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M2T Tue 11-Oct-05 13:31:04

Hi guys.... step in, grab a yak skin, straw filled cushion and roll a herbal cig.

I'm baking some 'herbal' muffins in the stove..... relaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax and breath whilst I get them out.

spidermama Tue 11-Oct-05 13:32:17

Mmmmmmmmm M2T you're my kinda girl.
Can I bring my shrooms for sharing?

M2T Tue 11-Oct-05 13:34:13

Thought I'd revive the Yurt as well as my original posting name.....

Watch you don't trip over my Llama, brought her coz its raining.... and I'm going to milk her in a sec. Cup of tea with your muffin? Or a glass of Nettle wine?

M2T Tue 11-Oct-05 13:35:28

Get yer 'shroooms out then! I'll make a brew.

WigWamBam Tue 11-Oct-05 13:36:35

Nice llama.

Can I join you in a muffin and a nice glass of something calming?

spidermama Tue 11-Oct-05 13:36:39

Tea please. I'm assuming it's Rooibosh tea? Can I have it with hemp milk. Llama milk brings my solar plexus chakra out in a nasty rash.

M2T Tue 11-Oct-05 13:41:16

I find Llama milk helps my heartburn. Nettle wine tends to give me heartburn, so I alternate...... then again, if I eat enough of these "herbal" muffins I won't care if I've got heartburn!

WWB - >glug glug glug< Nettle wine? Oh sorry, there might be a llama hair in it!

M2T Tue 11-Oct-05 13:42:36

Spidermama - I'm afraid you'll have to fetch some Hemp Milk.... I used the last of it in the muffins. Sorry.

But have a draaaaaaaaaaaaaag on this!

>M2T slumps on the floor with an inate grin<

spidermama Tue 11-Oct-05 13:43:21

When a few more arrive we can join hands and begin chanting.

Dum di dum. Whistle.

Whoah! Those muffins are quick to work. Wooowee!

M2T Tue 11-Oct-05 13:45:04

>M2T manages to lift head off bean bag<

Why wait?


WigWamBam Tue 11-Oct-05 13:46:26

Turn on the whale music for a bit of inspiration.

These muffins are the business ...

<sinks into straw-filled cushion, wails gently>

M2T Tue 11-Oct-05 14:03:59

Sorry folks! Lost consciousness there. For a short time I was floating around my own Psyche...... keeping in touch with my inner self.

>for that read I was stoned<

How could I forget the ambience of the whale sounds!

spidermama Tue 11-Oct-05 14:06:36

Whoah! This is just, like, full on man. I mean it. This yurt is, like, well spiritual.
You guys are so right. About everything.

Gotta go. Need to eat. Peace. \/

WigWamBam Tue 11-Oct-05 14:08:26

<sings along with the whale music>

I'm not sure the llama likes it though ...

<chews on shrooms and watches windchimes rippling in the breeze, contemplates The Meaning Of Life and decides on another muffin instead>

Papillon Tue 11-Oct-05 14:08:34

well this is a nice suprise - the yurt! and right on time as it is harvest season

M2T Tue 11-Oct-05 14:10:15

Know what you mean maaaaaaaaaaan. Totally full on isn't it?

Eat?? You've got to eat? My muffins not good enough for you?

I'm making hemp cookies too.... whenever I stop hallucinating!

Hi Brad....d'you mind, like, not groping me whilst I'm baking.

CreepyJess Tue 11-Oct-05 14:10:40


M2T Tue 11-Oct-05 14:14:26

CreepyJess - Come closer..... its getting a bit smoky in here and I can't focus on you.

Nettle wine?

HuggyBear Tue 11-Oct-05 14:26:52

whats a yurt?

moondog Tue 11-Oct-05 14:47:58

I have a big stash of home made muesli to share!

Will you let me play my Grateful Dead lps??

WigWamBam Tue 11-Oct-05 14:49:46

The Grateful Dead sounds very appealing after all of these muffins and that cigarette that M2T keeps passing around ...

Papillon Tue 11-Oct-05 14:50:30

a yurt is an extremely sensitive structure HB... a mongolian tent that is attuned to the higher vibrations of life on the sands of time.

anything goes here - especially muffins. I have a lovely carpet which I love to roll about on laughing my ar§e off.

I will have some of that Nettle wine... ta and a sliver of muffin. Brought my sheisha with, and I like the sacral / crown chakra milieu.

HuggyBear Tue 11-Oct-05 14:52:17

Still lost!!!

thought it was a drug den lol

Papillon Tue 11-Oct-05 14:54:53

As its getting well smokey in here wot with the sheisha and that lovely cigarette - I have brought out my incense burner, wind machine and orgone generator.

Peace *o_o*

HuggyBear Tue 11-Oct-05 14:55:51

erm..... exactly whats in those muffins? lol

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