-12 16:57:34

Found you again! Praying for everyone!

amberlight Sat 28-Jul-12 18:07:23

SES, oh no! Hope they can sort it out fast...

redwhiteandblueeyedsusan Sat 28-Jul-12 21:31:06

<crawls over threshold of thread>

<lies on floor gently whimpering>

we are back. with 2 children and both behaved very well. no toys were thrown no major tantrums. thank God! for answered prayers. one girl safe and watched over. thanks be to God!

we are still trying to get children to bed... ds is refusing tea... which is hardly surprising as he ate his weight in chocolate biscuits.. blush as a bribe to keep him well behaved ish.

lostmywellies Sat 28-Jul-12 23:02:34

Oh good, bes! Did you enjoy it? Or just survive it?

Praying as I read through or at least glancing in God's direction every now and then.

Very tired. Packing up a house is not easy, particularly when you're doing the bulk of the work yourself with 4 dcs aged 2 and up to look after all day as well...

Oh well. Roll on Wednesday which is moving day!

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