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Little baby Jesus - will make you smile!

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LittlePushka Fri 03-Dec-10 23:34:13

We live in a farm with stables and a great big old open fire. I was listening in to a bedtime chatter between DS2 (2.9 yrs) talking to his older brother, (4 yrs)about Christmas and such:

Little Son: "Is Jesus born at Christmastime?"

Big Son: "Yep"

Little Son: " Father Christmas comes at Christmastime?"

Big Son: "Yep"

Little Son: "Does he bring Baby Jesus down the chimney with him?"

Big Son: " Yep"

Little Son: "Why does he do that?"

Big Son: " Because our fire is nice and warm and if Father Christmas left him out in our stables he'd get so cold he would die and that's not until Easter..."

grin I'd say I'm sort of getting the Christmas story over!!

TotallyUnheardOf Sat 04-Dec-10 04:16:59

grin That's beautiful.

Reminds me of my dd1, when she was about 4, telling her sister (who was 2) that "It definitely doesn't hurt when you have a baby, cos when Mary had Baby Jesus she had him in a stable and she didn't even need to go to the hospital".

WillowFae Sat 04-Dec-10 13:24:31

Awww, that's lovely :D

TryLikingClarity Sun 05-Dec-10 08:40:53


gingercurl Sun 05-Dec-10 20:33:40


LittlePushka Sun 05-Dec-10 23:24:10

Thought it would make you smile!!! wink

Joy to you all!

madangelhaironchristmasday Mon 06-Dec-10 16:37:40

smile awww bless them!

oxocube Wed 08-Dec-10 20:05:11

smile So cute!

oxocube Wed 08-Dec-10 21:13:15

Have just shared this adorable story with some friends via FB smile

LittlePushka Mon 13-Dec-10 20:37:59

[sgrin] Oxocube!!

LittlePushka Mon 13-Dec-10 20:38:57

or even..grin oxocube !!!!

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