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Any angel stories?

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TimeForABrew Fri 31-Dec-10 03:55:41

Hi all, just wondered if anyone has any stories of meeting angels (apart from your DD or DS of course), you would be kind enough to share?

I have no personal experience, just like to hear of such things.

WisteriaWoman Fri 31-Dec-10 08:57:29

I remember Gloria Hunniford talking about her late daughter's belief in angels, in particular "parking angels". You pray for an angel to find you a parking space and you get one. I know it sounds totally bonkers but it works everytime for me.

indigobarbie Fri 31-Dec-10 13:23:25

I may have met a few angels (but didn't realise it at the time) but I think more often they send people to help at the right time.
I too ask for parking spaces, I also ask for things like 'my perception of time to be slowed down', as recently I felt as if the days were just flying past and I was missing out on things. It can take a lot of faith to believe in things that we can't see, but I also have seen angels in my mind's eye, or felt their vibration. All crazy sounding I know.
I have had a lot of angel experiences, and when I remember to I write them in my blog: I must admit it's not as full or up to date as I'd like, but a work in progress. Your post has prompted me to get more of my experiences out there for others to read, so thank you smile

TimeForABrew Fri 31-Dec-10 18:31:55

Great indigobarbie, will have a look, thanks!

Wisteria, parking angels does sound odd, especially as I don't think I'd be remotely interested in finding parking spaces for humans if I were an angel, however, I often lose important things such as bank cards & praying to st Anthony nearly always results in the lost items being found, so just because it sounds odd doesn't make it not so, will try the parking angels next time I need a parking space! Thank you

LesAnimaux Fri 31-Dec-10 18:35:19

Well, I belive in angels, and I know I have my own gurdian angel. He/she is constantly on my left shoulder.

I didn find an "angel" feather when I unpacked my hostpital bag after was a difficult birth, and I'm pretty sure both our guardian angels were heavily involved.

ilovemyhens Sat 01-Jan-11 02:11:07

My dh told me that one day he was crossing a road and stepped into it, then something grabbed him and pulled him back onto the pavement just as a car went past at speed. He thinks that might have been an angel.

Himalaya Sat 01-Jan-11 13:40:23

Oh good grief. Birds drop feathers all the time, and if you drive around long enough you always find a parking space. No supernatural occurances happening here.You might as well say spirits are communicating with you by leaving mysterious messages in the form of dog turds on the pavement.

Why do so many women ( does generally seem to be women..) fall for this angels codswallop?

TimeForABrew Sat 01-Jan-11 17:05:52

Oh Himalaya, you must have been sent to try our faith! just kidding.

Some people believe, some don't, this is for nice stories, I love the thought of benign beings looking out for us.

ilovemyhens Sat 01-Jan-11 21:13:09

My dh wasn't making the story up and he's certainly not prone to fanciful musings. He's also a bloke, not some silly woman hmm

Himalaya Sat 01-Jan-11 22:24:18

nope I agree men can belive in silly things too, but I have heard far more girlfriends than blokes talk about angels.

With your DH don't you think it is likely that he saw/heard the car out of the corner of his eye, and it was his subconscious, not a cloud of faeries that pulled him back from danger?

TimeForABrew Sun 02-Jan-11 05:10:58

This thread is not about "rational" explanations

ilovemyhens Sun 02-Jan-11 11:44:59

I never said it was fairies that pulled him back confused

Why does everything in life have to be rationalised anyway? It's boring.

ilovemyhens Sun 02-Jan-11 11:48:32

Why do people come into this section to ridicule others experiences anyway? It's the spirituality section. If people aren't into any of that stuff then go post someplace else.

Don't you think people are sick and tired of hearing stuff about God not existing and angels aren't real etc. etc. etc. It's boring and has been done to death.

If people choose to believe then that's their business. Don't you think that every believer knows all about the doubt feelings, but you cannot take faith away from a believer, so what's the point of trying? Just leave them alone.

TimeForABrew Sun 02-Jan-11 16:23:50

Hear hear ilovemyhens, if you think it's all bunkum then this thread isn't aimed at you so just leave it alone.

Himalaya Sun 02-Jan-11 23:59:25

Hold up a minute,  believing in angels is not like thinking that bowling is fun, or that rap is the best kind of music - it is not just something you can just 'be into' or not.

If there really are spirit beings (dead people?) wandering around, undetectable but able to impact on the physical world,  that is huge news. It concerns everyone, surely not just a select group of people who enjoy thinking about angels (..but not too hard). If what you say is true it changes everything we thought we knew about biology and physics - and it is therefore a legitimate topic for rational examination. 

If it isn't true, then it is something more on par with adults believing in Father Christmas, and why shouldn't it be subject to the odd piss-take?

You may be right* ilovemyhens*that there is no point arguing with believers.   But i think it is incredibly sad that people think the real world is 'boring'. I do think it is worth calling people (adults) out on beliefs that defy evidence. We would not think it strange or rude to do this in a thread on politics. child development, food even, so why in a thread under the Philosophy, spirituality, religion banner is it not the done thing?

My guess is that angels is a topic for spiritual titilation - game playing between mutually consenting adults, and therefore a rationalist opinion ruins the moment, like your mum bumbling in to your bedroom when you are deep in a fantasy about George Clooney. 

So that said, I'll leave you to it.       

indigobarbie Mon 03-Jan-11 12:37:13

I believe in Angels because I have had experiences with them. This is why I believe. This is all the evidence I need, and before I had any experiences it was not something I consciously thought about or believed in or not. I certainly will not try to rationalise my experiences for others, as I cannot. I have experienced it, not them. Whether you believe me is up to you, if you don't it doesn't matter.

Some people believe in Angels just like they believe in God. smile

ilovemyhens Mon 03-Jan-11 15:13:25

Arguing with someone about their beliefs is totally pointless. Of course there is no 'evidence' for what people believe in. It's not provable like gravity or oxygen. What do you want me to say? "Oh dear, there's no evidence for God, so I'm not going to believe in that anymore, I'll just pop outside for a fag then watch X-Factor" hmm

Right, that's that one sorted then. The Bible's only good for propping up the rabbit hutch anyway isn't it? hmm

What more worthy subjects can I take an interest in during 2011?

TimeForABrew Mon 03-Jan-11 18:02:02

Sigh, didn't intend to start a debate, Himalaya, why did you post on this thread at all?

ilovemyhens Mon 03-Jan-11 18:08:36

They post because all atheists are absolutely frustrated that some people have faith in something. They are furious and see it as their mission to reveal the absolute truth and open our eyes to their reality.

Why should they care anyway, and more to the point, why should we care too?

Eastenders infuriates me, but I wouldn't try to persuade a fan of the show to stop watching it. It's up to them what they do with their time and if some people choose to believe, what of it?

Himalaya Mon 03-Jan-11 23:34:44

Timeforabrew do you want me to answer, or go away? Don't want to overstay my welcome.

TimeForABrew Tue 04-Jan-11 02:46:04

Interested in your answer - why post something that is irrelevant to the thread title (unless asked to do so)?

Himalaya Tue 04-Jan-11 08:42:19

Thanks Timeforabrew. I posted here because your OP seemed general, open and enquiring. I wouldn't have posted for example if it was about someone who had recently lost a loved one and believed that that person was visiting them as an angel.

Secondly, although I've not been on MN long it seems like a feisty bunch of (mainly) women who don't mind a bit robust debate and humour. Maybe i read it wrong and this section has more of character of a multi-faith conference where its all serious and respectful and people from different religions are at pains not to admit that their doctrines are mutually incompatible, and whats more they believe that theirs is the only true route to enlightenment and eternal life in heaven.

I am interested in the angels topic because of its growing popularity, alongside other mysterious thinking (both religious and non-religious) which has a perplexing (to me) hold on people, despite advances in science and education. I don't see why religious ideas should be beyond challenge.

I think atheists are generally seen as coming accross as rude because people are used to automatic deference being given to religious ideas. Though not many people respect this convention and wouldn't challenge someone's belief in angels, you can be sure that many will think its a bit soft-headed. I would be seriously worried if my Prime Minister, airline pilot or doctor professed a relationship with angels.

When I talk to theists about the conflict between science and religion they usually say something along the lines of 'you athesists seem to be stuck on a child's idea of god with a big white beard, living in the clouds, answering prayers, it is all much more profound, metaphorical and mysterious than that. God is outside of time and place, he/she/it isn't a 'being' as we understand it, he doesn't intervene, he/she/it is not detectable in the real need a faith and/or some serious study of theology to get it. There is no conflict between science and religion.'

The angels thing seems quite different - more like ghosts, fairies, poltergeist and other supposed supernatural phenomena. They humanoid, temporal, here and interventionist. They are apparently engaged in sub-Derren Brown trickery like moving feathers around (or are the feathers believed to have fallen from their wings?). These kinds of claims are testable and can be subject to rational examination. So why not? Every other topic on MN is fair game.

Sorry though that I derailed your thread. If you start another one and label it clearly as not for rational discussion, I will hide the topic and promise not to post on it. grin

TimeForABrew Tue 04-Jan-11 11:20:20

Thanks Himalaya, i agree beliefs are open to debate, it was the thread derailing that irked me, it was the equivalent of me posting a reply on a thread called "buying a holiday home in Bulgaria, any tips?" to the tune of " never been to Bulgaria but I visited Greece once, that was very nice, who here prefers Greece to Bulgaria?"

I had another short thread called "what are your philosophical musings?" it wasn't very popular, but what you've posted would do nicely on there!

nickschick Tue 04-Jan-11 11:27:56

I had an angel dream.

In short my mil had died a few years before,as I was sleeping in my dream i went to the local shops and out of the phone box near the shops stepped my mil ....she was dressed quite 'earthy' and had short messy hair very unlike her real life persona had been (she looked a bit like a pottery teacher) well in this dream she explained how shed been watching us but declined to come back to the house to see dh bcos 'he hadnt gotten used to her going' the reason she could see me was that I had 'accepted' that shed gone...I asked why my mum hadnt come with her (shed died many years before) she told me I hadnt accepted my mum had gone and to see her would mean I grieved again like a 11 year old child but I wasnt 11 anymore and it wasnt to be - it made a lot of sense to me tbh.

Accompanying my mil was a man a v handsome bloke darker skinned a bit like Andy Garcia and he explained he was dhs brother whod died as a baby.

You might think this was just a wild dream but several things came out of this,MIL was very dominated by FIL she wore what he liked her to wear had it been her choice she would have been a bit 'earthy' obviously I didnt know this and then fil revealed the baby that had died did look darker and had jet black hair.

It gave great solace to dh and fil whether it was a 'real meet' or not.

Vev Tue 04-Jan-11 16:18:14

I love your post nickschick.

I've had a couple of dreams where my grans come to see me. The difference with these dreams are that instead of not really knowing the scenery, everything seems so real as if you're really there and you never forget the dream.

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