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baptism. can i just join a church?

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missytequila Fri 07-Jan-11 22:46:42

I have not been going to church in the last few years,since moving to the uk. I am C of E... but now that I have had a baby I would like to start going and have her baptised/christened...

can i just go to the lovely church that my friend goes to and just get my baby christened?

how does it work in london... i am clueless.

any advice much appreciated. x

imgonnaliveforever Fri 07-Jan-11 23:39:48

You can go wherever you like, and ask about getting baby christened. Most C of E churches will do it. Other denominations might not. Depends what your friend's church is.

MyrrhyBS Sat 08-Jan-11 15:20:40

I started going to church again when I had my children, its a good incentive, I found!

Like imgonna says, most C of E churches will do it, particularly if you plan to worship there on a regular basis.

I think it helps if you go where you know someone, like your friend...

jaffacakeaddict Sat 08-Jan-11 16:43:00

If I were you I'd try visiting a variety of local churches and see where you feel most comfortable. Once you have found a church you like and would like to attend I'd speak to the vicar / minister re baptism. Different churches can vary a lot in character, even within the same denomination and you may find that while some have creches and other activities for children others may offer nothing at all. Have fun!

BetsyBoop Sat 08-Jan-11 20:18:14

Assuming your friend's church is CofE, and unless the system has changed recently, the process is slightly different depending upon whether the church is your parish church or not (you can find your parish church [[ here]]

If it's your parish church then the priest has a "duty" to baptise any child (or adult for that matter) living in the parish if requested.

If it's not your parish church and you are not on the (church) electoral role (you have to have been a regular attender for 6 months to get on the electoral role of a church that isn't your parish church) then the priest would normally contact your parish priest to ask "permission" for him to carry out the baptism of one of his "flock" - some priests will expect you to have attended for a while before doing this, others are less bothered.

Either way not an insurmountable problem, and far more inportant IMHO to be going to the "right" church for you rather than it necessarily your parish church. (Says she as someone who doesn't go to her parish church )

BetsyBoop Sat 08-Jan-11 20:19:28

I'll try that link again blush


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