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Unborn Spirit children

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Papillon Thu 13-Oct-05 16:30:47

Here are some links about them:

cosmic cradle
Pre-birth communication and here
Spirit babies

melsy Thu 20-Oct-05 22:21:33

I always take a last read of mn before shutting down pc. Duranfan I had to just say that reading what you have shared here tonight meant that I couldnt leave you withought someones acknowledgment. What you have wirtten is far far from waffle. In fact no reply I give will be appropriate for such a wonderful & moving account of your experiences the last 8 yrs. It sounds as if you are on an amazing journey. I will look forward to reading more about it. I would also like to talk more to you about your colour therapy if I may.

I dont want to sound flippant, but does anyone think that it may be possible that our unborn spirit children dont always come to us through concieving them ourselves and if you are to adopt, the child choosing you spiritualy could be part of our personal group of spirit children ??? Just a thought I had to share . x

jambuttie Thu 20-Oct-05 23:23:32

I lost my 1st child at 18 weeks and had to deliver it was taken away so quickly and i never even got to know the sex although i was convinced it was a boy.

On babies due date I went to my local spiritualist church and got a message. I don't normally cry but was soooo touched as my message was from my child[happy]

From my child i was told i would be congratulated withing 1 month and again in 2 years- baby was due 27th march 2001.

3 weeks later would you believe my 1st congratulation i was pregnant and 2 years later again i was preganant this time with twins due on 28 th march 2004- spooky really as this would have been 3yrs 1day since 1st child would have been due

Duranfan Thu 20-Oct-05 23:25:56

Hi Melsy

Wow, thank you for your kind words. I don't really see it as an amazing journey, but I should really shouldn't I!? I am truly grateful for my experiences, they have made me (and dh) who I am today! I also know we wouldn't have the marriage we have if it weren't for what we've been through. How can I not be grateful for that!?

I feel like I've always been searching for answers, and I believe I have found them one by one over the years, but thought that acknowledgement would help me conceive. Then at the same time, knew that there was something in my gut feeling that although nothing was wrong, it just wasn't meant to be in the usual way. I am only now coming to terms with this, and have tried so hard to turn my back on that gut feeling, willing it to be wrong, willing it to be fear based. I don't think it is.

Funny you should mention choosing our children thru adoption. I have heard all the horror stories, but am holding on tight to the fact that whatever child we are matched with has chosen us and we are each other's destiny. I know that I will get a feeling for the right child, and that is keeping both of us going. Adoption is such a scary thing, I don't think I could go through it if I didn't believe that all children choose their parents. I know (and feel) that I chose this life for various reasons, and have been through so many different emotions.

As for colour therapy, what is it you wanted to discuss!?

Thanks for replying, I'm really grateful..


jabberwitchy Thu 20-Oct-05 23:33:37

This is such a lovely thread.

At 18 I found myself accidentally pregnant and, for many reasons, decided to terminate the pregnancy. I grieved for my unborn child for the next 10 years. I began to fear that I would never have a child and that somehow I was being "punished" for what I had done.

At 36 I married dh, still thinking that it was too late to have children. Then over the next year I guess the clock started ticking and we began discussing it. I began to feel a frantic urge to conceive in the fall, just that it had to be done at a certain time. I was surprised/relieved/ecstatic when we conceived the second time we tried.

Ds was born one day after the due date of my first pregnancy. I have just felt from the beginning that this is the soul of my unborn child, who waited all this time to come back to me. He is very much an old soul btw, and I feel he is here to teach me many things.

melsy Fri 21-Oct-05 09:33:26

More and more lovely life storys.

Duran fan , regarding the colourtherapy , I just wondered how you found someone practising reflexology and colour therapy together, and how does she link the colours in a spiritual way? , does it form part of chakra work and the colours related ? Or is it quite a different colour work ?

Duranfan Fri 21-Oct-05 11:25:59

Melsy... she works in different ways. She douses for the colour at the start of the treatment to see what you are lacking. She then drapes a silk scarf of that colour over you and gives you crystals as well. She uses the same colour oil on your feet for the reflexology and then afterwards uses a crystal light with the colour in and passes this over the reflex points on your feet.

She also uses aura soma, which consists of lots of bottles with 2 different colours in each. She again uses the dousing technique and asks you to choose the colours you are drawn to. This is used for a reading really, and although it's interesting, I prefer the former method, as I find it only tells me what I know already. Good if you need confirmation, but over the years, I've learned to trust my own instincts.

All the colour work she does is related to the chakras.

I found her quite by accident, in a normal advert in a local paper... 8 years ago. She's been an inspiration to me. I'm now a practising reflexologist, but nowhere near as good as her.

Papillon Fri 21-Oct-05 19:23:12

Hello Duranfan, great to see you here on MN again, thanks so much for sharing your wisdom and journey. Very interesting and humbling You certainly have come a long way in realisation and acceptance. I do feel there is a spirit child out there for you, and yes I think that the journey of parenthood for certain individuals can begin with adoption, when the spirit and heart is open.

Abit irrelevant and far fetched perhpas, but look at Stuart Little!

Zephyrrywitchescat Fri 21-Oct-05 19:25:41

Do you think that men have any sort of spirit child with them?As an example, a girl that dp used to go out with got pregnant but had an abortion aithout telling him. Do you think that would come back to him as his cild as it was originally meant to be or stay with the 'mother'?

Papillon Fri 21-Oct-05 19:33:38

Depends what the child wants and who calls them the most. While the mother is most frequently focussed upon the father is also very important - he cannot be excluded. See the Celestine Prophesies with regards to a child selecting its parents.

In the Aboriginal culture the father must dream of the child for it to be claimed as his... see this

My dh dreamt of a child not long after the conception of my current pregnancy. I also have a male friend who believes he felt the moment that life sparked within me, and another male friend who I have not seen in years who just knew that I was pregnant. Perhaps I am having a boy!

Duranfan Fri 21-Oct-05 22:38:42

Thanks Papillon.. I'm surprised you remember me, I only posted once or twice quite a few months ago....

I definitely think I'm well on my way to my heart being open for a child. It's taken a long time, but it's taken us embarking on the adoption process for that to happen. Ironic really, when all I've ever wanted is to get pregnant.

We were offered donor embryos by a friend a few months back, and really shocked ourselves that we even considered it (being unexplained ourselves). Anyway, after much thought, we decided to go with the adoption, it felt more right than going down the donor route. On the day of our adoption interview, my friend rang up and said that it wasn't possible because she was 2 days over 35 when they were created... so that was that. The offer was only on the table for 2 weeks, but I really feel that was the catalyst in deciding that we wanted to go ahead with the adoption. Amazing what tools are given to us when we need them... .

Thank you for your kind words...

Papillon Sun 23-Oct-05 09:47:14

Duranfan I remember you, even started a thread for you in June. Felt your journey deeply have have kept you in my thoughts and sent wishes of parenthood in some form or another to you.

Ever since having an abortion 10 years ago my spirit child journey began and continues, it is very alive to me still and as such I have developed a feeling and interest in spirit children. A reason why I started this thread, to share, to learn, to conceive and to heal

Duranfan Sun 23-Oct-05 17:34:31

Oh thanks Papillon.. I didn't see it. Would you mind linking me to it, or is it not relevant now. That's really nice of you thank you...

Papillon Mon 24-Oct-05 14:46:17

There was no info on the thread Duranfan, it was a thread to offer you support and a place for an exchange of ideas if you were interested. This thread looks to have done some of that

Don´t forget me (we) are here if you ever want to talk.

Duranfan Mon 24-Oct-05 20:23:28

Thank you Papillon..I'll remember that.. might be needing some support over the next 6 months...

jabberwitchy Mon 24-Oct-05 20:32:02

Papillon, interesting that your journey began, as mine did, after terminating a pregnancy. After reading this thread I decided to purchase a charm bracelet with ds's birthstone and the birthstones of the baby that I decided not to have, and of the one that I miscarried. It felt good to acknowledge those little spirits, although I do feel that ds is the spirit of my first pregnancy.

Papillon Wed 09-Nov-05 17:34:25

thought to start a thread for this site, but felt it belonged in here

the biology of belief

"The truth is, much of what we have traditionally believed about babies is false. They are not simple beings but complex and ageless‹small creatures with unexpectedly large thoughts." [Chamberlain 1988]

jabberwocky Tue 15-Nov-05 18:39:36

Papillion, since reading this thread I have become more and more interested in this topic. Have just purchased a book on Spirit Babies and started a meditation last night with this goal in mind. Thank you so much.

RainbowWalker Tue 15-Nov-05 18:57:18

Very interesting thread...

Unbeknown to me as a child, my Mum had a m/c and a stillborn when I was 2 and 3 before having my brother when I was 4.

As a child (approx 5-12) I used to dream of having two younger sisters. I sometimes told my mum about these dreams and she always asked me lots of questions. It was only when I was in my teens that I knew of the lost babies. She knew the stillborn was a girl but often wondered about the one she miscarried.

Years on now, with children of my own at school, I am an amateur singer songwriter and last year got to record onto CD some of my work and record three-part harmonies... when my mum heard it for the first time she broke down in tears because she heard it as "her three daughters" all singing together... very moving.

Have now recorded a cover version of "No Frontiers" by the Corrs for her and she loves it!

Nice to make someone happy with my music.

Zephyrcat Tue 15-Nov-05 19:02:49

Hi there - do any of you know about the spirit of an unborn child coming to you in a dream as it's totem animal? I had a very significant dream which included an Eagle. Someone suggested it could be the baby coming as a spirit or its totem. When I looked up totems, one website had the Red Tailed Hawk as the totem animal for march 19th - April 19th - Baby is due within these dates.........

sunchowder Tue 15-Nov-05 20:16:32

What a wonderful thread. I have had several terminations over the years and dealt with them in a stoic manner, my first one at the age of 19. I have always tried to block my feelings about them, they were all terminated quite early (before a heartbeat, etc.)as I always knew unmistakably that I was pregnant. I believed I was with the wrong partner, somehow they were a mistake, the timing was wrong, I could go on. I moved though my life trying to block all of my feelings around this.

I married at 28, again to the wrong person and fortunately (or meant to be) never concieved during the marriage. I met a wonderful man 10 years later (bizarre story on meeting, but someone I was very close to and had become pregnant with 13 years earlier was responsible for the meeting between myself and my now DH) and within six months, I conceived my daughter on 9/20/1993. I remember what I felt, what I saw, everything--I said to my DP then, righta after we made love, that we had conceived a child. 3 weeks later I would confirm with a test. I knew she was a girl, I named her before I even went for the amnio. My DP at that time had 3 children (his wife had abandoned them a year earlier, they were divorced and she was living in another state) and I was pregnant with our 4th child. I have often thought about the terminations since (I had 4 of them) and the fact that I had been given an opportunity to raise children again in my lifetime as something that was meant to be. It wasn't until later in our relationship that I found out something else, his X had a baby die of placenta-pravia, she was a beautiful girl and they had named her Wendy (which is my name). My DH is from the UK, I have always lived in the States, his X and I are the same age (nothing alike though--she also had a baby with spina-bifida--she had a terrible time of it and then abandoned her kids).

It is odd and perfect the way that things turn and what life has in store for each of us. I love this thread and am very open and interested in this and the stories that are here. I appreciate everyone's sharing here.

paolosgirl Tue 15-Nov-05 20:23:22

I knew what sex all of mine were. DS, DD and the one I miscarried I know was a boy, even though it was too early to tell. The bit about spirit babies has kind of upset me, because since my m/c I've felt that I've denied my second son his existance, and constantly wonder if I should go for our third. Although my rational head says thats rubbish, I'm now even more confused.

sunchowder Tue 15-Nov-05 20:39:07

I feel badly that this has confused you--I only wanted to share what this thread made me think about for myself. I empathise with you Paolosgirl.

Zephyrcat Tue 15-Nov-05 21:05:48

paolosgirl I think you will know within yourself which way to go and I also believe that if it is meant to be, it will. I said that I wouldn't have any more children after ds last year but I couldn't rest with my decision. I am now pg again, unexpectedly, with number 3, and although it was a huge shock I feel a huge sense of calm and completion now.

paolosgirl Tue 15-Nov-05 22:13:25

Oh no, sunchowder, please don't feel bad. I think I've got issues that I need to resolve, and with the clock ticking (I'm 37 next year, DH is 43) we really need to make a decision soon.

jabberwocky Fri 18-Nov-05 02:29:17

This book I'm reading about Spirit Babies had a very interesting chapter about terminations. Since I had one at 18 I was particularly interested.

Anyway, it basically said that these little spirits simple go back up to wait for another try. If it is meant for them to be with that person they will just continue on until things go to fruition, so to speak, no matter how many tries it takes. Very comforting thought, that.

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