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Was anyone else a Covenanter?

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Milliways Tue 31-Jan-06 21:52:02

got the idea from "qualifications" thread.

I was proud holder of the Golden Arrow

anniebear Sun 12-Feb-06 21:36:04

I was!!! and a Juco before that!!

Loved all the sports comps!! Did Rag Hockey and won the gold at London!!!!!

Milliways Sun 12-Feb-06 23:04:15

OOOh - hello! We also won rag hockey once at London (& I got the National recitation award [smug] ).

Taught the local cubs rag hockey the other week.

Still got all the Juco & Covie badges, & still think the boys song was better than the girls! Were your boys & girls separated?

Jodee Mon 13-Feb-06 20:46:50

Yes! Jucos and Covenanters, that takes me waaaay back!

Milliways Mon 13-Feb-06 20:49:45

Did you get to a London rally Jodee? Where were you a Juco (I used to be in Wokingham, Berks).

Jodee Mon 13-Feb-06 20:59:28

Umm, I think so, Milliways, I was in Croydon, so not far to go for me (racking brains!).

sanders Tue 07-Apr-09 21:28:24

me too, I was a Juco and Covenanter in Hainault, Essex, then went on to lead the Juco group for 16 years, and the Covies too for a while. We often went to Juco camp at New Milton in the New Forest... anyone been there?

anniebear Sun 12-Apr-09 12:30:30

jucos then covies!! loved it, got my badges also

Love all the sports events

we won gold at London in the rag hockey lol

anniebear Sun 12-Apr-09 12:31:19

hahahahha ooops this threa is old!! Just seen I posted on it in Feb 06!!!! blush

SBrentnall Sun 30-Jun-13 00:13:36

I just found this thread while googling "covenanters." Small world! I was in Hainault Jucos and Girl Covenanters, and also went to New Milton camp. Seaford, too.

hitchypaul Thu 30-Mar-17 05:16:45

I have made a Facebook page on the Covenanters Boys Club. It was a wonderful Club that introduced me to the real God.

ringers69 Wed 05-Apr-17 14:26:51

I was a Covenanter in Storrington, West Sussex. I went to the Heronwater camp for many years. I also earned my Golden Arrow award and won the National table tennis competition in my final year in Covenanters. A great group with so many happy memories.

shellfoulkes37 Sat 30-Jun-18 21:30:26

I know this post is really old... My mum used to run the Juco girls camps at New Milton, I went with her from a new born till a teenager.

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