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Are there Christian Internet dating sites?...anyone had experience of them?

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Am36butfeel66 Thu 17-Mar-11 23:07:35

Just wondering if there are any good Christian Internet dating sites around, and if anyone has had any experience of them?
I am sp with 1 dd, and am thinking that i really do not want to spend the rest of my life without a cuddle. But, where does a Christian person go to make friends? I personally do not want to go clubbing with my work friends, as that's not me, and would not really want to meet someone who goes clubbing anyway! although don't get me wrong I do like a laugh and a drink, but in moderation!

Barbeasty Fri 18-Mar-11 16:42:47

I know there is a catholic one, as I saw it advertised at the back of a church, but I couldn't tell you what it was called. They do exist though!

Am36butfeel66 Fri 18-Mar-11 20:26:52

Thanks Barbeasty, for post. Well if there is one, there must be more!

stinkypinky Fri 18-Mar-11 20:36:09

I met my husband through christian connections - not sure if they are still around though. It was good for meeting friends too, but there were a few nutters, so you need to be very careful still. We now have two children.

My cousin laughed at me for being so pathetic, and secretly joined - also happily married. Good Luck!

stinkypinky Fri 18-Mar-11 20:37:13

I would do a search/link, but DH may think I am looking for a new model!

Am36butfeel66 Fri 18-Mar-11 20:45:49


sarahtigh Fri 18-Mar-11 21:00:25

try christiancafe a good friend meet her DP there

MrsSchadenfreude Sat 19-Mar-11 21:37:45

Oh a friend of mine met her DH on a Christian internet dating site. They are sooo happy and have just had their first DS. The weird thing was, they already had so many friends in common and couldn't work out why they had never met before.

Am36butfeel66 Sun 20-Mar-11 01:11:13

Thanks MrsS, you don't happen to know what site they used? It's good to hear positive stories of it. I tried Internet dating about 6th ago and it wasn't very positive, but as it was an ordinary dating site, I wondered whether a Christian site for me would be better,.

nothingsoextraordinary Thu 07-Jul-11 20:58:53

Met my husband on ChristianCafe. We've been married three years and are expecting our first baby next month! So obviously I'm a huge fan of facilitated Christian dating. Eharmony might be the least tacky option these days.

I've been asked about the way we met by so many girls and have come up with the following generic advice (if you care to have it!): internet dating does work as a way to meet lovely men with similar beliefs, but only if you're prepared to be ruthless and dismiss 99% of them. The other thing I would say is to get out of cyberland as quickly as possible and into the real world of phone calls and face to face conversation.

I hope you find him!

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