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Quakers and Unitarians

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leicestershiregirl Fri 09-Sep-11 12:39:16

Have found the thread by Terraviva on Quakers really interesting. Went to a Quaker meeting to see what it was like back when I was a student and liked the service but was put off by the predominantly elderly congregation. It was too different to the evangelical C of E church I was attending at the time. However I've since gotten thoroughly disillusioned with evangelical Christianity (not that I was ever completely on board with it anyway, it was just was just that a lot of Christian students at my uni went to that church. I went to a more traditional 'high' C of E church as a kid) and have also been doing some 'spiritual shopping'.

My main problem is I no longer believe in the divinity of Jesus. I've checked out the local Liberal Jewish synagogue, but though everybody was pleasant to me (albeit with slightly puzzled expressions on their faces) and there was one chap who'd converted from Christianity (United Reformed Church) I felt very 'other'. Half the service was in Hebrew which didn't help (though I totally understand the need/desire for this). I went three times but my discomfort didn't lessen so I figure I don't have a Jewish soul, though I have a lot of time for Judaism and Jewish culture. So now I think I've got to look at liberal churches within the Christian tradition.

I will be going back to the Quakers and also trying the local Unitarian Chapel. Have heard the Unitarians are "Quakers but with hymns" - anybody have any experience? Are there other religious traditions that might suit me? I believe in God but don't have any fixed ideas about Him and am liberal in my political/social outlook.

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