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Unborn Spirit children

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Papillon Thu 13-Oct-05 16:30:47

Here are some links about them:

cosmic cradle
Pre-birth communication and here
Spirit babies

Papillon Fri 04-Oct-13 06:50:57

An addition to this wonderful thread, may it continue to inspire, nature and reassure parents everywhere !

I have recently had a visualisation / lucid dream about a circle of whales who wanted me to get in the centre of the circle. In the centre was a whale who wanted help birthing her calf. I wasn't keen to get into the water, but decided to be brave and dived down and was midwife to the pregnant whale. After the calf was born, the whales sent out the word, Mela. I searched the words meaning;
Mela is Sanskrit for Gathering, celebration.
It's also part of the scientific name for the Long finned Pilot Whale - Globicephala melas (more a dolphin than a whale)
I sing to honour and acknowledge the whales : whale whisper, karanga to the whales for some years now. Recently was in a kayak very near a young humpback whale. Have had some wonderful connecting experiences with whales responding to whale calling.
Then I learn a girl child is on her way.

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