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Unborn Spirit children

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Papillon Thu 13-Oct-05 16:30:47

Here are some links about them:

cosmic cradle
Pre-birth communication and here
Spirit babies

Squirrel3 Fri 14-Oct-05 13:54:58

Uncanny Papillon, I had a termination after becomming preg after being raped and I was tormented for years about doing it and I one day (I'm not sure who I was talking to but...) I said The poor little thing didn't even have a name, then I heard (as clear as anything) "Bethany". It gave me comfort.

Later when I was a teaching assistant, there was this little girl who would only come into class when I was there, we didn't really talk much as she was very shy, but one day when (as a class) we were all making something she just ran over to me and gave me the biggest hug and told me that she really loved me. I felt such a strong bond with her, her name was Bethany. She was the same age as my child would have been, but I am sure she was with the 'right mother'.

Maybe it was just coincidence, maybe something else...

Squirrel3 Fri 14-Oct-05 14:08:44

Its comforting to think that 'Bethany's' spirit is out there and she may have been born to someone else who could give her what I couldn't at the time.

SirFurmum Fri 14-Oct-05 14:10:09

I'm getting shivers down my spine!

Papillon Fri 14-Oct-05 14:29:40

It is comforting Squirrel, it did upset me at first but now I feel honoured she sought me out even when i did not want her

I am pleased to make your acquaintence

Squirrel3 Fri 14-Oct-05 14:34:46

CreepyJess Sun 16-Oct-05 22:22:23

I feel a very very strong connection to my best friend's little girl. I have always felt this way about her. I love her almost like my own.. She sometimes feels like mine. Her mum knows I feel like this about her.

She comes out with some very insightful things. I was driving along once with her and my DD and my DS in the back of the car and she told me a tale about when she saw her mum and dad and me and my DH dancing in a pub! I told her that we never go to pubs anymore, at least not together and certainly not to dance not since all our children came along! She said 'no no.. this was before I was born.. I was watching you all.. I was still with God...'

She is five now. I hope she doesn't lose this. She is such a sweet child.. possibly an indigo child although she does not seem to have an issue with others the way I have read indigo children can. If another child cries because their balloon blows away she will give hers to the child - even one she doesn't know! - in a second. She is always like this.

I have a lot of spiritual-type children's books which I read to my own children.. but she likes them best I have just ordered her three for Christmas from Amazon.

CJ x

CreepyJess Sun 16-Oct-05 22:25:59

Paps that link below 'Spirit Babies' links to Stories Of The Unborn Soul, that book I was urging you to read a while ago.. have you read it yet?

Papillon Mon 17-Oct-05 12:16:18

Hi CJ, no I haven´t read it. Have done alot reading online and also some of my own writing. Don´t buy new books much as I have two sources of extremely cheap books and I like the randomness of browsing 2nd hand.

On the other hand, have just been given (well dh) gift vouchers and there are a couple of books I am interested in getting so this book might be a good idea - especially for research purposes.

In the new born year looks like another good books of hers, I have had afew good dreams and have been keeping a journal which is insightful and works towards a writing project I have.

alux Mon 17-Oct-05 19:04:42

I had a miscarriage years ago which I never told my mum about. when I was pg, she dreamt that she came visiting and my aunt met with her and told her that I had 2 babies but only one of them was alive but that the lo was healthy. hhhhmmmm.

Ellbell Mon 17-Oct-05 22:00:01

I find it very hard to believe in this sort of thing... and yet, and yet... I had a m/c before I had dd1. The baby's edd was 1st March. When I got pg with dd2, her edd was 9th March (but 2 years later, obviously). I didn't think anything of it at the time, but she was born 8 days early, on the date when her sibling would have been due. I do sometimes feel that she is here for both of them, if that makes sense. She is also the sort of child of whom people say that 'she has been here before', and a good Italian friend always says that she is 'wise'. Probably a coincidence, but...

melsy Mon 17-Oct-05 22:30:14

What wondwerful and amazing experiences to read before bed this evening. This aspect of the spiritual life has certainly rekindled some part of me & it seems piqued interest in lots of others. Lovely that you started this paps xx. I actually get quite a lump in my throat,(obviously I have some stuff to unblock in a big way),as it seems to remind me of my/our connection to things not just physical.

I was very touched by the newborn year excerpts (sp?) and am compiling an email to go to the author. Im finding it quite a moving(yet also hard) experince to write about,& each night i have re done bits , as new memorys surface. Its shown me/reminded me that not all of my 1st year with dd was trauma related.

CreepyJess Tue 18-Oct-05 09:40:52

Ellbell, I also think your DDs (both of them but maybe more so, DD2) are very 'wise' for their years (although this could be due to their boffin gene pool!! ..

Maybe DD2 is the same soul who came to you again.. so rather than being both of them.. she the 'one that slipped away'...

I sometimes wonder if my friend's child as mentioned below is mine that I lost through miscarriage.. she feels like mine in a very odd way that I can't descibe because she is D & N's child in every physical way possible and has a wonderful close realtionship with her parents.. and looks like her dad.. but the connection I feel to her goes deeper than that. I definitely think (know?) that she and I have some 'previous'. Also, she had the same due date (!) as me (26th March) but she was a premmie born six weeks early... and so was I! Her birthday is 15th Feb.. mine is the 18th. She spent some time in SCBU with jaundice/infection etc which, according to my mum, is very similar to the problems I had at birth. And when she was a young baby we still lived 250 miles away so she didn't see lots of me. But she would always settle for me as if she knew me well.. and I couldn't wait to see her each time were coming to visit. I didn't miss her in the sense that I miss my own children when I am away from them.. but there is ...something. When she has been here and she goes home I feel vaguely like somebody is missing for a while! It makes me feel a bit guilty as I love her little brother too, as much as I do her but I don't have the same connection to him.

What are your views on this Paps?

CJ x

iris66 Tue 18-Oct-05 09:56:38

isn't this a beautiful way to share our experiences - bet many of you thought (as I did) that what you felt was just a bit odd & put it to the back of your mind keeping it as a warm & fuzzy comfort thought. Just goes to show how connected we all are.
I certainly believe that a soul chooses to experience mc for the benefit of all concerned (as traumatic as it is) and that it aides our spiritual progression. Also that absolutely everything happens for a reason. I keep thinking that wouldn't it be lovely if we could truly understand what we needed to do to properly help our children but I suppose the answer is simply that they chose to be born to us because we, through our own life/soul experiences, are perfect equipped to support their growth anyway. Humbling eh. x

Ellbell Tue 18-Oct-05 12:47:29

My dd1 is very emotionally intelligent, I think. She is a bit like how you describe your friend's dd, CJ, in that she will always seek out and try to comfort any child who seems upset or unable to fit in. But she isn't 'deep' like dd2 is. As an example, last summer we went in a cable car in Italy. It was a bit windy and the car was swaying and I was a bit scared (cos I'm a wuss!). I was holding dd2, and she just whispered in my ear, 'It's OK mummy, don't be scared, I'm here'. She was 2! But it was as if she really meant it... that nothing bad could happen to me while she was there. I'm not sure about her being 'the one that slipped away' though, as I was convinced that that was a boy (though, in fact, it probably wan't anything yet, as it was a blighted ovum...). Lovely thread anyway... and I am supposedly a sceptic!

CreepyJess Tue 18-Oct-05 14:57:59

Even a blighted ovum would have been a potential little boy or girl...

(ONG I am late for collected the kids.. bl**dy MN... )

pinkmagic1 Tue 18-Oct-05 15:12:27

According to the lady who did my first scan when I was pregnant with DS, he was concieved on the day of my Grandads funeral. I knew right from the beggining I was expecting a little boy.

Papillon Wed 19-Oct-05 13:05:47

My views, as per request:

I think the connection to a spirit child, whether you are the birth parent; they seek you out or find them birthed through others is dependant on your own views of the concept in this Earth life and the dimensions of the Universe:

How you view and decide or not to deal with this depends on your:
that such a pre and post birth communication exists.

I ask myself as someone who has/is experiencing this:
- Why does this child seek me out?
- What type of lessons have I to offer this child?
- Am I standing in my place of truth, a strong happy person, so that opportunites can foster and blossom?
- How such a relationship will individually shape us both and the potentials of the connection?

Everyone has their own individual feelings about such questions and that will depend on where they are in their life´s journey. But the more this concept is discovered and nourished as real in peoples lives, then the more knowledge will be gained. It does not require answers, it requires acceptance and actualisation that spirit children and people do connect and do exist.

I feel the truth in your post iris66 that it aids our spiritual progression - through loss, but also too through gain. I wonder at those woman who desire a child, but seem unable to keep a pregnancy or conceive when there is no medical explanation. How could conversations with their spirit children increase their chances of bringing the child into the Earth Life? Has anyone any experience or readings they could share about that?

Does anyone have any more thoughts or views they would like to share?

iris66 Wed 19-Oct-05 14:33:10

That was beautifully put Papillon.
FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real)is, I feel, the biggest blockage of our energy. It drives everything negative in the world from racism to greed. If one aims for love and integrity in everything then acceptance, that the path we are on is correct, should follow.
It is interesting that, in many cases, once the "I want/have got to/should have a baby" attitude ceases, and true acceptance of the childless state takes its place, women who have been having trouble concieving often do.

Papillon Wed 19-Oct-05 19:44:27

Yes in order to gain something you must first let go of what is craved or holding you back from progress on life´s journey.

Fear is a huge habit and vaccum upon human lives. There is alot of reinforcement in our societies of control and mis-use of power that to find real control and power in one´s own life are tools rarely found or used. We could have a thread just upon the subject of FEAR if anyone is interested?

I wonder at the place of adoption in connecting to your spirit child? Perhaps the journey of parenthood for certain individuals is meant to begin with adoption?

gothicmama Wed 19-Oct-05 20:00:41

an interesting thread one on fear would be good. I have been looking at this topic quite deeply and have come through the othe side. This has been truely beautiful to read and makes sense of a lot of things that have seemed strange to me and almost of my own imaginings

Donbean Wed 19-Oct-05 20:07:56

I so wish that this thread was active when i lost my two babies through M/C.
The words on this page from you all are just lovely and i would have found so much comfort and strength from such philosophy, truly i would.

Its almost like some one has come and put a warm blanket around my shoulders, explaining to me why my babies didnt come as i expected them to.

I feel ok with it all after reading the spirit babies link, for the first time in 5 years.

Always i have believed that if things had run smoothly with my lost babies, i would not now have my wonderful little bean, he was waiting to come.

Ive told this to one or two people, who have looked at me with a strange pitiful look. They just didnt understand i guess, you all do.

but now im

Papillon Wed 19-Oct-05 20:09:49

bags not that I have to start it!

melsy Wed 19-Oct-05 20:14:55

Thats lovely donbean. I relate to your warm blanket metaphor.

Now I wonder if my little "sent back" one is still around me , may be waiting to come back to me anotner time.

Papillon Wed 19-Oct-05 20:16:58

Donbean that was beautiful, thanks for sharing

Gothicmama if you have the time would love to hear your insights and stories about what seemed strange and of imagings if you are willing to share them.

Blessings to all

Duranfan Thu 20-Oct-05 20:31:49

Someone has linked me to this thread, and I now know why..!

I am one of the people you speak of, who has no medical reason for not being able to concieve for 8 years. DH and I are ridiculously fertile and always have been.. IVF didn't work, but I knew it wouldn't and I've always had this deep down feeling that I wouldn't have my own baby.

This has frightened me silly for many years and the fear you speak of is very real to me, or has been. I have tried everything, from every therapy in the book, hypnotherapy, regression etc. etc. to the more practical solution of giving up work, changing career, taking time off. You name it, I've done it.

This has led me on one hell of a spiritual path and we've gone from "adoption, NO WAY", to "well let's look into it", to "excited that we are now on that path". I know I won't get pg before we adopt. I've asked so many times why my baby hasn't chosen me... she's very real to me... Mia Eleanor...and I have meditated, visualised her and called her... but she's not coming!!

All our fears about adoption are slowly slipping away... I feel more positive and accepting of this now than I have in years. I now truly believe that we are meant to adopt... that this experience of "unexplained infertility" has led us to be the sort of people who CAN adopt. I know many can't... and it's now made us feel quite special that we are doing this. Special, not in an egotistical way, but in a spiritual way... that our child WILL chose us, but they will chose us via another body!! I completely believe this is meant to be.

That's not to say that it doesn't break my heart that I may never carry my own child, but as time goes on, I am accepting that more and more.

Today, I had my usual monthly reflexology/colour therapy, which I've been having with the same lady for 8 years. She doused me and I needed coral this time, which is a colour I have never picked in 8 years. It is about letting go.

Anyway, I have so much more to say... 8 long years of things to say... but I just wanted to thank you for a lovely thread, because I truly believe any child we are lucky to adopt will be better off with us as a Mum and Dad, purely based on our experiences in the past 8 years.

Oh yes, to Iris66.. your story touched me, because when I was regressed, my Mum's miscarried baby (when I was 14 yrs old) was with me... I got an overwhelming feeling that his spirit was going to be my baby. He told me he wasn't ready back then, but I'm not to blame myself for him not being born (I didn't want Mum to have another baby then). I didn't think much of it for a while, because as per usual, I didn't get pg and I thought "here we go again, another therapist telling me rubbish"... but now we are adopting... well you never know.

Sorry for the long waffle... C xx

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