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Doxologies, Delirium and Discussion: Religion Chat Thread number 3

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nickelbabyhatcher Tue 05-Apr-11 16:49:46

Here we are!

Roll up and sign in!

Oldies welcome, newbies welcome, anyone welcome!

It's basically a "what happened in church/spiritual life/anything else you want to chat about that's vaguely related (or not) to churchy stuff.

Middlemarchlover Tue 05-Apr-11 18:17:44

Hello, newbie here marking my place grin

Wondering if there are any other Salvation Army members on this Talk thread? We seem to be a pretty rare bunch!

newlark Tue 05-Apr-11 18:34:50

Signing in - will try to post a bit more often on this one!

MaryBS Tue 05-Apr-11 19:22:04

Hi and welcome MML - don't think she comes here much, but NotSoFarNow is in the SA, I'm sure she wouldn't mind me telling you. She doesn't post so much now, but can be found on the prayer thread sometimes (and on FB ).

madhairday Tue 05-Apr-11 20:19:38

shock but you didn't call it Kendrick's Groupies!

<packs suitcase and flounces>

madhairday Tue 05-Apr-11 20:21:44

<sidles back in and signs on>


Baroque - sorry your MD was rubbish.

Just done school disco and feel crap. I am so fed up of these bloody lungs tonight. Just want to be normal sometimes. Anyone care to join me for my pity party? wine is included. and chocolate <eyes ds' KitKat Easter egg he got from Beavers t'other night...d'you reckon he'd miss it?>

MaryBS Tue 05-Apr-11 20:30:58

pin-up for the thread

madhairday Tue 05-Apr-11 20:36:18

Mary! grin

Nickel will love you for that

You've made me feel better, though

MaryBS Tue 05-Apr-11 21:29:37


Know what you mean about wanting to feel normal, MHD. I especially feel like that at the moment. Not sure about joining you in the wine (although I might have 1 glass) - supposed to be taking the school Easter service at church tomorrow. The head does most of it, I just do welcome and end prayer. But this is the first school service without our old vicar, and anything could go wrong. In the past we always used his own personal projection equipment. Argh!

Middlemarchlover Tue 05-Apr-11 22:48:42

Oh, hello Graham!! grin

My confession is that I've seen him live... three times. And I'm only 21. I like my music cheesy

Thanks for the welcome btw

nickelbabyhatcher Wed 06-Apr-11 10:09:38

morning MiddleMarchLover Welcome to the thread

oh dear shock Sally Army, we can forgive wink but seeing GK live????

mhd - we discussed this in the last thread - I said I wouldn't come if we had kendrick in the title.

nickelbabyhatcher Wed 06-Apr-11 10:11:06

<hoicks self up by pants>
i'm not being judgy. ^christian thread, best behavious.
<chastises self and recites 10 hail marys>

nickelbabyhatcher Wed 06-Apr-11 10:11:24

Mary - i'm not clicking on it.

nickelbabyhatcher Wed 06-Apr-11 10:14:06

I'm sure most schools will have projection equipment you can use. you'll be fine.

when our children and families minister left (not ordained), we seemed to lose all contact with the local schools - they don't get in touch unless you badger them, and we don't have anyone left who can do it.
They basically ask if they can come along for christmas carol services and that's it.

MML - do you play an instrument?

ilovemyhens Wed 06-Apr-11 10:43:09

I'm too nervous to ask the PP about admitting me, ds1 and ds2 to the Catholic Church confused He knows us, we go to Mass every Sunday, just don't know how to approach the issue. Will probably ask after Easter 'cos he's so busy at the moment.

nickelbabyhatcher Wed 06-Apr-11 11:04:16

good idea to wait until after Easter grin

I'm sure he won't have a problem, just tell him what you want to do, and he'll fill in the gaps for you.

Middlemarchlover Wed 06-Apr-11 11:32:48

Haha, my Graham love is always fairly controversial grin

I do play an instrument, tenor horn. I'm fairly handy with a timbrel as well... cliche much? wink I'm not a uniformed Salvationist as I drink alcohol but it's definitely the church I feel is 'home'.

I've always been really interested in other denominations and the way things are done though; because we don't Communion/Baptism etc I follow the threads on that as I literally know nothing about them so find other's standpoints a fresh way of looking at this issues

nickelbabyhatcher Wed 06-Apr-11 12:18:27

I had to look up timbrel then....

have to admit to knowing nothing about SA except the instruments. Was not aware you're not supposed to drink, and did not know about not doing communion/baptism. What's that about then?

nickelbabyhatcher Wed 06-Apr-11 15:35:33

Mary, I got post 1001 on the last thread, and now Baroque has spoilt it again by doing 1002.
how many open windows can the woman have?
it's not christian, i tell you! shock

DutchOma Wed 06-Apr-11 15:40:03

Don't judge your sister, Nickel and you will not be judged grin

PositiveAttitude Wed 06-Apr-11 16:18:19

Marking my spot to keep tabs on you crazy lot grin

Welcome MiddleMarchLover, a very good friend of mine is a uniformed SA, another has just come to our church after going to the local SA for years, but feeling now that her DD is not welcomed there because she wears goth fashionable stuff! hmm

Love the link Mary grin No, I dont mean I love GK, just the picture made me grin.

madhairday Wed 06-Apr-11 17:14:18

Hello MML, and sympathies to you for your too large Graham-Exposure at such a very tender age. We may have to do some deliverance ministry on this here thread grin

So Nickel, we have a problem. You wouldn't join if Kendrick in the title, and I won't join if he isn't.

Not really. grin

In a silly mood here. Have been interviewing lots of people all day for some posts at school and have had to be all Professional and Serious. Now I just need wine but the meds won't let me today. Hmmmphhhhhhh

nickelbabyhatcher Wed 06-Apr-11 17:31:48

you can have some of my Fre non-alcoholic wine grin

thanksamillion Wed 06-Apr-11 18:56:48

Just checking in! Still got the team here so crazy-busy but didn't want to get left behind on the new thread!

Had a good chuckle the other day - someone sent us a Christianity magazine and there was an add for a festival in the summer. There was the main stage with 'big' names on and then the tea tent with choirs, classical music and, you guessed it, our friend Graham grin I thought of all of you.

Middlemarchlover Wed 06-Apr-11 19:19:43

Thanking ye for all the welcomes grin

Not supposed to drink if you wear uniform because the SA was originally set up to minister to those who Booth (the founder) described as 'the lost'- they were often heavy drinkers, which led to the homelessness and destitution he saw. It is seen as hypocritical to wear the uniform and drink, as when you become a 'Soldier' you make a covenant with God promising to treat your body as a temple. I haven't made that promise as I'm a bit partial to a glass or two... wine

I can definitely believe that Postitive, when I was younger I used to get a lot of stick for the way I dressed and was one of the reasons why I left for years as a teenager

We don't do the sacraments as, in theory, we don't want rituals to get in the way of our personal relationship with God. In practice, we've developed our own wink

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