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MN Christian Prayer Request Thread: All Welcome!!!! ;-D

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CaptainDippy Tue 02-Nov-10 18:13:39

Boo! grin

Well here's the Round-Up from the last thread for you all:

DutchOma - Prayers for DO's lovely friend Margaret who lost her DH a while ago. She came home from a time away to find her house has been broken into and burgled. sad She was understandably very shaken. sad Prayers for DO's DH, Bob who has been rather over-doing things later & is not in the best health.

Spiritmum - Prayers for her DF's baby who has been DX with skin cancer sad

MaryBS - Prayers for poor Mary who has some health worries recently & for her lovely DD who has had bullying issues at school. Prayers for Mary as she deals with news that her Vicar is leaving the Parish.sad Also for the aftermath of a car accident, which left Mary's car written off and her mum with a broken bone in her hand.

Amber - Has been through a really horrid time in the last couple of days. Surround her with love. Prayers for her DS' eyesight problems and for her DH in his recovery ofter a Gall Bladder op. Prayers too for someone Mary knew, M, who took his own life a couple of weeks ago.

CazEm - Joined us in Sept. Caz had a beautiful stillborn baby girl called Belle in June this year. She would like prayers for her DF whose DH has been DX with Bone Cancer. The cancer is spreading and the couple have a very young family sad Also prayers for Caz's DH who has been experiencing a loss of feeling in his hands and is being investigated to try and find out what is wrong.

PositiveAttitude - Prayers for PA as she faces an op to remove a growing benign tumour on the side of her face on Nov 13th. Prayers for her DD who has ME/CFS and is really struggling with College.

MadHairDay - Has just finished doing a "Just Looking" style Coffee Course for mums, prayers for all those who attended. MHD's health really isn't great at the moment. Prayers for two of her DF's - One has recently been admitted to hospital with severe head pain, but no real cause was found. The other's DD is anorexic and has been in hospital being tube-fed - very very poorly sad Prayers also for her DF's DD and Grandson (2) who were recently admitted to hospital. The mum had a suspected blood clot on her brain, but is now ok. The son is already severely disabled and now requires an operation.

Saliswan - Pregnancy is going well and her and her household are all good smile

Gingercurl - Prayers needed for DSis's complicated job situ - she recently handed in her resignation & is contemplating job offers. Prayers for gingercurl who is studying for a Decorate & is struggling with balancing everything!

Teandcakeplease - Her nephew Noah was born quite prem and has been in hospital quite some time. He is now home and breast-feeding grin; but requires an op for a inguinal hernia. Prayers for TACPs' DD who has been having bad dreams of late; and for TACP herself who has just been put on AntiD's. x

Soooooz - Boinged by winkgrin Prayers for the Godmother of her lovely DTs who has just broken up with her partner of 3 yrs, just before her 21st B'day sad

MaMoTTaT - Prayers for a poss career idea which is just beginning to take shape ......

Hermya* - Gave birth to baby Asher on 24th Oct at 10:55am, weighing 8lb 3oz!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! gringringrin She also seeks prayers for a DF whose niece died last month, circumstances unknown. sad

agingmummmyoftwins Has recently been told that her sister is in hospital and is unlikely to recover sad

TooBlessedToBeStressed - Has an imminent exam looming and is frantically studying!!!! (Stressed yet!!? wink)

Namechanger - Popped by to ask for prayers for her DF's DS (5) who unexpectedly collapsed and has had to have a heart bypass and remains unconscious while doctors try to figure out what is wrong with him sad

CaptainDippy - Prayers for a DF who has had her baby 12 weeks early!! Baby and mum doing ok, but a long way to go yet ...

Has Shieldbug had her baby!!!!??? Judging from her absence, I hope so!!!! Come back soon and tell us!! smile

Cover us all with a "*Duvet* of Prayer" gringringringrin .....

CaptainDippy Tue 02-Nov-10 18:16:32

Shieldbug's News ....

"Henry (Harry) Richard was born at 4:11am on Thursday after an extremely speedy labour (mere minutes after my waters broke I think, although things got a bit confused). He's absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately he won't feed from the breast, which is really getting me down. I was kept in hospital until yesterday while the midwives tried to sort it out, but they couldn't. It also means that I have to spend ages expressing milk for him, so get even less sleep than usual with a newborn. I know it's quite a small thing compared with some of the other prayer requests at the moment, but please pray that he starts to feed normally."

Congratulations!!! Covering you all in that "Duvet of Prayer" winksmile


Teaandcakeplease Tue 02-Nov-10 19:11:38


Had a house of poorly DCs and have been busy with my OU course, but I am lurking and praying when I can x

PositiveAttitude Tue 02-Nov-10 19:22:52

Marking my spot.
Thanks CD I hope your words are prophetic and the tumour is benign. I wont know until its out, and just to be picky its in my neck, not on my face. wink

DutchOma Tue 02-Nov-10 19:23:54

Thanks for the new thread Dippy.

Hermya321 Tue 02-Nov-10 20:44:09

Marking my place, thanks for the new thread Dippy.

Teaandcakeplease Tue 02-Nov-10 20:47:17

Gah! I thought my DCs were over the worst of it but DS has just thrown up everywhere sad Please pray their tummies settle down, I can't keep up with the washing sad

Shieldbug congrats btw, any piccies for us? smile

Teaandcakeplease Tue 02-Nov-10 21:20:25

This is lovely - all quiet again with poorly DCs, could just sit here with this going in the background and pray for ages to God.

CazandBelle Tue 02-Nov-10 23:02:16

Marking my spot. Lovely new thread Dippy

I'm start back in work tomorrow. Had a calmer day today after all the upset yesterday.

Congrats to Sheildbug and hello to the world little Harry.

MaryBS Wed 03-Nov-10 02:24:21


Thanks CD!

amberlight Wed 03-Nov-10 07:20:16

Thanks CD. Keeping prayers going for everyone...

madhairday Wed 03-Nov-10 08:10:03

Thanks for the great roundup CD

Congratulations Shieldbug!

Keeping praying for all.

gingercurl Wed 03-Nov-10 09:09:20

Thanks Dippy!
Congratulations Shieldbug and welcome to the world Harry! smile

NamechangedInterloper Wed 03-Nov-10 09:17:38

Thanks everyone for the prayers.

The news about my friend's son seems to be good. He was put on an ECMO machine, fitted with an external pacemaker and kept in a hypothermic state while the doctors determined if there had been any damage to his brain. Since then they've determined that he's unlikely to have suffered any brain damage and have been able to take him off the ECMO machine and allow him to warm up naturally. He's much more comfortable now and is beginning to respond to his parents.

He's still sedated and on a respirator. The doctors are waiting until his heart can beat consistently and strongly enough on its own for them to do an MRI (as the pacemaker can't go in the MRI machine). They hope that this will help them to figure out what went wrong, and hopefully they'll be able to take him off the respirator. It's likely that he'll be fitted with an internal pacemaker/defibrillator before he can leave the hospital.

The doctors think its likely to be a congenital heart problem, and say that he's very lucky to be alive. He would almost certainly have died if they hadn't been in the car and near the hospital at the time (and if his parents hadn't reacted so quickly). There are 4 children in the family, and the other 3 are going to be checked out for congenital heart problems next week.

My friend and her husband seem to be coping amazingly. I'm truly inspired by how well they are able to communicate news to everyone and support their son effectively. In their position, I'd be a complete mess. My friend's sister is looking after the other 3 children and she's been getting a lot of support with food and help from friends, family and the wider community.

DutchOma Wed 03-Nov-10 10:05:50

Congratualtions Shieldbug.

Good to hear your news Interloper.

Here things are still a bit difficult. Although I think Bob is a bit better, he is not recovering as quickly as he thinks he should and we are stil waiting for the GP to prescribe the tablets the consultant wanted him to have on Thursday. hmm

CaptainDippy Wed 03-Nov-10 12:21:49

blush Sorry for the mistake PA; I had been whizzing through the old thread making notes so franictally, I missed a couple of thing blush Apologies. Praying so much that the tumour is benign. xxxxxx

Thank you for the update NameChanged. Wow, he sounds like one very lucky blessed little chap!! So pleased his parents reacted so quickly and that they were so near to the hospital. Just praying they can ascertain exactly what is wrong ASAP so they can start necessary treatment. Prayers that the other 3 children are unaffected. Do keep us updated as and when you can smile xx

Hope the pills help lovely Bob, DO - Tell him to slow down a bit!! winksmile xx

Having a "wobbly" day today. Feeling very lost, lovely, tired & unsure. I know God is holding me; but I need strength and direction right now. Prayers appreciated. smile

madhairday Wed 03-Nov-10 13:14:50

<<<CD>>> sorry to hear you're having one of those days. I am praying for strength and reassurance for you. Sometimes we need to feel God's presence as well as just knowing he is holding us. I pray that you will today.

DO - praying for Bob, hope he gets the tablets and feels much better soon.

Interloper, so pleased the little boy is doing OK.

Not much to report here - friends dd doing ok on the feeding tube for now, thankfully.

Hermya321 Wed 03-Nov-10 13:39:53

Praying for people as I read through.

DS was weighed today, he's back up to his birth weight and seems to be thriving praise God!!

Also I've been praying that my stitches heal well, praise God I was checked today and an open cut I had was closed and healing so I'm very very thankful.

Just prayers for my physical and emotional recovery would be brilliant. I've been a bit teary recently and the fact that my stitches still ache is adding to my frustration. I have been praying into it, but I would additional prayer support.

I hope you all are well.

TAFKAtheUrbanDryad Wed 03-Nov-10 18:09:05

Hi there, as some of you will know I am DutchOma's dd - my mum asked me to let you know that my dad is in hospital, he went in today and is on oxygen and antibiotics.

elkiedee Wed 03-Nov-10 18:12:17

I'm not religious but wanted to post here that I'm thinking of DutchOma and her dh (and Urban and little ones of course).

MaryBS Wed 03-Nov-10 18:12:35

Thanks TAFKA, its good of you to let her know. Can you tell her we're praying and thinking of them both? How are you, are YOU OK? And DH and the little ones?

MaryBS Wed 03-Nov-10 18:12:59

Let US know blush

Teaandcakeplease Wed 03-Nov-10 18:44:37

Thanks TAFKA praying x

Hermya321 Wed 03-Nov-10 19:16:23

Thanks TAFKA, we're praying!!

BlueEyeshadow Wed 03-Nov-10 19:37:43

Haven't been on here for a while, but praying. And congrats to Hermya and shieldbug.

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