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Pantheists / other pagans - how are you celebrating Yule?

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SpawnChorus Tue 09-Nov-10 13:30:53

DH and I have been brainstorming for (young) child-friendly yule celebration ideas, such as watching dawn or sunset from a local hill on the 21st, various seasonal craft activities, having a meal with some foraged elements (tricky!).

What other ideas do you have

faeriefruitcake Tue 09-Nov-10 15:22:04

Make a Yule wreath out of child friendly things, my 3yr old likes foam stickers so we're planning to make one out of that.

Foraging is the local supermarket but we make cupcakes and decorate them with seasonal themes.

You could make a Yule log, both edible and real, and they could help witht the making and mixing.


Grockle Thu 11-Nov-10 19:17:17

We (me and DS, aged 5) make Yule logs (1 real, borrowed from the Forest and one homemade cake one) and light candles. We walk in the forest and talk about what we see. We decorate a tree (and talk about the significance) and I drink mulled wine. Much like christmas, really!

freyjasauntie Thu 11-Nov-10 23:25:52

i will be spending the day with my family and friends, exchanging home made gifts, eating and drinking then making merry. in the evening it is a coven meet with midnight walk around the woods. i am so excited about it, my niece (which is why I joined this site) is now 5 and is beginning to understand celebrations more.

SpawnChorus Mon 15-Nov-10 16:44:29

Lovely ideas... my DCs would find a midnight walk so exciting!

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Tue 16-Nov-10 19:22:04

Hi everyone!

Please feel welcome to come and join us on the pagan interest thread. We discuss celebrations and cake and your lovely suggestions would be very well recieved grin

And anything else you like really!

<waves to grockle and faeriefruitcake>

HappyHome Tue 23-Nov-10 20:42:21

Hi SpawnChorus,
This will be our first year celebrating the Festival of Light as a family. We will be lighting a candle on each of the twelve days and focusing on a Pantheist value

20 December - The All
21 December - Nature
22 December - The Environment
23 December - Humanity
24 December - Love
25 December - Unity
26 December - Freedom
27 December - Virtue
28 December - Peace
29 December - Beauty
30 December - Knowledge
31 December - Joy

Of course we will be doing the usual Christmassy stuff with our extended families but trying to fit in some bracing walks over the 12 days!!!

SpawnChorus Fri 26-Nov-10 16:10:18

That sounds absolutely lovely HH. I haven't heard about the Festival of Light in a pantheistic context. Is it a celebration that you've "invented" or is it widely recognised?

HappyHome Tue 30-Nov-10 13:53:24

I actually read about the Festival of Light on the World Pantheism website.I don't think that it is widely practised but its a great way of encompassing Yule, Christmas and New Year.
Have you had any more thoughts on your celebrations?

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