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DD seems to know all about my past. Very, very odd.

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FredQuimby Tue 12-Jun-12 15:38:38

This has been going on for ages, but I've only just really had the nerve to post about it. >Deep breath<

DD (four years old), says some very odd things. She tells me about my life and these are things she couldn't possibly know. For example, "Do you remember when you used to walk along the little lane and saw the pony and the heron?" - something that used to happen regularly to me when I was about six years old, walking to school with my mum and brother (it was a real horse and a plastic heron!). Also, things like we'll go to a car boot sale and she'll say it's like the jumble sales in the church when uncle >name< was a little boy and he bought a great big Mr Tickle jigsaw but some pieces were missing. This is again something that happened to me as a child. She told everyone in her Nursery that I'd fallen in the kitchen and had stitches in my head. She told them that the doctor was weaing a turban. Again, that happened when I was tiny and she would never have known about it. Another thing is that she identified a distant relative in a photo "Uncle >name<" and she would never have met him or heard about him, to my knowledge.

There are loads and loads of incidences like this. My mum thinks it's very weird and is confused by it. My brother thinks I must be telling her things without knowing I'm doing it.

I don't know why I'm posting really. This doesn't cover it at all, but there are far too many examples to include.

Has anyone else had any experience of this sort of weirdness??

P.S. I don't believe in re-incarnation or anything at all like that, so I'm not suggesting that sort of thing.

Pearla Tue 12-Jun-12 16:12:30

I like handbag's explanation.

CurrySpice Tue 12-Jun-12 16:16:55

I don't know what's causing it but could you ask her for Saturday's lottery numbers please?

FfoFfycsecs Tue 12-Jun-12 16:22:03

How interesting!
I also know a lot of people who have experienced this kind of thing as children. I'm a bit like that myself. I once wrote a story (as an adult, this was only about 5 years ago) based in a particular town. I had never lived in said town and didn't know much about it, but it's beautiful and it interested me. Anyway, in the story, I decided that no6 Church Street would be a butcher's in the story, because it suited me and the plotlines. Turns out it did use to be a butcher's... shock It's not even central to the town, there are no other shops on that street, and it hasn't got windows like a shop, just a normal house.
This has happened to me a few times with this one town. I just know things about it. My forefathers were from there, so I do wonder if there's some sort of as-yet-undiscovered inherited memory...
I'd keep a diary. If it does fade, she'll be interested in a few years. smile

Mjtay Tue 12-Jun-12 17:02:46

Wow!!! I hope this doesn't spook u out. I think it's wonderful! Intrigued if it is only stuff about u?! Children are so susceptible to this kind of stuff!! I do think our dead stay with us, and have seen a few clairvoyants. I can feel now when passed loved ones are near me. Is ur mother still alive?! Xx

flatbellyfella Tue 12-Jun-12 17:30:21

I am very interested in reading all of your posts. I wonder if memories can be passed on to offspring in the womb if, maybe you have deep thoughts of earlier times when you are pregnant.

confuzed90 Tue 12-Jun-12 17:36:29

This is interesting and has baffled me...I'm thinking possibly telepathic if there's no explanation? It is all strange!have you asked her questions that only you know? And see her answers?

joyjac Tue 12-Jun-12 17:39:41

One of my dc used to say they could remember being born. Gave very detailed info about the delivery room, even down to the slightly unusual clock on the wall. After about the age of 4 was unable to recall details, and a few years later had no memory of it at all.
No real point to this except to say that children are strange little blighters and often seem to function on a different level to adults in their first years.
Slightly OT, but maybe not, has anyone heard of herd memory?

candytuft63 Tue 12-Jun-12 17:47:15

I think there really is something in the idea of genetic memory.
My Dss drew a picture of the village where his dad grew up. Every landmark, the church, the park with the square pond and the street names were entirely accurate.
He had no prior knowledge of this whatsoever.
So, so interesting.

PissyDust Tue 12-Jun-12 17:48:59


exoticfruits Tue 12-Jun-12 17:54:08

I would keep a diary and log them.
Only a small part of our mind is the conscious part and most of it is the unconscious -perhaps she just tunes into this more than most. She may well lose it as she gets older.

FredQuimby Tue 12-Jun-12 17:58:04

Sorry for my disappearance - had to deal with dinner etc.

When she talks about things it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, but they are mainly pleasant memories and she doesn't seem afraid or at all bothered, so it seems ok. When I ask how does she know, she just shrugs and says she remembers. I don't make a big deal in case it scares her.

The music thing is weird. She hums all sorts of songs that I'd forgotten. Nobody would have sung them to her.

I do have a DH, but as the memories are all from 'before his time', he is less involved, if you know what I mean.

BertieBotts Tue 12-Jun-12 17:59:22

Some people believe that children are more sensitive to this kind of thing than adults and older people. It's supposed to be up until around age seven that this sensitive period is most prominent. The theory is that they are more able to connect on a spiritual level which anyone can do, but most have forgotten how.

NatashaBee Tue 12-Jun-12 18:04:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RabidAnchovy Tue 12-Jun-12 18:16:51


MistyRocks Tue 12-Jun-12 18:20:02

wow op that is really freaky confused

no advice really just marking my place!

Nibledbyducks Tue 12-Jun-12 18:24:55

The day that my boy's dad died DS3 was in nursery. I took DS1 to see ExH in ITU and he was officialy declared dead at noon. When I went to collect DS3 his very nervous key worker asked if ExH had died, and I replied well he was declared at noon, and asked why she asked. She went white and told me that at noon DS3 had looked up from what he was doing, calmly declared that his daddy was dead, and then continued playing as if nothing had happened. I smiled and said well he got it right then!

Greeata Tue 12-Jun-12 18:26:48

Children have really good memories. You have been talking to her for hours everyday for 5 years. She's just telling you things you have told her.

But I haven't a woo bone in my body. grin
Can't explain the uncle photo thing, though.

NatashaBee Tue 12-Jun-12 18:30:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CJfromTheWestWing Tue 12-Jun-12 18:31:03

I am spooked by all things fey and woo, and rationalise everything.

And I think that if you can inherit a mennerism, or a look, why not a memory?

If you think of it that way, then it is not really odd at all.

Nibledbyducks Tue 12-Jun-12 18:37:52

It was a suicide by overdose, DS3 was four at the time and had been told that his dad might die but seemed to be ok at the time.

Saltire Tue 12-Jun-12 18:41:16

Things like this have happened with my Dses and my niece

All 3 of them have had "chats" with my dad, who died when i was 16. None of them obviously never met him, and although they may have seen pics there was a lot of details about him that they told DB and I, that they couldn't possibly have known.

Like the name of his dog - who died before I was born
Or the breed of dog, how old it was when he got it and the fact it had a bald patch on its back. (I didn't know that and had to check with my aunt)

FredQuimby Tue 12-Jun-12 19:45:50

I'm so sorry Nibled. sad

I always presume I must have told DD things, but she can describe in detail the layout of houses I've lived in as a child, as well as personal thoughts such as "You liked the doors because of the glass with the funny circles in them" - which is right and nobody else would remember or know that.

We were in an Oxfam book shop the other day and she picked up an old Ladybird book that I used to have and made a point of showing me the inside, which really brought back memories. I told her I'd had that one and she said she knew (although she hasn't seen it at any family members' house). This isn't a good example really, but it's just yet another thing.

It's very hard to describe, but DD also seems to associate random words with objects that I do too. Nobody knows these words. Things like diamond shapes remind me of the name Gwen for some inexplicable reason. DD says these things and doesn't know why. It's really odd, but I don't think I can explain it properly.

OK, this is going to seem like drip-feeding now, but I just didn't want to immediately put this idea as a link, but the 'memories' seem to stop around the time my dad died, so there's nothing of secondary school for example.

candr Tue 12-Jun-12 19:59:58

This must really freak you out sometimes but good that it is all nice things. I used to visit places with my parents and somehow knew my way around the homes and gardens (the type of old hime that opens for the public). I once talked about the fish in th lake and led my parents there. There was no lake but the owners said there had been 50yrs ago and it stocked unusual fish. I still get the dejavu feeling sometimes but not so much and it was never scary.

FredQuimby Tue 12-Jun-12 20:05:42

Yes, it's mainly nice stuff or just everyday, but sometimes it's not so good. For example, she'll say something about a nasty boy who took my lunch at school (including a brand of chocolate biscuit that she'll never have heard of!) and a few other incidents. It's pretty minor though. She recently said that I once walked into a bedroom and my mum was crying with a big yellow belt and a fluffy stool. I don't remember this, but my mum said she thinks she knows when that would have been. It's very odd. It's not a constant stream of 'memories', but these things do happen fairly regularly. It's strange that she seems to be aware of the way I felt and the atmosphere, not just actual events of people.

FredQuimby Tue 12-Jun-12 20:09:54

Oh, and I should add that she doesn't know about everything. For example someone gave me a DVD of classic children's programmes that I used to watch and she didn't know anything about them.

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