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C of E Mothers Union - anyone run one?

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bb99 Sun 10-Oct-10 21:10:27


I am thinking very carefully about possibly re-starting the Mothers Union branch at my church, as it had to be shelved due to the wonderful person who ran it moving.

I am very new to this idea and have looked at the website etc. Was wondering if there was anyone out there with experience of running one and what kind of things you do / did?

DandyDan Sun 10-Oct-10 22:29:32

Have you any chance of getting hold of the new(ish) Mothers Union magazine Families First? There are often reports in there from Mothers Union groups that aren't like our local ones (which have an average age of about 80) but which have younger mums/women in them. I think they do a variety of things - some groups still like "speakers" every so often; they have fundraising projects and activities evenings.

bb99 Mon 11-Oct-10 08:13:32

Thanks DandyDan - I'll have a read on-line.

madhairday Mon 11-Oct-10 13:20:46

I am secretary at our church branch. We are trying to get younger mums in - still very much the stereotypical old ladies club. We are running a parenting course, have had speakers on things like drug abuse, then month to month will have a different focus at each meeting, for example reports from people working in Haiti, making christmas cards for prisoners, etc. We also do days out and run fund raising meals etc. It's just difficult to get past the stereotype of what MU is. The families first magazine is a good resource in doing this though. Go for it - it is worthwhile and worldwide does so much good.

MUcoms Mon 11-Oct-10 16:08:01

Hi bb99 - I'm glad you've had some helpful advice on this forum. A good point of contact is your area MU president, known as the diocesan president. Most UK dioceses have their own websites, so if you know which anglican diocese you are in, you could contact the local president through their website. If you are not sure, or need any help at all do get in touch with marketing at Mary Sumner House 020 7222 5533 who will put you in touch with your local area group. It is fantastic that you are hoping to start a new branch. Hope it goes really well.
Fiona Thomas, MU Communications Off.

NoseyNooNoo Fri 05-Nov-10 12:30:39

I'm going to tag along on this thread.

I joined the Mothers Union in my own Church earlier this year but haven't been able to attend any meetings - it's just populated by old ladies and my children aren't welcome.

I have been thinking about starting one for 'young mums' rather than grannies. I really can't work out from the website what I should do in a meeting - what format I'm working towards.

Any pointers?

pipplin Thu 11-Nov-10 16:09:56

If younger as it were mums and children were welcome I would definitely join if our church did it.
It does do a lovely mum and tots group though

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