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May time-Christian prayer thread

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blackeyedsusan Tue 15-May-12 14:56:17

All welcome to join

Here is a list of all those who popped in or were regulars on the last thread. I hope I have not missed anyone!! confused

Amberlight- prayer that the heart problems she has are temporary and that the beast cancer will not return. Pray for dh after his op.
Aspirantpiate-studying and a new job in September
Bafana, Thesober-single parent to teen/preteen Pray for a friend who has a brain tumour
Becaroooo- ongoing health problems that are now starting to be investigated
Beatrice Primrose and cupoftea poorly baby and support for the family
birdofthenorth prray for comfort and support after the loss of her baby at 8 weeks of pregnancy
Bluetinkerbell- lost her beloved Sterre during her second trimester. Now pregnant again!
Caz and her baby Xander. Also for dh who does not share her faith.
CaptainDippy- busy busy busy
Chairofthebored-dh has ms and ttc number1
Creatovator ds –asd and dd’s eczema
Don in killerheels-hous
*Dutch Oma*- dh has a lung disease requiring regular trips to hospital/drs and lots of rest. Church services are not always easy due to excessive noise causing problems for Bob.
Expat's dd suffering from leukaemia. Give thanks that she has a donor for transplant and pay for a good outcome!
FriendofDorothy- pray that the pregnancy will stick and bleeding to stop.
Gingercurl- things are stressful at home, studying for PhD, high blood pressure
heyyyo-dd with health issues.
Issypeach- work situation insecure for h and Issy. Prayer requested for the dcs one of whom has gone awol and the other at uni
Jaffacakes... new baby
Jan marriage, new baby and ongoing health problems
Jugglingwith…-job applications to work 1 to 1 with children and a husband who needs to appreciate all she does!
Lostmywellies- recently returned to the uk, friendships for dd and ds to settle into nursery. Possible knee op?
LoveAndPrayers. Marriage and h’s debts
Lovelyman access arrangements and maintenance. (and his SO prefers kissing wookies… eeuuu)
Madhairday- reoccuring lung infections, dd with psoriasis/partial hearing and unhelpful school and getting bullied. SATs week. Madhair is writing a book! –or at least she should be if she weren’t on mn— wink
MaryB- work and relationships at church. difficult situations socially for dc's. dd getting bullied.
MrsMcCave -hello!
Nanniejo- family and weddings abroad
Nickelhasababy pray for friends who have lost babies.
Notevenamousie- curently undergoing treatment as an inpatient. recently lost her mum.
PositiveAttitude- soon to be working abroad for 2 years from 17th July!. Pray for dds1,2 and 3 staying behind. prayer also for current work situation and 3 jobs! (eek). Prayers for DB and PA’s family’s relationship with sil.
SESthebrave-prayer for husbands stressful job situation, which may involve going to Dubai (not what ses wants). The last few weeks of pregnancy and work. Pray for the baby to turn the right way round.
Starwisher-pray for a job for dh
SweetestThing- just got the all clear from cancer and officially in remission. however, still has to deal with the after effects of surgery.
Teaandcakesplease- single parent to 2 young children. unsupportive parents re ds "being a toddler." prayer for new reliable friends, and one friend in particular!
Tuo-dd1 and dh to be more positive about her faith
Weegie Thank God that treatment is bring some relief to her condition, chronic inflammatory.Demyelinating polyneuropathy. Ongoing prayers for more improvement and adjusting to a new way of life for both weegie and he dh dd has Perthe's syndrome , where the hip joint dies then regrows. Thank God for an improvement in her condition and further improvements so no op is needed.
welshcerys- family and a mega toothache <ouch>
ZipidiSoozi- welcome back! GCSE season for ds
and finally (I hope)
Blackeyedsusan- mad as a hatter! single parent to 2 youngish children, separated after dv. pray for friends and a new church. ds's behaviour and toddler diarrhoea. dd, niggling health problems. Parents poorly, mum collapsed- investigations to find out why. Mil with lifelimiting cancer

blackeyedsusan Tue 15-May-12 14:56:52

oops school run time and i forgot to bold some names...

FriendofDorothy Tue 15-May-12 15:05:22

Ahhh yes smile

madhairday Tue 15-May-12 16:03:19

Oh thankyou for this BES, you're a star (and I need to be reminded to get off MN and do some writing which I've been rubbish at lately so a timely reminder, thanks!!)

TACP - just read your last post - praying for him.

PA - praying for DD.

Just to say with the bullying thing/unhelpful school, situation completely cleared up, dd seems very happy and seems to have lots of friends around her, praise God for answered prayer, she suddenly has a better social life than me...sigh!!

Teaandcakeplease Tue 15-May-12 16:10:12


Should I paste my humongous post into here again? <frets> I really want people to pray for him lots.

MrsMcCave Tue 15-May-12 16:59:32

Does that make me a threadkiller? blush. Thanks for the welcome, and the new thread!

Please pray for me if you can. At a crossroads in my life right now and there isn't an easy option. Please pray for the right choice to be made clear for me and strength to do the right thing. Thankyou.

MaryBS Tue 15-May-12 18:11:03

smile marking my place

PositiveAttitude Tue 15-May-12 18:41:56

Great to hear about DD MHD smile

Welcome MrsMc

TACP don't worry, I think everyone will read the other thread to see the link to this one anyway. I had guessed it was your man! Be assured of prayers from me.

Thanks for prayers for DD. SHe is back home (in London, not here) and she sounds really well and happy to be out of hospital at last.

Teaandcakeplease Tue 15-May-12 19:29:16

Oh I'm so transparent blush grin

DutchOma Tue 15-May-12 19:53:04

Can we all please say special prayers for Beatrice, in hospital again tonight and a nightmare feeding scenario.
Please pray for a restful night's sleep, Cup is going home to sleep, daddy is staying with Beatrice.

lostmywellies Tue 15-May-12 20:08:48

Teaandcake - I hadn't guessed at all; it wasn't totally obvious. Really. <hums innocently> grin Praying - that's so unfair about the summer visit. Is he able to write or phone or is there no contact? Oh, I see you answered that and he does! Hopefully he can express sadness at the situation without casting accusations.

Back in a mo.

JugglingWithTangentialOranges Tue 15-May-12 20:10:55

Oh, special primrosey prayers for Beatrice Primrose x

Thinking of you too bird

And prayers for all other friends here too smile

lostmywellies Tue 15-May-12 21:16:45

Phew, all dcs in bed!

Hello, MrsMcCave! I can sympathise with having no easy options. Prayers for closeness to God while you make your decision.

So glad to hear that your dd's happier these days, mhd. That's a great turnaround. Tonight, dd2 couldn't decide which friend to invite round this weekend, which is a nice development for her, too.

Prayers for cupoftea and Beatrice, PA's dd, FoD, Sooz's ds and others as I read through. And a prayer of thanks for bes and another helpful OP! smile

The surgery went well today and I'm straight back on my feet this time (although mn-ing guilt-free as I'm resting lots for 48 hours!). Had a lovely, restful day until 3pm when dh came into the hospital all "stress stress stress traffic gotta leave now rush rush dcs school run late stress stress" and did lots of reading, particularly Philip Yancey's Soul Survivor. Anyone read that? About how the church nearly destroyed his faith and the mentors who helped him back. Brilliant stuff so far!

MaryBS Tue 15-May-12 21:45:50

Forgot there was a new thread... so C&P

I could do with prayers as I am feeling singularly argh and urk after the PCC meeting. People being very vocal about how they see the direction of the church, and if they get their way, I can see me finding another church sad

PositiveAttitude Tue 15-May-12 21:50:25

Lost - glad surgery went well. I have read that book years ago. Must admit, I can't remember much about it, only that I recommended it to lots of people after I had read it and I even wrote a very positive review in the church magazine about it.

Mary - church politics are the work of the devil I am sure! grin It can all be so hurtful and unnecessary. Prayers for your situation. We are going to the other side of the world to get away from our church politics!! grin

Tuo Tue 15-May-12 22:50:53

Thanks for the new thread, BES... you're so good!

Praying tonight...
...for Mary - that your church moves forward in a way that you're happy with and to which you can contribute;
... for lost - for a swift recovery... but not too swift, so you can enjoy a couple more days' rest;
... for TaCP's lovely man - for a resolution to his contact issues;
... for MrsMcCave (welcome!) - for you to know the right thing to do at this crossroads;
... for CupOfTea and Beatrice;
... for bird;
... for MHD - thanks that the bullying situation has been resolved and that your dd is happier;
... for PA's dd - that the lesion is an after effect of the meningitis and will heal swiftly;
... for all those taking exams and tests this week;
... for expat's Aillidh -for a successful transplant;
... for BES - who has so much going on in her life, but always takes the time to remember all of us - thank you;
... and for everyone here.

I am praying a lot for dd1 atm. I still feel that trying to chivvy her into coming to church is the wrong thing to do and will be counterproductive (not to mention that dh wouldn't stand for it), but I'm sad that I can't find more positive ways to encourage her. I guess I should pray for wisdom for myself, to find the right way to talk to her about it.

blackeyedsusan Tue 15-May-12 23:38:21

<whistles innocently>

microsoft word rremembers you all wink

blackeyedsusan Tue 15-May-12 23:41:29

from other thread...

amberlight Tue 15-May-12 23:34:41

Prayers assured Mary. Feel same about mime atm

Tuo Wed 16-May-12 00:03:37

But BES... MSWord would not post a thread for us all of its own accord, would it? (If it did, perhaps it could write my presentation for me by tomorrow morning and I could go to bed...!)

lostmywellies Wed 16-May-12 06:35:03

It is SO helpful when you write lists of those whom you are praying for and a few words, and I, when I am feeling low on words, can read through and echo Amen! Thank you to those of you who do that. thanks

Tuo - I'm sure your life and dd2's too will speak volumes over time to dd1, far more than a morning in church, particularly if it's not the right time for her to go yet. Be patient and pray; I would even say don't try to talk until she talks first. You can show her God's love, kindness, patience, even his glory, by your quiet actions. smile

bes - looks like MSWord has had a few reminders/additions since the last thread, too. You can't escape from the thanks, you know! <throws thanks in bes's direction> grin

JugglingWithTangentialOranges Wed 16-May-12 07:45:09

So glad to read PA's dd is back home. Praying for her as in Tuos prayer requests x

Tuo Wed 16-May-12 09:28:48

Thank you, lost. Interestingly that was very much the gist of the Bishop's sermon at the confirmation service on Sunday. Obviously in general terms, not in relation to my dd1 (who was there for the occasion smile), but still I should really have remembered the message, shouldn't it? It's recorded and watchable online, so maybe I'll listen to it again when I have a mo... Not now... running to work.

Bluetinkerbell Wed 16-May-12 09:47:58

Marking my spot! Praying for everyone!

I could do with some prayers too, I'm getting into a very anxious period of my pregnancy... starting to feel less sick and tired, not feeling movements yet (or just flutterings every now and then which drive me crazy if I don't feel them). I'm trying to enjoy it, but on the other hand I'm just so scared something might go wrong again.

lostmywellies Wed 16-May-12 09:52:26

Praying, blue. Feeling less sick is a good thing, but I can see how it's also worrying given past history as the sickness IS a good indication that things are going well! Are you able to rest at all? Not that it stops things going wrong, but it's still good for your general wellbeing!

madhairday Wed 16-May-12 10:26:09

Blue, praying for you muchly, that you will have peace.

Agh Mary - praying - PCCs can be so utterly frustrating and the politics therein can drive anyone up the wall - really hope things resolve so you feel able to keep going with it....if you want to talk more I'm happy to listen.

Praying for everyone, BES list is really helpful to read through and remember each person before God.

Praying for Beatrice, DO please let us know how she is.

Continuing to pray for Ailidh.

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