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Atheist parents - at Christmas do your children...

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StrawberrySam Mon 01-Nov-10 11:14:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

knottyhair Mon 01-Nov-10 17:55:55

Hi. I know what you mean. My DS's school has a sort of nativity at Christmas (although it's more modern, no carols). I wrestled with it a bit when he was in reception but to be honest, we just always referred to the christmas story as just that, a story. If he asked if it was true etc. we just told him what we believe and he seems to accept that. He really enjoys joining in with it all, and seems to take it as just a bit of fun. Not sure if this is helpful!

motherinferior Mon 01-Nov-10 18:01:30

Yes, they do. I think of it as a story.

Also I weep sentimentally as the Mary and Joseph go up, oh how I do blush <normally hard as nails emoticon>

ragged Mon 01-Nov-10 18:03:50

I think of it as a traditional story (like a myth), part of their heritage and culture. I come from the states where we never have Nativity plays in state school so they kind of fascinate me. So sweet!

StrawberrySam Mon 01-Nov-10 18:40:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hocuspontas Mon 01-Nov-10 18:50:00

It's a play. They are acting out a story that has a relevance to the time of year. It has nothing to do with practising a religion. Don't worry about it! grin

pintyblud Mon 01-Nov-10 19:04:21

Yes, they do. I want them to know Christian stories.

redflipflops Mon 01-Nov-10 19:05:12

I think it's important for them to learn the story - I want them to learn about religion! (all religions). It's all part of the Christmas festival - a non religious celebration in our house!

When they are older they can make up their own minds.

redflipflops Mon 01-Nov-10 19:06:11

... and it's fun for them smile

whomovedmychocolate Mon 01-Nov-10 19:07:14

Send them as a sheep to reflect the nature of christians grin

Actually we had a big discussion with preschool about this and we agreed they could take part in nativity providing they also covered all other major religions. They made candles for divali today. I have no problem with them learning about all religions (know thine enemy etc.) providing it's not just one religion.

At home we teach them science wink

MrsVincentPrice Mon 01-Nov-10 19:09:03

Yes we participate. I go to the Ring Cycle, but I don't have to believe in Valhalla. DD went to a fancy dress party dressed as a huntress of Artemis last year.

whomovedmychocolate Mon 01-Nov-10 19:09:44

Bear in mind though, free thinking children of athiests do tend to go to school and say things like: 'father christmas is just a fairy story, only babies believe things like that' hmm grin

We are currently working on the subject of 'diplomacy' with DD (just four).

BollocksToThis Mon 01-Nov-10 19:13:53

WMMC grin

Taking part in the nativity isn't like taking part in a religious ritual, it's just a wee play. Fun for the kids and great to see teachers wrestling a wayward donkey while the shepherds fight over a stuffed toy and the innkeeper wets himself. Or was that just my school?!

littleomar Mon 01-Nov-10 19:16:25

mine aren't school age yet but when they are i will have no problems with it. does them good to learn about what other people believe - although most of it went over my head anyway when i was little and i thought it was called an "activity play" until i was at least 8.

redflipflops Mon 01-Nov-10 19:20:21

My friends 3yo thought it was a play bout 'baby cheeses' !

Himalaya Tue 02-Nov-10 10:29:29

StrawberrySam -

Prepare to twitch a lot more over the next few years, there is a whole lot of religion in schools (...alot more than I remember there being when I was growing up).

I am not so bothered about the Nativity play, since it is xmas and traditional etc...but at my ds's school they seem to be forever singing about Jesus and god, inviting the local vicar in etc...

Then there is RE which seems like 12 years of wasting their time, learning how to treat religions with reverence and respect, and to not point out the man behind the curtain.

wonderstuff Tue 02-Nov-10 10:42:44

My dd spends one day a week with v. religious mil - The other day she wanted us to join hands round the table and say 'half men'
I think it is good for them to learn about religion. My main worry is that we live in middle england and it is a shame the dcs won't be exposed to a variety of religion and culture.

fatlazymummy Fri 05-Nov-10 00:38:13

My children participate in christmas activities,assemblies and so on. Both of my sons took/are taking RE . They both decided on their own that they didn't believe in any of it.
I think most younger children just take it on the level of a story anyway.I think it just went in one ear and out the other, seeing as I never did anything to reinforce it at home.

frikadela Sun 21-Nov-10 01:38:31

Redflipflops: Baby cheeses grin sounds like a kath and kim reference.

My dad is what we call a fundamentalist atheist. He preached atheism all the time and hates religion with a passion. Doesnt stop him getting all teary eyed when he sees the grandkids singing little donkey dressed as the shepherds. The nativity is just a story and I dont see any problem in children been a part of it.

SparklingExplosionGoldBrass Sun 21-Nov-10 01:42:43

No more anything to bother about than if theschool gives them a part in a performance of Jack & The Beanstalk/Cinderella/Dr Who and the Teddy Bear. It's just another traditional story, and making your DC aware of it in those terms will hopefully inoculate them agains bullshit for the rest of their lives.

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