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...Leading on from the paranormal experiences thread....

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Pennybubbly Tue 28-Jun-11 06:00:46

....Does anyone (else) have DC that talk to 'people' who aren't there?
I've noticed that my DS (3.5) has had chats / smiley interactions with 'someone' over my shoulder and on one occasion, made me say 'goodbye to the man' whilst he waved frantically and got more and more agitated when I didn't respond / 'see' who he was talking to.
He's also spoken about the ghosts who come into the bedroom he shares with DD.
None of the experiences upset him and he has doesn't appear scared or freaked out in any way by the occurences - seems to just accept it as part of his world, iyswim.
DH and I are not disbelievers, but certainly don't chat about spirits or ghosts and definitely 'ghosts' are not used as words to scare the kids.

Apologies, I know this is not an AIBU, but I've been thinking about this for a while and especially since reading the other thread.

Anyone else?

HowlingBitch Tue 28-Jun-11 06:56:38

I think 3 years old is a wonderful age (DS 3.10 yo) children at that age have all the innocence of babies but a good enough sense of what's what to tell us what is going on in their little lives. Your DS may very well be seeing something paranormal (Do you have any males close to you or DH that have passed away?). I would nonchalantly ask some questions about 'the man' next time DS brings him up and see what he says.

It's amazing how intuitive and open little ones can be but even if it isn't paranormal I don't see the problem of indulging him somewhat with this as long as it doesn't go too far/effect or scare DD. Do find out more and let us know!

Pennybubbly Tue 28-Jun-11 07:18:32

DD(6) would be bloody terrified if I mentioned any of this to her, I'm sure.
That said, she used to 'chat' animatedly to 'someone' when she was 1/2-ish.

Have spoken on the side to DS about his ghosts. He has said that one was a 2-year old boy, and another was a 6-year old boy. He said they were the reason that he came into my and DH's bed occasionally, as they were being noisy.
Will find out more next time and report back!

Only person to have died recently in either family was DH's grandmother, but DSs conversations have been going on for longer.
I felt my paternal grandfather in the room with me though on one occasion. I never knew him (he died when I was 6months), but he came to tell me that he would take care of a situation and not to worry. He helped What's weird (or maybe not) is that I live on the other side of the world to where he lived. Guess you don't need passports in the spirit world!

OracleInaCoracle Tue 28-Jun-11 07:33:52

I will ask MNHQ to move this to spirituality, you are more likely to get real responses there.

Jemma1111 Tue 28-Jun-11 07:37:46

When my Ds was around 2 and a half he used to on a number of occasions look out into our back garden and tell us that ' the lady in the garden was there again' and that she was waving to him.

I came across a photo of my nan who had passed away and when my Ds saw the pic he was adamant that this was the lady who he saw in the garden!.

I like to think that my nan is looking after us

Pennybubbly Tue 28-Jun-11 07:40:28

If that's what makes you happy lissilou...

OracleInaCoracle Tue 28-Jun-11 07:42:34

I just think you will get more (and better) responses from the appropriate forum. Im not being arsey hmm

Pennybubbly Tue 28-Jun-11 07:49:34

(shrugs) Neither am I.
Don't really see this as a religious topic to be honest (had a peek in that section and it didn't really seem to fit there tbh) but I equally accept (as I pointed out in my original comment) that this is not an aibu.
However, as it leads on from a thread that is also in aibu, I thought it would attract a similar viewer. The other posters here so far haven't posted 'unreal' responses, so don't see the problem.

OracleInaCoracle Tue 28-Jun-11 07:55:41

I understand the "follows on from an AIBU" thread, but that thread shouldnt have been in AIBU either. if it didnt fit into spirituality (which, tbh it does - that is what the topic is for) then chat would be the next best place. im genuinely not having a go at you or anyone, its just that AIBU seems to be the place people post if they cant be arsed to find another topic. the people over in spirituality will be more receptive to the ideas of ghosts, etc.

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