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sarah293 Thu 30-Dec-10 16:54:22

Message withdrawn

teddies Thu 30-Dec-10 17:02:28

Elsa Kazi?

sarah293 Thu 30-Dec-10 17:18:45

Message withdrawn

teddies Thu 30-Dec-10 17:22:51


teddies Thu 30-Dec-10 17:23:21

oops I meant Kristiane Backer

sarah293 Thu 30-Dec-10 17:32:28

Message withdrawn

teddies Thu 30-Dec-10 18:08:51

What an interesting woman, I have been reading the book synopsis. She does say she is looking for an English publisher. "My aim is to help building bridges between peoples, cultures and religions, especially between Islam and the West." Well said. We need more of that.

In a way I was reminded of the Israeli singer Ofra Haza, there was a very good programme about her on radio 4 earlier.


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