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Perceptions of Pope John Paul II

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PJPIIStudy Fri 17-Jun-11 13:27:02

Hello all.

I’m currently investigating the differences in attitudes to the canonisation (process of becoming a saint) of Pope John Paul II (PJP II) across nations, religions and age ranges. This encompasses a number of broader issues such as the merits of becoming a saint, opinions on the catholic church, the notion of popes and specifically views on PJP II.
Particular emphasis will be placed on comparison with Polish attitudes, the country of his birth where he is widely thought of as a national hero.

In order to do this a short 5 minute survey has been set up at:
Participation in this survey would be greatly appreciated. I’d just like to emphasise that the survey is for absolutely everyone - no prior knowledge of whom PJP II even was is required. Once the study is complete I hope to report back to participants with the findings.

Also, I open up the debate onto the rest of this thread. It is hoped the issues raised above will spark debate on here - please air your opinions!

FAO Moderators: I hope this is in the correct section of the forum, if not feel free to move it. Also, please don’t disregard this as ‘spam’, it presents the opportunity for rich debate into many religious and spiritual issues as outlined above.

Thank you all, Isabella.

JohnStuartMills Sun 19-Jun-11 11:06:25

Yes, a national/political hero for Poland. It was fine to get involved in politics there. However, priests working in central/south America people were not allowed the same latitude against injustice; it was wrong there for some reason. Found this incredibly hypocritical. Liberal theologians damned while paedophiles hidden from parish to parish. Charismatic though. Hans Kung said he was return to pre Vatican 2. Shut down reform and dialogue re women priests etc. Addition of influx of ex-Anglicans drawn for this reason is the last thing the Catholic chuch needs.

Stopped evolution of CC. Dark ages.

I know there were good points too. Overt respect for human life. But other stuff overshadows this for me.

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