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Can somebody help me?

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puddingpie Fri 07-Jan-11 14:22:20

I have name changed for this, but I am a mumsnet regular!
I am looking for some help regarding Judaism. I was raised to have no religion, an atheist Dad, indifferent mother. Dh is an atheist, quite a vocal one. He belongs to the local Sceptics group.
I have always described myself as an atheist, although I suppose this description is not true. More I lack faith of any kind.
However, I have always felt drawn towards Judaism, and I have visited Synagogues, a read up on it. I cannot explain why. I feel a bit like a have a hole in my soul, where maybe there is room for G-d, and faith. Christianity most definately is not for me.
I am going to be starting a course at my local Progressive Synagogue soon, I told dh it was to keep my brain working (did religion in my degree so no reason he would not believe this), but really I just want to spend more time there, and learn more.
So, a possible option in the future might be conversion. Could this ever work, with an atheist husband? I am not sure he would want our children to join me (we already have a few!).
I would love any examples of how this arrangement has (or has not!) worked!

I have a feeling if I talk to dh about this, he will put it down to me being lonely and bored (which I am not, particularly!).

If you could share any advice, experience or knowledge I would be really grateful.

WisteriaWoman Fri 07-Jan-11 18:25:55

Wow what an interesting question. I really can't help you as I'm not Jewish or an atheist but I'm looking forward to reading the replies as once I was v interested in judaism as a faith. There are lots of really good Jewish / conversion website mainly based in the US so they might be able to help... just google conversion. HOpefully someone at your synagogue will be able to help you with your dilemma.

However, DH accepted you with a degree in religion so he knows that you've got religious / spiritual leanings so perhaps it may not come as a total shock. My DH is a fanatical atheist to I understand /sympathise with your dilemma.

BTW the other reason I'm replying to this post is your name change is my DD's nick name !

Shabat Shalom


GarrettNoachides Fri 07-Jan-11 20:00:54

Judaism does have a path for Gentiles without having to fully convert which may be of interest for you. has a lot of detailed information about this (in much smoother writing that I can do right now). I've lived as an observant Noachide for several years with my family (including vocally atheist in-laws) and am happy to talk about it further if you are interested!

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