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Does anybody know any good Christian parenting forums - UK based?

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hiddenhome Fri 17-Jun-11 14:38:21

I've been searching the 'net, but they all seem to be USA based and I'd rather have a UK one really.

I did find one, but there were hardly any members and the traffic was painfully slow.

It has to be about parenting and not just religion ifyswim.

I get flamed if I talk about Christian parenting on mumsnet sad

WillowFae Fri 17-Jun-11 22:55:50

Christian Mums is one that I post on.

madhairday Sat 18-Jun-11 11:29:00

You can talk about it here hiddenhome - come on the religion chat thread, we chat about anything there, and anywhere in this topic too.

I lurk on CM a bit, did start posting but never really felt accepted somehow and really have done here, not sure why as they seem lovely there - just felt there was strong friendships that was hard for a newbie to break into (or maybe it was just me!)

hiddenhome Sat 18-Jun-11 14:02:30

Okay, thanks for those replies. I'll take a look smile

PedigreeChump Sun 19-Jun-11 15:30:24

Will have a look at CM's as well. As much as I enjou MN, I find it terrifying when it comes to discussions of Christianity...!

hiddenhome Sun 19-Jun-11 21:06:27

I don't know why people seem to hold the view that it's only right and fair to treat people equally, then openly villify you if you reveal yourself to be a Christian hmm If they were openly abused gay or people of a different ethnicity then they'd be poleaxed. Some people are just fair game hmm Most of them just delibrately miss the point and I'm sick of being asked for proof of God hmm

When I was an atheist I didn't find believers annoying, irritating, stupid, amusing, boring and everything they said worthy of instant dismissal.

I wonder why these people feel so threatened hmm I wish they could see how they come across - exactly like the type of people they loathe from what I can see.

Why can't people just express their opinions and just agree to disagree?

madhairday Mon 20-Jun-11 11:09:29

I am feeling pretty sore about all the discussions at the moment too, hiddenhome. I usually wade in but cannot face it all at the minute, trying to take a bit of a break from it all as it is depressing me at the minute, usually I feel strong enough to not let it all bother me but for some reason I am not feeling that way atm. Perhaps we should turn this thread into a support thread for us grin

hiddenhome Mon 20-Jun-11 18:54:15

It would be lovely to have a support thread smile

(all the Christians have virtual hugs)


hiddenhome Mon 20-Jun-11 18:59:39

(and non Christians can have virtual hugs too)


blackeyedsusan Tue 21-Jun-11 11:23:51


madhair, you fed up of daytime tv already?

waves to hidden home...

just been shopping. ds has behaved well (shock horror) though after his scatterring rice across the living room, pinching and pushing phase last night, i deserve a few minutes of peace. have been buying stuff for party bags... for a soon to be 5 year old.

what are you all up to?

madhairday Tue 21-Jun-11 11:52:00

Hi...yep, well and truly hacked off. I don't even feel well enough to be on the puter a lot, so not up to much. Haven't really eaten in past few days so feel v weak (well have dropped a few pounds so I suppose there is an upside)

Did you see that thread on AIBU about that Christian day thing? Didn't want to get embroiled in it but felt sick at all the vitriol about these dangerous and toxic evangelicals hmm

Was wondering what they are so scared of? Loving ones neighbour? Caring for poor/elderly/orphan/widow? Treating others how you would want to be treated? Putting others first? Well, I can see how it is so scary and toxic! hmm

Know what I mean though????

hiddenhome Tue 21-Jun-11 12:41:06

Hi to blackeyedsusan and madhairday smile

I didn't realise you were poorly madhairday sad I hope you haven't sustained an injury from fighting off the militant atheists shock

I am having a totally non threatening day. Have been to the supermarket to buy veg and stuff for muesli. Washed up, done laundry and fed the hens.

I have failed to push my views onto anyone else so far today, so I think I may have to go out this afternoon to harrass and bully some people on the high street and wave a placard or two around grin

I hope you feel better soon madhairday smile

madhairday Tue 21-Jun-11 14:47:00

grin hiddenhome

I hope your placard says they will burn in hell for eternity

I hope you also have a big bullhorn thingy you shout 'repent!' through in a scary voice

Cos that's what we do innit

Thanks. I have a chronic disease and am having a bad week with it.

hiddenhome Tue 21-Jun-11 16:38:36

Sorry, about your chronic illness sad

I decided not to go onto the high street to harrass people because it rained this afternoon. Instead, I had a cup of coffee and then tidied the dining room grin Us Christians lead such exciting lives eh? grin

tuffie Tue 21-Jun-11 19:00:53

I too tried to defend my faith on another thread and got torpedoed on all sides ! To be fair, some of the responses were fine, and we are all aware that Christians are far from perfect and some aspects of faith deserve questioning, but some responses were explosive !! It s good to be on a thread where we can discuss faith rationally.

hiddenhome Tue 21-Jun-11 20:38:27

Christians were never designed to be perfect though were they? Jesus talked to all kinds of people and the people that were in most need of His help were the poor and those on the margins of society. People imagine Christians to be all goody goody and perfect, but we're not, we're just normal people who make mistakes and get it wrong.

blackeyedsusan Tue 21-Jun-11 22:20:44

we have been celebrating the summersolstice* and had a picnic in the car (dds favourite treat) and played in the garden(shared) til bathtime. bought tea from tescos along with 12 tins of reduced price mung beans... the wweather may be windy... grin

*trying to stop the its going to get darker from now on gloom...

timetosmile Tue 21-Jun-11 22:26:32

don't know if this is just you guys chatting smile ....but Care For the Family website used to have some good links, and there are some good Australian ones too, and one which I think is a spin off from Spring Harvest website..all a bit vague apart from the first one, hope you find one that suits you.

hiddenhome Wed 22-Jun-11 11:58:43

Ta timetosmile I'll take a look at those too smile

Oh, no please don't say it's going to get darker blackeyedsusan, we have July and August to look forward to before that grin Lots of barbeques, visits to the beach and lazing around reading hmm

Or should that read, running around after the dcs, trying to get sand out of your knickers, arguing with the neighbours over barbeque smoke and frantically trying to find school uniform to fit shock?

blackeyedsusan Wed 22-Jun-11 12:19:30

yes, I have tried the past few years to compare august with december rather than the later nights of june as spending 6 months of the year dwelling on dark nights is not good for ones health. why in january am I thrilled that it is now light at 5 but upset that it is getting dark at 9 in july/august? no logic to it.

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