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ds2 asking about first communion

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hiddenhome Mon 04-Jul-11 21:51:18

ds2 is seven this year and has been asking about first communion at his RC school. He's quite a religous child and has told me he's looking forward to receiving communion confused However, he's not baptised Catholic. I am baptised Catholic and we attend the Catholic church, but the dcs aren't baptised Catholics.

ds1 is 13 this year and has said that he wants to become Catholic and I have been thinking seriously about seeking Confirmation as well, but haven't had the courage to approach the PP yet.

Would both children be able to join with me and what would they have to do?

ds2 did become a bit distressed this evening when I told him that he wasn't actually a Catholic and wouldn't be able to join the First Communion children sad

What should I do?

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