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Suggestions for children's bibles/religious books for youngish children please

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goingbacktowork Wed 12-Oct-11 13:47:35

I was wondering if someone can pleases suggest a few books. I would like to buy some gifts for a friend's children (currently 4 and 3) . She is quite a strong christian so I was thinking of maybe a couple of childrens' bibles or books such as ones that set out parables for young children etc. Ideally it would be books not so childish that they would be of no interest once the children got a little older but maybe somethibg they might keep and read themselves when they are 7-10? (I know that some children's bibles cater for this). Does anyone have any good suggestions of appropriate books? Many thanks.

stressedHEmum Wed 12-Oct-11 15:11:31

DS4 LOVES this and has done for ages.

This is very good for when they are learning to read.

This was my DD's first ever bible and she loved it until it fell to bits.

This is absolutely beautiful, the artwork is fabulous and the stories are presented in a simple yet thought provoking way.

This is very, very beautiful. It was my DD's second bible. She still reads it, now, sometimes.

This is my personal favourite. SUitable for all ages, lovely pictures, lovely stories, ab. fab.

This and This are by the Kipper guy, my kids all loved them both when they were younger.

sarahtigh Wed 12-Oct-11 19:40:28

if your friend is a strong christian i am sure she has children's bible already, maybe peep at their books if you go round, though stressed mum has some good ideas my DD is just 22 months so we are still on board books her favourite is a parable of lost sheep with sheep to find on every page, I am still trying to find an accurate board book of christmas story ie not will muppets telling dstory from viewpoint of donkey etc, just simple factual with nice pictures and not costly £10 either

shoutyman Wed 12-Oct-11 19:45:29

We've got the Lion Storyteller Bible for dd who's 3. I think it's brilliant.

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