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Is anyone willing to do a Tarot reading for me?

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ComeToTheEdge Sat 17-Sep-11 08:43:29

Regular. Namechanged.

I found a thread from earlier this year by nemofish and wondered if she,or anyone else could do me one?

My regular reader is having a bit of personal upheaval and I'm too close to myself to be able to read for me. (I use Sacred Rose cards)

If no-one here can, does anyone know of any reputable readers I can contact online?


indigobarbie Mon 26-Sep-11 20:46:07

hi did you get one?

ComeToTheEdge Tue 27-Sep-11 09:03:43

No, do you know anyone? Can you Pm me please if you do!

My friend/reader is going to do one, but I sometimes think she knows me too well too!

Aislingorla Wed 28-Sep-11 11:25:39

Where are you based?

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